Since 1989, the Clear Choice Awards has honored consumer product goods (CPG) manufacturers who expand the frontiers of glass packaging design by using glass containers in innovative ways.

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The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) announced the winners of its 2014 Clear Choice Awards at Pack Expo 2014. This year, eleven consumer product goods companies were recognized for their achievements in creating innovative glass packages with shelf impact. 

The winners were chosen from the field of 71 entries based on criteria including innovation, package design (including container label and closure), and consumer appeal. The panel of independent judges featured Paul Koning, Specialist and Instructor at Michigan State University School of Packaging; Angelica Sbai, National Director Wine & Spirits, Palm Restaurant Group; Jarad Slipp, Estate Director at RdV Vineyards, Master Sommelier; and Richard Turcsik, Executive Editor, Grocery Headquarters magazine.

In addition to seven products specifically selected by the judges, three other products received President’s Choice awards, selected by GPI’s president, Lynn Bragg  – two for advancements in sustainability and one for reinvention and innovation. 

GPI also announced the winner of the People’s Choice Competition. Voting for this selection was conducted over a one-week period on GPI’s Facebook page ( 

The 2014 winners are: 

Beer Category

Product: Miller Fortune 
Company: MillerCoors 
Glass Manufacturer: Owens-Illinois, Inc. 
Description: MillerCoors launched its newest product, Miller Fortune, in black glass, which projects a premium image and gives more UV protection to this premium beer. The bottle's color and profile create an image that is both mysterious and strong, inviting the consumer to experience a product that is equally mysterious. 

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Wine Category

Product: Moreno Sparkling Wine with Metallic Leopard Print 
Company: Moreno BHLV
Glass Manufacturer: Ardagh Group 
Description:Leopard Print is a fashion forward statement, which coupled with hand-applied Swarovski Crystals and a metallic gold finish on a glass bottle of a award winning California sparkling wine, was the only container considered and made perfect marketing sense. Its design is innovative and trend-setting in the marketplace. 

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Distilled Spirits Category

Product: Jim Beam Signature Craft 
Brand Owner: James B. Beam Distilling Co. 
Glass Manufacturer: Vitro Packaging, LLC
Description: Jim Beam released a brand new design for its 12 Years Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The glass bottle shows a modern and laid-back concept. The body has a squared finish with a small neck to pour out a drink. 

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Non Alcoholic Beverage Category

Product: Straus Family Creamery Organic Milk 
Brand Owner: Straus Family Creamery
Glass Manufacturer: Ardagh Group
Description: When it comes to organic integrity, Straus Family Creamery sets the bar high. Celebrating 20 years, it is the first certified organic creamery in the US making 100% organic products. The cream in our organic milk floats naturally to the top and has a beautiful aroma and fresh taste. 

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Food Category

Product: Beech-Nut Baby Food
Brand Owner: Beech-Nut
Glass Manufacturer: Owens-Illinois, Inc.
Description: The honeypot shaped jar was designed to help Beech-Nut stand out on the retail shelves by creating a unique, premium appearance, maximizing the visibility of their natural, colorful baby food

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Cosmetics/Fragrance/Other Category

Product: Estee Lauder Micro Essence Skin Activating Treatment Lotion
Brand Owner: Estee Lauder
Glass Manufacturer: Vitro Packaging, LLC
Description: The choice to use glass for this project highlights the high level of quality that the customer was looking for with this groundbreaking skin care product. The heavy weight of the glass bottle with the multiple decoration processes make this bottle unique and appealing to the touch and to the eye. The challenges that were encountered with making this bottle included a prestige level of quality and extremely careful handling that were required during every step of the process.

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Conversion Recognition Category

Product: BeanBlossom Hard Cider 
Brand Owner: Oliver Winery
Glass Manufacturer: Owens-Illinois, Inc.
Description: Oliver Winery re-launched their BeanBlossom Hard Cider in a shareable 750ml glass bottle after more than 20 years of producing it in a single-serve aluminum can. The 750ml size helps BeanBlossom stand out from other mainstream hard ciders sold in multi-packs. It creates a shareable, sensory experience, similar to wine, while ensuring the flavor is preserved and protected. 

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President’s Choice Award for Reinvention and Innovation

Product: Ball Decorative One Gallon Jar
Brand Owner: Jarden Brands 
Glass Manufacturer: Anchor Glass Container 
Description: In addition to the 24 fl. oz. handle mug for Jarden earlier this year, they wanted a 16 fl. oz. drinking jar that was easier to hold than a tumbler. Anchor Glass Container started with a traditional Ball Mason canning jar look and added handle. It incorporates the early 1900 diamond point "Ball" lettering. They also wanted to display "MADE IN USA" to combat the influc of wares coming out of China. 

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President's Award for Advancements in Sustainability

Product: Squatters Organic Amber Ale
Brand Owner: Utah Brew
Glass Manufacturer: Anchor Glass Container 
Description: Utah Brew was looking for a new, sleek and smooth look for their Squatters line of craft beer to distinguish it from the generic bottle look. They have applied a rough cut paper label that really enhances the craft look. It also has their script company lettering blown into the shoulder. The product is brewed with organic ingredients; brewed the way Mother Earth intended.

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President’s Award for Advancements in Sustainability

Product: Q-Tonics
Brand Owner: Q-Drinks
Glass Manufacturer: Vitro Packaging, LLC
Description: This development reduced the weight of the container to make it more environmentally friendly. It additionally reduced costs while remaining true to the design intent and vision Q Drinks had. Q drinks was looking for an elegant glass package that is decorated to target the premium Non Alcoholic Beverages category.

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People's Choice Award 

Product: Seagram's Distillers Reserve 1.75
Brand Owner: Pernod Ricard
Glass Manufacturer: Ardagh Group
Description: Seagram's Distiller's Reserve Gin was part of the re-design of the entire Seagram's Gin line. This bottle features the same updated contemporary embossing pattern as the entire line, but is produced in the charcoal frit (colored glass). Glass was chosen due to its clarity. The large, smooth front panel required adherence to strict manufacturing tolerances regarding ovality and depth of the tactile feel.

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