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2010 Clear Choice Awards Winners

September 20, 2010 | Glass News

Top 10 Package Designs of 2010 Showcase Innovation

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) named the winners of its 21st Annual Clear Choice Awards through a virtual event on the GPI website featuring videos and photos of award-winning product designs (watch the video).

“The winning products demonstrate that glass continues to be the ‘clear choice’ for consumers who want a package that provides a premium feel and also protects the products they are buying,” says Joseph Cattaneo, president of the Glass Packaging Institute. “Designing and packaging in glass for foods, beverages, and fragrances ensures your product has a competitive edge.”

“More consumers should know of the good work that is being done with glass packaging,” says Mark “Coach” Smallwood, Mid Atlantic Green Mission Specialist/Local Forager at Whole Foods and 2010 Clear Choice Awards judge.

This year’s Awards recognized 10 consumer product goods (CPG) companies and their achievements in expanding the frontiers of glass packaging design in the following categories—beer, wine, food, carbonated beverage, non-carbonated beverage, organic food or beverage, distilled spirits, flavored alcoholic beverage (FAB), and cosmetics or fragrances—as well as an overall package design winner.

“As always, the entries for GPI’s 2010 Clear Choice Awards represent some of the best in new packaging and show off the great innovation and design talents that keep the packaging industry working at the top of its game,” says Joe Pryweller, Managing Editor at Packaging Strategies. “With the pool of entries so deep, it made the task difficult to identify the winners. Yet, even in this crowded field, some packages stood out for their sheer invention, novel detail, and ability to rise above others on the shelf and exclaim ‘look at me.’”

Overall Package Design Winner


Winning Product: Samuel Adams Barrel Room Collection
Manufacturer: The Boston Beer Company
Glass Container Supplier: Anchor Glass Container
Package Decorator: Quest Industries, LLC
Packaging Supplier: WS Packaging
Package Designer: Kenneth Hirst at Hirst Pacific, Ltd.
New Product Trend: Super high-end decoration and design for premium beer packaging
Packaging Description: The Boston Beer Company developed a beer that is barrel aged, and for this offering, needed a very special bottle. The container is “Black Glass” in a shape somewhat reminiscent of a barrel. The Barrel Room Collection has an embossed cartouche in the shoulder and the Sam Adams signature debossed in the heel. Sealed with a champagne cork and wire bale, the container is decorated with screen printing and pressure sensitive labeling, color-coded to the brew within. The glossy black finish of the bottle is only achieved after exposing the glass to very high temperatures during the curing process. This is a special product in a special glass package.
Press Contact: Katie Powell, The Boston Beer Company, (617) 368-5035,

Hear from The Boston Beer Company

Beer Category Winner


Winning Product: Miller Lite Vortex® bottle
Manufacturer: Miller Lite
Glass Container Supplier: O-I
Designer of Bottle Label Graphics: McDill Design
Supplier of Bottle Labels: Multi-Color Corporation
New Product Trend: Creating unique drinking experiences through innovative design
Packaging Description: Like a whirlwind, a stunning example of O-I innovation has hit the U.S. market. The new Vortex bottle features internal embossing, or raised ridges on the inside of a bottle, in a spiral, “swirling” pattern. O-I’s new Vortex bottle launched with MillerCoors’ Miller Lite brand and is the star of its summer promotions. Visible in the bottle’s neck, the striking design grabs the attention of beer drinkers across the country. A result of a group collaboration within O-I, the Vortex bottle was created by a design team that worked on developing glass concepts that provide consumers with unique drinking experiences. This new twist on the standard 12 oz. beer bottle creates marketplace differentiation and attracts new consumers.
Press Contact: Scott Bussen, MillerCoors, Marketing Communications, (312) 496-2969,

Hear from O-I

Wine Category Winner


Winning Product: The Tentacle

 Eight Arms Cellars
Glass Container Supplier: Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.
Package Designer: John Schall of John Schall Design
Package Silk Screening: Monvera Glass Décor
New Product Trend: Using striking silk screen labeling on elegant glass for wine applications
Packaging Description: The glass bottle used for Eight Arms Cellars’ The Tentacle wine comes from the new eco-series from Verallia (formally Saint-Gobain). This is a lighter weight, more eco-friendly glass bottle. The full wrap silk screen was designed by John Schall and printed at Monvera Glass Décor. The combination of the bottle and the design creates a compelling, stand out package.
Press Contact: Iain Boltin, Owner/Winemaker, Eight Arms Cellars, (510) 932-3019,

Hear from Eight Arms Cellars

Food Category Winner


Winning Product:
 B&M Baked Beans “Beanpot”
Manufacturer: B&G Foods, Inc.
Glass Container Supplier: Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.
Package Label: Fort Dearborn
Package Closure: Crown Cork Closures
New Product Trend: Combining container shape and embossing to convey culinary heritage
Packaging Description: For years, attempts to “can” baked beans were unsuccessful, lacking flavor and texture. B&M re-ignited the tradition of baking beans in brick ovens allowing the flavor to slowly penetrate each bean. B&M then seals the beans in amber glass pots for UV protection and to hold their freshness and flavor until the container is opened. B&M employees take pride in producing products of superior quality, not just the flavor on the inside, but the finished product on the outside. The “Beanpot” has a design like no other. Pay attention to the explicit detail at the top of the jar defining our American Heritage.Press Contact: Matthew Lindberg, Account Supervisor, ICR Inc., (203) 682-8214,

