Glass Industry Allies & News Outlets

Food & Beverage Associations

The American Craft Spirits Association is a national trade association working to elevate and advocate on behalf of craft spirits producers.

The Beer Institute is a national trade association for the American brewing industry representing brewers, importers, and industry suppliers before Congress, state legislatures, and public forums across the U.S.

The Brewers Association is a trade association if over 5,300 brewery members including beer wholesalers, retailers, individuals, and other associate members working to promote and protect American craft brewers and their community of brewing enthusiasts.

The Distilled Spirits Council is a national trade association representing leading producers and marketers of distilled spirits products by advocating on legislative, regulatory, and public affairs issues impacting the distilled spirits sector at the local, state, federal, and international levels.

The Food Packaging Forum is a foundation based in Zurich, Switzerland focused on establishing a dialogue between all stakeholders concerning scientific research in the area of chemicals in food contact materials and their impact on health.

The Consumer Brands Association, formerly the Grocery Manufacturer's Association, is a trade organization representing the world’s leading food, beverage, and consumer products companies and associated partners.

The National Beer Wholesalers Association provides leadership to enhance the independent beer distribution industry through advocacy, programs, and services to benefit its members throughout the United States.

The Wine Institute advocates for wine at state, federal, and international levels, bringing together the resources of 1,000 wineries to benefit the entire California wine industry.

The Wine & Spirits Wholesalers of America is a national trade organization representing the wholesale tier of the wine and spirits industry to advance the interests and independence of wholesale distributors and brokers of wine and spirits.

Recycling Organizations

The Container Recycling Institute is a nonprofit organization serving as a global model for the collection and quality recycling of packaging material by providing research and data, and raising awareness on waste reduction to create a strong and sustainable domestic economy.

The National Recycling Coalition is a nonprofit organization focused on promoting and enhancing recycling in the United States through a network of over 6,000 members active in waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and composting efforts.

The Recycling Partnership is a nonprofit organization leading the way for a circular economy in the U.S. by working with communities, brands, and other aligned organizations to scale and improve recycling nationally.

The Glass Recycling Foundation is a nonprofit organization working to promote glass recycling through education, grant making, and pilot programs for effective glass recycling in collaboration with other trade organizations in the glass recycling value chain.

A member-based nonprofit organization collaborating across the glass recycling value chain to break down barriers and build opportunities to ensure all glass containers are recycled to the best use, maximizing economic, environmental, and social benefits in each market.

Glass & Manufacturing Associations

American Glass Research is a full-service independent, research and testing laboratory with expertise in testing, design analysis, analytical testing, consulting, training, inspection, product liability, and auditing for the glass container industry.

FEVE is the official voice of the glass container industry in Europe.  It promotes the common interests of its members throughout Europe and is actively engaged in dialogue with European stakeholders and NGOs.

The NGA member community represents all aspects of the glazing and glass building products industry, including contract glaziers, full-service glass companies, fabricators, manufacturers, and suppliers.

NAM is the largest manufacturing association in the United States with policy experts providing access and information on the key issues affecting business. NAM advocates for manufacturers on a wide range of policy issues, from health care reform and labor relations to energy and the environment to trade policy and taxes. 

British Glass is the representative body for companies from across the full glass supply chain in the UK communicating the glass sector’s values and interests nationally and internationally to secure a thriving and sustainable future for glass.

Industry Trade Media   

Glass Online is a publication based in Italy founded in 1986 leading communication for the glass sector through its magazines, annual directories, and websites for industry professionals. 

Glass Worldwide is a bi-monthly magazine for all sectors and regions of the international glass industry offering news updates and exclusive access to highlights from the latest issue.

Glass International is a global review of glassmaking bringing the latest industry news, events, and technical analysis.

Packaging Digest is a North American media brand providing information and solutions to packagers in various markets including news, trends, best practices, and new technologies in the worldwide packaging market since 1963.

Packaging Law is a packaging industry resource providing a range of information on laws and regulations in the U.S. and globally that affect packages and packaging materials  since1962.

Packaging World magazine covers relevant topics for packaging decision-makers across all markets including application features, new products, and technologies, plus package design, regulations, serialization, automation, and controls.   

Recycler's World is a worldwide information trading site established to promote trade in the recycling industry for the benefit of subscribers and members.

Recycling Today provides broad coverage of the recycling industry, market and commodity information along with news, industry developments, and company profiles of recyclers.

Resource Recycling provides recycling industry news and analysis and produces three critical industry conferences annually. 

WEBpackaging is a search platform that connects brands and suppliers globally over the latest technology and industry knowledge. The platform's news feed offers the latest on industry news globally.