2011 Clear Choice Awards Winners

Top 10 Package Designs of 2011 Showcase Innovation

Today, the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) announced the winners of its 2011 Clear Choice Awards. Sponsored by GPI since 1989, the Clear Choice Awards honor consumer product goods (CPG) manufacturers who expand the frontiers of glass packaging design by using glass containers in innovative ways.

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) named the winners of its 22nd Annual Clear Choice Awards through a virtual event on the GPI website featuring videos and photos of award-winning product designs (watch the video).

This year’s awards recognize 10 consumer product goods (CPG) companies and their achievements in expanding the frontiers of glass packaging design in the following categories: beer, wine, food, carbonated beverage, non-carbonated beverage, organic food or beverage, distilled spirits, flavored alcoholic beverage (FAB), cosmetics or fragrances and conversion recognition (products that have been converted to glass packaging from other forms of packaging).

“These winning package designs demonstrate that glass continues to be the ‘clear choice’ for consumers who want a package that complements today’s healthy and environmentally-conscious lifestyles,” says Lynn Bragg, President of the Glass Packaging Institute, who notes that glass is one of the “greenest” packaging choices, being 100 percent and endlessly recyclable. “Additionally, nothing communicates purity, quality and value to consumers like a well-designed glass package.”


Tank 7 Farmhouse AleWinning Product: Tank 7 Farmhouse Ale

Manufacturer: Boulevard Brewing Co.

Glass Container Supplier: Verallia

Glass Label Supplier: Mainline Printing

Packaging Description: The newly designed bottle from Boulevard Brewing Co. maintains consistency with the branding of its Smokestack Series and creates a distinctive appearance on the shelf or the table. The bottle is reminiscent of the shape of the 750 ml champagne bottle with brand embellishment “Boulevard Brewing Co.” near the shoulder that enhances the simple, elegant appearance.

Press Contact: Julie Weeks jweeks@boulevard.com


Freemark Abbey 125th Anniversary BlendWinning Product: Freemark Abbey 125th Anniversary Blend

Manufacturer: Jackson Family Wine

Glass Container Supplier: Verallia

Label: Collotype

Metal badge: Tribeca

Packaging Description: This new wine tells the story of Freemark Abbey, one of the first women-built wineries in the Napa Valley. Josephine Tychson’s legacy continues today with the Jackson Family Wines celebration of 125 years of winemaking with the release of “History”.

Press Contact: Karen Sue Jenkins KarenSue.Jenkins@kjmail.com


Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping KetchupWinning Product: Sir Kensington’s Gourmet Scooping Ketchup

Manufacturer: Kensington & Sons LLC

Glass Container Supplier: Leone Industries

Label: Gintzler Graphics

Packaging Description: Sir Kensington’s is all natural “scooping ketchup” made from vine ripe tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, and agave nectar. The jar is a hearty glass cube, tapering at the crown to a scooping-size mouth, topped with a large, elegant lid. The bottle’s rich design embodies the cutting edge innovation executed with a wink, a nudge, and a taste for the classic.

Press Contact: Scott Norton scott@sirkensingtons.com

Carbonated Beverage

H-E-B Dr. B®Winning Product: H-E-B Dr. B®

Manufacturer: H-E-B

Glass Container Supplier: Vitro Packaging, Inc.

Label: Vitro Packaging, Inc.
Packaging Description: H-E-B Dr. B is a crisp clean soft drink made with pure cane sugar. The glass bottle is a great example of a clean and sleek retro design with UV cured inks to represent the vintage soda.

Press Contact: 1-800-432-3113

Non-Carbonated Beverage

Kyäni Sunrise®Winning Product: Kyäni Sunrise®

Manufacturer: Kyäni Inc.

Glass Container Supplier: Vitro Packaging, Inc.

Label: Vitro Packaging, Inc.

