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GPI’s 360° approach to glass education provides students with classroom and real-life experience to become the future of the glass industry, tomorrow.

GPI’s Educational Program endeavors to instruct university-level packaging students in the following core areas:

  • Glass’s key attributes and benefits as a packaging material
  • The latest in labeling and decorating methods
  • Case studies that profile consumer products goods (CPG) companies that continue to use/prefer glass packaging

University Programs

GPI proudly supports the packaging program at each of the following schools:

Manufacturing Plant Tours

To take packaging and materials education beyond the classroom, GPI arranges tours of its member companies’ glass container manufacturing plants.

These tours are designed to give university level packaging and materials science students an unparalleled, first-hand experience of the glass packaging industry.

Book a Lecture

To take packaging and materials education to the classroom, GPI will provide for a glass packaging professional to visit your class.

Educational Materials

Glass container manufacutring companies may be able to provide to your educational institution with retired glass container mold sets.  

For more information on the mold sets, please contact Gina Behrman,, (Ardagh Glass); Eduardo Diaz,, (Vitro Packaging); or Leslie Orozco,, (O-I).

Encyclopedia Reference on Glass Recovery

The updated Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia delivers the ins and outs on glass recycling. It features data, statistics, and descriptions of how glass is collected, processed, and recycled in the U.S.

Encyclopedia Reference on Glass Recovery

Please contact Rick Bayer for details on the above.

What is Glass? »

Glass is made from all-natural sustainable raw materials.Learn about why glass is the preferred packaging for consumers’ concerned about their health and the environment.

Benefits of Glass Packaging »

Learn why glass is the trusted and proven packaging for health, taste and the environment.

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