On International Design Day, Verallia Reveals the Trends in the Wine and Spirits Market for 2023

Glass News,

Selective Line, Verallia’s high-end international brand, unveils its 2023 Trend Book. It reveals an offer centered on joyful and calm well-being, for oneself and for the others. This Style Book is the result of a collaboration between Carlin Creative agency, the Marketing teams and the Design Centers of Verallia. “Dynamic creativity and constant innovation is our DNA. Through this project, we are analyzing international socio-cultural habits to translate them into new bottles shapes and decorative techniques to inspire the future packaging of our customers and partners.”, explains Elena Andía, Selective Line Marketing Director.

In response to the geopolitical, economic and health crises, expectations in 2023 will be turned towards daily well-being. Individuals will need to take care of themselves and others, but also to be guided more simply to facilitate their choices of consumption.

“The two trends for 2023 responds to two very different and yet so complementary aspects of well-being. The ‘Rejoy’ trend focuses on playful tweaks to improve everyday living, while the ‘Off-time’ trend expresses a sustainable soothing for restorative well-being” explains Géraldine Bouchot, trends and forecasting editorial director at Carlin Creative.

To respond to each of these trends, new standard bottle shapes as well as new inspirations and decorative techniques produced by Saga Décor (France) and Verallia Polska (Poland) have been imagined.

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