2013 Clear Choice Awards Winners

2013 Clear Choice Awards Winners

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) announced the winners of its 2013 Clear Choice Awards at Pack Expo, one of the packaging industry’s premier conferences. In 2013, seven consumer product goods companies were recognized for their achievements in creating innovative glass packages with shelf impact. Entries were judged on innovation, package design (including container label and closure), and consumer appeal. In addition to the products selected by the judges, three other products received President’s Choice awards – a new designation to this year’s program. These awards – selected by GPI – reflected just how many special products were released this past year.

The panel of independent judges included Robert Bush, Professor, Department of Sustainable Biomaterials, Virginia Tech University; Andrew Kaplan, Managing Editor, Beverage World magazine; Silvio Marcacci, lead contributor, Lost in the Beer Aisle blog; and Rick Edwards, head bartender of a major Washington, D.C. restaurant and bar.

The winning products were:

Beer Category:

Kona Longboard Island LagerProduct: Kona Longboard Island Lager

Company: Kona Brewing Company

Glass Manufacturer: O-I

Description: Kona beer launched their beer in a totally redesigned container that speaks to lifestyle of Kona Brewing Company. Kona is all about Hawaii and beach living. The bottle features the company’s slogan “liquid aloha” and an embossed image of the Hawaiian Islands on the bottle, which has a compact size and nostalgic feel.

Wine Category:

ANEW RieslingProduct: ANEW Riesling

Company: Ste. Michelle Wine Estates

Glass Manufacturer: Verallia North America

Description: ANEW created a unique glass package that stood out on a store shelf and was especially attractive to their target consumer. ANEW’s custom glass mold with unique design element in the glass, and ACL "faux-etch" label design perfectly represented the brand essence of ANEW - "for those seeking balance in their life."

Distilled Spirits Category:

Jack Daniel’s Unaged Tennessee RyeProduct: Jack Daniel’s Unaged Tennessee Rye

Brand Owner: Brown-Forman

Glass Manufacturer: O-I

Description: Jack Daniel’s Unaged Tennessee Rye clear glass bottle provides branding through the container itself and its deep decoration. It folds in design elements from the classic Old No. 7 square shape and from the Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel bottle. For Jack Daniel’s Unaged Tennessee Rye, the product and container work together to create a pure, clean, honest product.

Non Alcoholic Beverage Category:

Starbucks Iced CoffeeProduct: Starbucks Iced Coffee

Brand Owner: Starbucks

Glass Manufacturer: O-I

Description: Starbucks’ new coffee blend is leading the Starbucks product line up by supporting a healthier lifestyle. The bottle’s simple, iconic shape was designed to reinforce some of the cues customers experience in a Starbucks’ store, bridging the gap between the on-premise and off-premise experience.

Food Category:

Tostitos® SalsaProduct: Tostitos® Salsa

Brand Owner: Frito-Lay North America, Inc.

Glass Manufacturer: O-I

Description: Frito Lay wanted an exciting product for its Tostitos salsa for the (American) football season. Although the size, shape and closure remained the same as the existing container, O-I used decoration and embossing to create excitement by incorporating the texture of a football into the jar itself.

Cosmetics/Fragrance/Other Category:

JAFRA Garden Fairy EDTProduct: JAFRA Garden Fairy EDT

Brand Owner: JAFRA

Glass Manufacturer: Vitro

Description: This fragrance was created to tell a story about fantasy and fairies. The beautifully shaped glass bottle with the vibrant green spray at the bottom, combined with the petal-shaped cap, takes you to a place of fantasy that is full of color and magical scents when you hold it in the palm of your hand.

Conversion Recognition Category:

McCormick VodkaProduct: McCormick Vodka

Brand Owner: McCormick Distilling Company

Glass Manufacturer: Ardagh North America

Description: McCormick Vodka is premium vodka in a unique shaped container, but was previously packaged in plastic. The product sales were not as expected and the distiller turned to glass to convey its message across to consumers. The "slice" off the front shoulder creates a flat panel, where the consumer can see the McCormick “M” and Crown embossment on the back of the bottle creating a unique and stand-out offering.

President’s Choice Award for Product Conversion:

Hidden Valley™ Sandwich Spread & DipProduct: Hidden Valley™ Sandwich Spread & Dip

Brand Owner: The Hidden Valley Food Products Company

Glass Manufacturer: Vitro

Description: With a great look and quality packaging, Hidden Valley urges consumers to spice up their ordinary sandwich with Hidden Valley™Sandwich Spread & Dip in Spicy Chipotle Pepper in a glass jar.

President's Award for Advancements in Sustainability:

Green FlashProduct: Green Flash

Brand Owner: Green Flash Brewing Company

Glass Manufacturer: Verallia North America

Description: The Green Flash design differentiates the brand and product from the crowded and competitive retail shelves. The bottles are now significantly lighter, reducing distribution costs and requiring less packaging. The bottle’s structural design is unique, and also easy to automate and fill at the brewery.

President’s Award for Advancements in Sustainability:

Nantucket NectarProduct: Nantucket Nectar

Brand Owner: Juice Guys

Glass Manufacturer: Ardagh North America

Description: Nantucket Nectar decided to redesign its product's container in an effort to reduce glass weight. Creating a new shape and smart embossments with the familiar "we're the Juice guys" on the back and sailboat with Nantucket Nectar lettering, takes one to the Island of Nantucket where this product originated. The new container reduced the weight by 8%.

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