Carbonated Beverage Category Winner


Winning Product:
 Route 66 Sodas
Manufacturer: Route 66 Sodas LLC
Glass Container Supplier: Vitro Packaging
Bottle Design Concepts: Scott A. Cameron
Bottle Text: Scott A. & Elizabeth R. Cameron
Illustrations: Tom Birmingham, Art Of His Mind
Art Design: Rachel Buck
New Product Trend: Updating nostalgic brands with premium labels and packaging
Packaging Description: The Folks at Route 66 launched their soda flavors—Root Beer, Orange, Lime, Black Cherry, and Cream—in an updated new package. The combination of the new glass package and the addition of new flavors are making the brand stronger and giving the consumer the perfect beverage choice.
Press Contact: Scott A. Cameron, President, Route 66 Sodas LLC, (417) 588-4466,

Hear from Route 66 Sodas LLC

Non-Carbonated Beverage Category Winner


Winning Product:
 Very CherreTM Montmorency Tart Cherry Juice
Manufacturer: Very CherreTM by Old Orchard Brands, LLC
Glass Container Supplier: Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.
Closure: Crown Closures
Label: Chattanooga Label Systems
New Product Trend: Creating brand recognition through container shape and decoration
Packaging Description: Very CherreTM Montmorency Tart Cherry juices were launched in 2009, utilizing a proprietary glass bottle designed to be ergonomic, to be environmentally friendly, and to maintain the product’s freshness. The look and feel of the glass conveys quality to the consumer, and the embossed cherry-round bottle shape instantly becomes a recognizable part of the brand. The glass bottle helps position the product as a premium juice and helps to define the brand image.
Press Contact: Matt Jackson, Director, Lambert, Edwards & Associates, (616) 233 - 0500,

Hear from Very CherreTM by Old Orchard Brands, LLC

Organic Food or Beverage Category Winner


Winning Product:
 Adina Holistics
Manufacturer: Adina For Life, Inc.
Glass Container Supplier: Anchor Glass Container & Vitro Packaging
Package Label: Spear
Package Closure: Silgan
New Product Trend: Using unique labeling and container shape for premium organics
Packaging Description: Holistics has been launched as an all-natural elixir with great taste and fewer calories than competitive products. Glass was a natural choice to protect the ingredients and emphasize its organic roots. A non-traditional shape and clear pressure sensitive label help the brand stand out from the crowd.
Press Contact: Jon Rarrick, BullsEye PR, (212) 671-1080 x 103,

Hear from Adina For Life, Inc.

Distilled Spirits Category Winner


Winning Product:
 The KrakenTM Black Spiced Rum
Manufacturer: Proximo
Glass Container Supplier: Vitro Packaging
Package Designer: Stranger and Stranger, London, UK
Label Supplier: JR Cole Industries, Charlotte, NC
Closure supplier: Alcan Capalux (amcor), St Cesaire, Quebec, Canada
New Product Trend: Using glass container shape for fun functionality
Packaging Description: The KrakenTM Black Spiced Rum is the newest offering from Proximo and weighs in at a legendary 94 proof. The KrakenTM is imported black rum from the Caribbean and blended with over 11 secret spices. The rum takes its name from the mythical sea beast, which is said to have wreaked havoc with tall ships and rum running vessels throughout history. The Kraken’sTM proprietary bottle provided by Vitro Packaging LLC is a replica of a Victorian Rum bottle and features two handles - allowing for easy portability (as well as pour-ability).
Press Contact: Evy Gonzalez,

Hear from Proximo

Flavored Alcoholic Beverage (FAB) Category Winner


Winning Product:
 Smirnoff Premium Malt Mixed Drinks
Manufacturer: DIAGEO
Glass Container Supplier: Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc. & O-I
Package Label: Spear
New Product Trend: Conveying “premium” and “refreshing” through clean packaging and labeling
Packaging Description: Glass conveys a greater sense of product “premium-ness” and cues over packaging alternatives (e.g. cans). There is a higher level of consumer preference with beverages packaged in glass versus other packaging formats. Smirnoff premium malt mixed drinks utilize a classic shaped long neck bottle and clear pressure sensitive labeling for a clean look.
Press Contact: Joshua Friesen, Diageo North America, (203) 229-2100,

Hear from DIAGEO

Cosmetics or Fragrances Category Winner


Winning Product:
 Dancing Waters
Manufacturer: Bath and Body Works
Glass Container Supplier: Vitro Packaging
Overcap: Maesa
Pump: Aptar
Folding Carton: MPS (Multi Packaging Solutions)
New Product Trend: Using masculine packaging in fragrances category
Packaging Description: Dancing Waters, by Bath and Body Works, is a summer-inspired fragrance infused with basil, a kiss of fresh lavender, watery tea rose and sheer notes of dewy moss. This fragrance is brought to the market thanks to a squared-shaped bottle made by Vitro Packaging LLC. Just a spritz leaves you instantly invigorated and refreshed with a burst of bright fragrance.
Press Contact: Monica Rowe, Vice President of Public Relations, Bath and Body Works, (212) 904-8137,

All 2010 Clear Choice Awards winners will receive an award and benefit from industry-wide recognition and brand building media coverage. All 2010 winning products will be displayed at InterBev 2010 (September 22 - 24) in Orlando, FL, and at The Showcase of Packaging Innovations® at PACK EXPO International 2010 (October 31 - November 3) at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

Submissions for the 2010 Clear Choice Awards were judged on innovation (in container form and product category), package design (including container, label, and closure, and shelf impact. 


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