2009 clear choice awards winners

Glass containers continue to provide a premium image in a ‘green’ package

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) named the winners of its 20th Annual Clear Choice Awards through a virtual event on the GPI website featuring video of the winners and award-winning product designs. This year’s Awards recognized twelve consumer product goods (CPG) companies and their achievements in expanding the frontiers of glass packaging design.

“Designing and packaging in glass ensures that your product has the competitive edge, as more and more consumers are demanding glass for its pure, recyclable, and premium characteristics,” says Joseph Cattaneo, president of the Glass Packaging Institute. “Glass containers continue to lead the pack in providing the aesthetics consumers want in a ‘green’ package.”

GPI honored the top package designs in each of the following categories—alcoholic beverage, non-alcoholic beverage, food, and cosmetics—as well as an overall package design winner and recognized one package design in the conversion recognition category.

“In the busy world of packaging and package design it was incredibly refreshing and exciting to find so many extraordinary examples of creativity displayed by the powerful submissions entered in this year’s Glass Packaging Institutes Clear Choice Awards,” said Chris Lyons, Group Publisher, ST Media, Design Group, and 2009 Clear Choice Awards judge.

Watch the 2009 Clear Choice Awards:

Overall Package Design

Winning Product: Silver Palm Cabernet Sauvignon

Manufacturer: Jackson Family Wines

Glass Container Supplier: Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.

New Product Trend: Using precious metals to enhance premium packaging cues

Packaging Description: This new yet classic package design exudes craftsmanship and quality from the first impression. The combination of brand name, glass package design, and screen-printing label application process using platinum detailing demonstrates a clear commitment to quality, tradition and innovation.

Press Contact: Ryan Kukol, Brand Manager, Jackson Family Wines - 707-525-6250 - Ryan.Kukol@jacksonfamilywines.com

Alcoholic Beverage Category, Crystal Winner

Canadian Club 30 Year Aged WhiskeyWinning Product: Canadian Club 30 Year Aged Whiskey

Manufacturer: Beam Global Spirits and Wine, Inc.

Glass Container Supplier: O-I and Pavisa

New Product Trend: Combining embossed premium materials to connote a rich heritage

Packaging Description: To celebrate Canadian Club’s 150th anniversary this limited edition bottle was created as a commemorative package for the 30-year aged whiskey. The bottle is an exceptionally clear flint glass that features brand embossing along the shoulder and on the base of the bottle. Enhancing the exclusive appearance is the 10 karat gold label and Canadian Club emblem. The finished product is a premium representation of the Canadian Club brand and its 150-year tradition.

Press Contact: Dan Cohen, Public Relations Manager, North America, Beam Global Spirits & Wine - 847-444-7657 - Dan.Cohen@beamglobal.com

Alcoholic Beverage Category, Emerald Winner

[Down Under] by Crane LakeWinning Product: [Down Under] by Crane Lake

Manufacturer: Bronco Wine Company

Glass Container Supplier: Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.

New Product Trend: Revolutionizing the wine industry with lightweight glass

Packaging Description: This innovative package uses Saint-Gobain Containers’ new eco-friendly Revolution bottle. At about 10.5 oz., this bottle weighs nearly 50% less than that of most wine bottles in today’s market. This ‘revolutionary’ package reduces the packaging carbon footprint by 25% and is made with at least 50% recycled glass with a recycled label.

Press Contact: Harvey Posert, PR Director - 707-963-2685 -HposertPR@comcast.net

Alcoholic Beverage Category, Amber Winner

Stranahan’s Colorado WhiskeyWinning Product: Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Manufacturer: Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Glass Container Supplier: Vitro Packaging

New Product Trend: Convenience through premium all-in-one packaging

Packaging Description: Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey boasts a sleek, tapered glass container. The rugged beauty of the label speaks to the whiskey’s Colorado heritage. The package also boasts a silver pouring cap, which is placed on top of the bottle neck.

Press Contact: Doug Long, 5Stone Advertising - 303-296-1226 -doug@5stonead.com

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Category, Crystal Winner

Cold Spring WaterWinning Product: Cold Spring Water

Manufacturer: Cold Spring Brewing Company

Glass Container Supplier: Vitro Packaging

New Product Trend: Combining innovative glass decorating techniques for shelf impact

Packaging Description: This outstanding product is presented in a fully decorated 18 oz. glass bottle and uses Vitro’s screen-printing technology and applied ceramic labeling. The decoration is a combination of acid etching and inks, making possible the window effect of the front label. This combination of bottle and decoration make this presentation an eye-catching package for today’s demanding customer.

Press Contact: Doug Pergl - 626-961-9800 - dave.p@johnlenore.com

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Category, Emerald Winner

Pepsi NaturalWinning Product: Pepsi Natural

Manufacturer: Pepsi-Cola North America Beverages

Glass Container Supplier: Anchor Glass

New Product Trend: Combining product and container for coherent brand messaging

Packaging Description: In a world of artificial flavors and colors Pepsi Natural is a new and refreshing difference. The glass package has a smooth contemporary look and feel in one’s hand. Its simplicity in form and label accentuates the simplicity and natural qualities of the product contained within.

