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About GPI Member Companies
GPI members consist of companies that make up the vast majority of North America's leading glass container manufacturing companies including Ardagh Glass, Arglass Yamamura, O-I Glass, Gallo Glass, Anchor Glass Container, Rocky Mountain Bottle.

Additionally, GPI Members include global glass manufacturing companies with US distribution networks: Heinz-Glas USA, Saverglass, Stoelzle Verallia, Heinz-Glas USA.

We currently have 26 supplier member companies, and growing, several of which are in-house equipment, technology and service providers to the glass companies (i.e., labeling, decoration and corrugated), as well as raw materials (sand, soda ash, limestone and recycled glass).  GPI works with and on behalf of member companies in three primary areas:

  1. Promotion of glass as a preferred packaging option to brands - supported by marketing, consumer research, awards recognition, and other communications pieces for use by GPI members.

  2. Engagement in federal, state and local policies on a range of packaging and supply chain related issues.

  3. Addressing glass recycling and sustainability issues across the country, including specific projects related to filling glass recycling gaps.

GPI Benefits to Supplier Members
  1. Website listing for your company (product and services descriptions) on our Members page

  2. Attendance at our Spring and Annual (Fall) In-Person Meetings
    Leadership and executives from the glass container companies attend both meetings. Networking time and opportunities built into the schedule

  3. Options to join our Government Affairs Committee (Policy/Regulatory) and our Marketing/Communications Committees
    These Committees meet monthly, and in-persons at our Spring and Annual Meetings, and are the primary Committees of the association

  4. Access and delivery of GPI's Shipment and Production Report
    GPI's proprietary, quarterly report tracking the shipment and production of US glass beverages containers and food jars by customer end market

  5. Access to a number of other data reports related to the glass container industry 
    This includes some customer end markets, glass container imports and package mix data for beer
  6. All other member communications
    This includes a monthly newsletter recapping activity, SmartBrief, and other communications out to members

  7. Opportunity to include a news item for inclusion in GPI's weekly SmartBrief
    GPI will work with your company to include company specific-news piece (product offerings and similar) for distribution out to our 2,000 subscribers. Should any news make it into web-based publications, they can also be highlighted.

  8. Access for all employees to our Members-Only Section
    The members-only section of the GPI website provides access to an expansive list of industry presentations, data sets, testimony and marketing information. The information is well-organized, accessible and downloadable for our member companies' use.

  9. Quarterly All-Member Webinars
    For the two quarters that we do not meet in-person, GPI holds 90 minute "All-Member" meetings, led by our Board of Trustees Chair. These webinars cover a range of ongoing activity at the association, as well as another opportunity to connect with our glass container manufacturing members.

  10. Supplier Presentations
    New supplier members are given an opportunity to make a short presentation about their company and product at an in-person meeting if they desire, or during one of the two quarterly member virtual meetings.

  11. Put your product incontext of a supply chain challenge 
    We also look to incorporate supplier member products into GPIwhite papers, and/or “best practices” features on our website that relate to the part of the value chain the product fits. 

  12. Outside Conference Promotion
    GPI speaks and presents at numerous conferences each year. We are happy to feature and mention our supplier members (and their services) as directed and appropriate.
GPI Membership Dues

Annual Supplier Member dues for the association are $10,000.

We can also discuss a first-year entry rate for new members. Email to schedule a call with GPI President, Scott DeFife.  

Ready To Join Now?

You can get started with these steps:

  • Create a login for your company profile here.
  • When you reach the form page with "Parent Member", type in your company name.
  • Contact or to ask about payment alternatives to online credit card processing, or any other questions about becoming a GPI member company. 

*If you are not seeking GPI membership, and only want to purchase a Finish Drawings subscription, follow directions here