Anchor Glass Rejoins The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI)

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Anchor Glass Rejoins The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI)

Anchor Glass and GPI membership align to strengthen glass sustainability leadership

ARLINGTON, VA (September 30, 2020) - The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) is pleased to announce that Anchor Glass Container Corporation is rejoining the association as a full member.

Anchor Glass, headquartered in Tampa, Florida, is the third largest North American glass manufacturer of premium glass packaging products with six U.S. locations that serve the South, Northeast and Midwest regions.

“For the first time in many years, we have all the major U.S. glass manufacturers and their major suppliers working together on common issues and opportunities in the glass industry," said Bertrand Paulet, CEO of Ardagh Glass North America and Chair of the GPI Board of Directors. “I am pleased to welcome Anchor to GPI and we look forward to leveraging our capabilities to increase glass recycling and promote the many benefits of glass as a sustainable and environmentally friendly package.”

“Anchor Glass is excited to rejoin GPI,” said Anchor Glass President and CEO Nipesh Shah. “As a premier glass packaging solution provider, we look forward to working together on industry issues and promoting glass as the packaging material for consumers.”

“We are delighted that Anchor Glass is rejoining as a member,” said GPI President Scott DeFife. “Anchor Glass supports the sustainable manufacture of glass containers, and supplies a number of industry brands and customers across the food and beverage end markets. We look forward to working together in support of our mutual efforts to leverage glass packaging’s infinite recyclability for a circular economy across the country.”