Glass Packaging Institute Commends Passage of California Senate Bill 54

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July 1, 2022


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Glass Packaging Institute Commends Passage of California Senate Bill 54 

Arlington, VA (July 1, 2022) - The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) today released a statement in support of the passage of SB 54 in California. GPI President Scott DeFife has issued the following statement: 

“On behalf of the glass container manufacturing and recycling industries, and association members we applaud passage of SB 54 and commend Senator Allen, his staff and those who worked to construct and improve this legislation. The bill evolved into a balanced and comprehensive effort to upgrade waste management and recycling policy in California, and will dramatically improve the quality of glass and all recyclables in-state.  The final language recognizes the benefits of different packaging materials, creates investments in much needed infrastructure for refill and reuse, and lays the foundation for use of more circular packaging materials like glass for California consumers.

“As a leading stakeholder, GPI looks forward to continuing its ongoing work in the state as the law is  implemented. We also remain focused on the need to improve the state’s beverage container deposit program, which requires significant overhaul for convenient redemption opportunities, which are critical to a more circular economy.”

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