Press Contact: Michelle Naughton, Public Relations, Pepsi-Cola North America Beverages - 914-253-2950 - michelle.naughton@pepsi.com

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Category, Amber Winner

Cheerwine & Diet CheerwineWinning Product: Cheerwine & Diet Cheerwine

Manufacturer: Carolina Beverage Corporation

Glass Container Supplier: Vitro Packaging

New Product Trend: Communicating retro-sophistication through classic bottle and label design

Packaging Description: The packaging has been updated for Cheerwine and Diet Cheerwine. The product is now available in a retro-feeling, knurled glass bottle decorated with Vitro’s screen-printing applied ceramic labeling. The package improvement carries forward on the box as well, creating a complete package.

Press Contact: Angela D’Amario, Account Supervisor, Hauser Group - 404-222-0600 - a.damario@hausergroup.com

Food Category, Crystal Winner

Paesana Olive ExtravaganzaWinning Product: Paesana Olive Extravaganza

Manufacturer: L & S Packing Company Inc. Manufacturers of Paesana Gourmet Italian Specialties

Glass Container Supplier: Leone Industries

New Product Trend: Show-stopping container designs for maximum product visibility

Packaging Description: The glass jar for Paesana Olive Extravaganza is a unique combination of sophistication and simplicity. The glass is a beautiful example of elegance, showing off the product inside to it’s maximum potential. The multi-sided glass jar can also be used after the product is finished for decorative purposes.

Press Contact: Phillip Schommer, National Sales Manager - 631-704-9994 - Philip@paesana.com 

Food Category, Emerald Winner

Medela Inc.Winning Product: Medela Inc.

Manufacturer: Medela Glass Nursers

Glass Container Supplier: O-I

New Product Trend: Reintroducing glass package designs with updated usability

Packaging Description: Medela has introduced 4 oz. and 8 oz. glass bottles to their baby feeding offerings. The glass bottles are ideal for collecting, storing and feeding breastmilk. Made from safe and durable glass, the bottle will retain the breastmilk’s beneficial properties. The glass bottles afford an ergonomical grip, graduation marks and are compatible with Medela breast pumps. The glass bottles are also easy for parents to clean and are recyclable.

Press Contact: Katherine Sands, The Reynolds Group - 312-541-9300 x107 -ksands@reynoldsgroup.com

Food Category, Amber Winner

Tostitos Chunky Salsa (47.5 oz.)Winning Product: Tostitos Chunky Salsa (47.5 oz.)

Manufacturer: Frito-Lay, Inc.

Glass Container Supplier: Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.

New Product Trend: Creating brand differentiation through alternative size packaging

Packaging Description: The new packaging for Tostitos Chunky Salsa provides greater product differentiation from competitors with an easy to grip neck for ease of pouring. The pressure sensitive label helps to reinforce product quality and fresh taste, while embossing the brand name on the neck of the bottle adds further branding recognition.

Press Contact: Aurora Gonzales, Director, Public Relations, Frito-Lay North America - 972-334-3821 - aurora.gonzales@pepsi.com

Cosmetics Category, Crystal Winner

Vitality by Liiv BotanicalsWinning Product: Vitality by Liiv Botanicals

Manufacturer: AVON

Glass Container Supplier: Vitro Packaging

New Product Trend: Using package design to highlight fresh and natural cues

Packaging Description: Liiv Botanicals eau de toilette spray was launched early this year in a 50 mL glass bottle featuring a leaf-shape debossed on the bottle to symbolize the freshness of this eau de toilette.

Press Contact: Lauren Newman, AVON - Lauren.Newman@avon.com

Conversion Recognition

Winning Product: Traders Point Creamery Fromage Blanc

Manufacturer: Traders Point Creamery

Glass Container Supplier: Saint-Gobain Containers, Inc.

New Product Trend: Dairy industry returns to glass for pure, premium, and sustainable characteristics

Packaging Description: Until the beginning of last year, Traders Point Creamery was packaging its products in plastic cups. They are now packaging this main line of products in glass, which is unique in the dairy industry. Traders Point Creamery whole milk, chocolate milk, and yogurt are also packaged in glass containers. Based on the success of these products, many other companies have followed suit. The company is a strong believer in glass, believing that it gives the consumer a pure product which is not influenced by plastic, is transparent and thus shows the product within, letting customers know what they are buying, and can be easily recycled. Glass also gives their products a traditional look, which makes it stand out in the retail case. Traders Point Creamery products are of the utmost quality, and therefore, glass, as the quality packaging material, is the container of choice. The label on this package also comes off, so the sleek, clear glass is reusable for future storage.

Press Contact: Gail Alden, Director of Marketing, Media and Events, Traders Point Creamery - 317-733-1700 -gail@tpforganics.com

Submissions for the 2009 Clear Choice Awards were judged on innovation (in container form and product category), package design (including container, label, and closure), and shelf impact.

“Glass is an endlessly fascinating packaging sector and each year the Glass Packaging Institute’s Clear Choice awards succeeds in recognizing and celebrating new and appealing container inventiveness,” noted Ben Miyares, Vice President, Industry Relations, Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute, and 2009 Clear Choice Awards judge.

All 2009 Clear Choice Awards winners will receive a Clear Choice Award and benefit from industry-wide recognition and brand building media coverage. All 2009 winning products will be displayed at the Worldwide Food Expo in Chicago (October 28-31) and at The Showcase of Packaging Innovations(R) at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2009 (October 5-7).

Product Showcase

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