Clear Choice Awards

GPI is excited to review entries received from glass partners around the world.  Entries were accepted throughout 2022 in the International Year of Glass.
For over 30 years, GPI has welcomed product entries manufactured in North America from food and beverage brands to highlight their stories and showcase innovative designs in glass packaging.

Photograph: 2021 CCA Winners 


All glass jars and bottles manufactured and available in the North American marketplace between the 2021 and 2022 product year are eligible for the 2022 Clear Choice Awards.  Read more about the eligibility guidelines here

Judging, 2023

Judging is conducted by an independent panel of leaders from the food and beverage media and industry, lifestyle editors and contributors, and design and packaging professionals will judge each submission on four criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Package design
  • Shelf impact
  • Storytelling strength of the brand or product
Award Announcements, 2023

Winners will be announced in April of 2023.


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