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GPI's Board of Trustees recently approved changes to our membership categories, benefits and costs for 2020.

By joining the association, members receive a broad range of benefits made possible through the various industries represented by GPI member companies.  GPI member companies  bring an array of consumer product packaging to the marketplace, including food, beer, soft drinks, wine, liquor, and cosmetics.

Your company many become a GPI Member as:

Glass Container Manufacturers

Supplier Member Companies

Supplier members represent a broad range of the glass container supply chain, including businesses that provide glass making machinery, raw materials, inspection equipment, recyclable materials, labeling, refractories, construction and engineering services, shipping cartons, maintenance services, gas/electric energy, rail and truck transportation and advertising used in the manufacture or sale of glass containers.

GPI  Supplier Membership is available in four categories:

  • Crystal - eligible at any company size with potential for a GPI Board seat 
  • Emerald - eligible at any company size with opportunity for GPI sponsored  projects
  • Flint - eligible at any company size, includes North American container/self-distribution companies
  • Amber - eligible for companies with < 150 North American employees only (e.g., upstream and downstream supply chain companies)

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Be A Part Of Change

Take part in the evolution of our industry and the future of glass. 
Have a National Voice 

As a GPI member, your company is part of the association's vigorous government relations efforts to promote the interest of glass packaging.
Promote Your Image 

GPI excels in promoting member companies within national glass stories.  Our marketing programs help promote the benefits of glass containers. 
Stay In The Loop 

GPI excels in promoting member companies within national glass stories. Our marketing programs help promote the benefits of glass containers.


The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) prides itself on attention to Member Value, and can tailor a set of deliverables to best serve each member. To discuss GPI dues and benefits in greater detail, or learn about the variety of member benefits that are offered, please contact GPI President Scott DeFife at or 703-684-6359.

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Finish Drawings Subscription Access

This member type is for companies who may have access only to finished drawings resources on GPI's website. 

Join as Finish Drawings Subscription Access