Leading North American Glass Container Trade Association Statement on Colorado’s EPR

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June 6, 2022

 Leading North American Glass Container Trade Association Statement on Colorado’s Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Law

Newly Signed Legislation Provides Opportunity to Improve Glass Recycling for Coloradans


ARLINGTON, VA – The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI), representing glass bottle manufacturing plants and glass recycling facilities, in support of key Colorado beverage end-markets constructively participated in a year-long stakeholder process, to improve Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation, HB22-1355, to ensure glass, its supply chain and customer markets were treated in a fair manner under the recently signed bill.

“Glass is an infinitely recyclable and sustainable packaging material that can play an important role in a circular economy, and should be the kind of material packaging option that thrives in Colorado, where glass is made, filled, and recycled into new bottles and jars.

The association and its members are cautiously optimistic that, if properly constructed in coming years, this new law will lead to significantly better glass recycling and recovery in the state, as well as expanded reuse and refill options”, noted GPI President, Scott DeFife.

Colorado is now the third state to enact EPR for packaging, following Oregon and Maine, but the first to do so without already having a beverage container deposit program. Each of the three states has constructed a slightly different system, and the Colorado program has the opportunity to demonstrate a path for improved and innovative recovery in states that do not already have a robust recycling infrastructure.

GPI will continue its engagement with all stakeholders, to make certain that glass and its customers are treated in an equitable manner, and that companies tasked with future recycling and recovery systems make much needed infrastructure investments, recognizing the value of quality recycled glass for the Colorado and nearby manufacturing end markets industries that rely on it daily in the production of new bottles and jars.

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