Packaging Description: Kyäni Sunrise® is a complete multi-vitamin in the form of a delicious drink. Packed with antioxidants and vitamins, the drink is packaged in a tapered, cobalt blue bottle that gives this premium beverage a clean premium image.

Press Contact: Scott R. Seedall sseedall@kyanicorp.com

Organic Food or Beverage

TruBee HoneyWinning Product: TruBee Honey

Manufacturer: TruBee Honey

Glass Container Supplier: O-I

Packaging Description: TruBee Honey is a raw, gourmet honey that uses glass packaging to showcase the simplicity and beauty of pure honey. For TruBee Honey, glass is the only choice because it’s recyclable and, visually, it’s the next best thing to seeing pure, raw honey come out of the hive.

Press Contact: Laura Kimball info@trubeehoney.com


Distilled Spirits

Finlandia VodkaWinning Product: Finlandia Vodka

Manufacturer: Finlandia Vodka Worldwide Ltd.

Glass Container Supplier: O-I

Label: Eurostampa and Guidotti CentraStampa

Packaging Description: Finlandia Vodka is pure and natural and is made from 10,000-year-old glacial spring water and barley grown in Finland’s pristine landscape. The crystal clear bottle captures the purity of the vodka through the natural fluid forms of glacial ice frozen in time.

Press Contact: Mike Taylor Mike_Taylor@B-F.com and Jennie MeadorJennie_Meador@b-f.com

Flavored Alcoholic Beverage

Calypso BayWinning Product: Calypso Bay

Manufacturer: American Vintage Beverage Co.

Glass Container Supplier: Anchor Glass Container

Label: Spear

Packaging Description: Calypso Bay is the newest sensation in the Flavored Alcohol Beverage category. The smooth tapered body with the flared footed heel presents a superior hand feel for the consumer. The clear liquid allows the colorful back label to show through the product hinting at the flavor within. The flint bottle, topped with a black twist crown closure, and labeling technique, give this package a sophisticated clean look.

Press Contact: Ian Galbraith igalbraith@markanthony.com, 604-269-7017.

Cosmetics or Fragrance

Espirit D’OscarWinning Product: Espirit D’Oscar

Manufacturer: Oscar de la Renta

Glass Container Supplier: Vitro Packaging, Inc.

Packaging Description: Esprit D’Oscar Eau de Parfum is a modern interpretation of Oscar de la Renta’s signature scent, inspired by chic and sophisticated women of today. The spirit of femininity re-imagined in a timeless floral-oriental fragrance that is exceptionally feminine and sparkling in spirit. The shape and clarity of the glass bottle integrate the Esprit D’Oscar concept, resulting in a very delicate design.

Press Contact: Glenn Tatem Glenn.Tatem@maesa.com

Conversion Recognition

Traders Point Creamery Cottage CheeseWinning Product: Traders Point Creamery Cottage Cheese

Manufacturer: Traders Point Creamery

Glass Container Supplier: Verallia

Label: Packaging Systems

Packaging Description: Traders Point Creamery chose to package their 100% grass-fed organic cottage cheese in recyclable glass containers to further their goal of offering award-winning artisan products to benefit the health of their customers and the planet. The glass jars maintain the cottage cheese’s integrity and the shelf life of the cheese is extended. Traders Point Creamery is proud to offer possibly the only cottage cheese to be packaged in glass in the United States.

Press Contact: Gail gail@traderspointcreamery.com


Submissions for the 2011 Clear Choice Awards were judged on innovation (in container form and product category), package design (including container, label, and closure), and shelf impact. This year’s judges were:

  • Barry Roebuck — Creative Director, Hamilton Beach Brands, Inc.
  • Derek Neuland — Founder, ThirstyDudes.com and Overglued.com
  • Jason Draper — ThirstyDudes.com, Owner, Wooden T-Shirts
  • Joe Pryweller — Editor/Conference Director, Packaging Strategies
  • Jonathan Hunter — University of Wisconsin-Stout, School of Packaging
  • Robert Meisner — CPP, CPLP, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Stout

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