2021 Clear Choice Awards Winners

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) is pleased to announce the winning entries for the 2021 Clear Choice Awards (CCA).
The CCAs recognize top brands working with North American glass container manufacturers to create first-rate designs and shape powerful consumer experiences.

Product Category: Beer, Cider, and Flavored Alcoholic Beverage


Product: Budweiser Dream

Company: Anheuser-Busch

Glass Manufacturer: Ardagh Glass Packaging

Packaging Inspiration:

Celebrating Anheuser-Busch's heritage, The Budweiser Dream bottle was designed to celebrate the company's journey leading to recognition of the Budweiser brand globally, while connecting to new generations in pursuit of their dreams. 

Product Category: Wine 


  Product: King Estate 

Company: King Estate Winery

Glass Manufacturer: Ardagh Glass Packaging

Packaging Inspiration:

King State Winery continues to build a legacy with sustainable agricultural and winemaking practices, resulting in a collection of fine wines. Their deep-rooted philosophy led to King Estate becoming the largest certified-Biodynamic vineyard in North America. It’s more than a trend to the company — it’s a way of life.

Product Category: Spirits

 Product: Maestro Dobel Diamante

Company: Proximo Spirits

Glass Manufacturer: Saverglass

Packaging Inspiration:

This custom-designed bottle is made with premium white flint, perfect for showcasing high-end tequila. The bottle represents the nexus of beauty, tradition, revolution, and innovation, all qualities required to forge the first Cristalino Tequila.  A special bottle is required to house this tequila, as the plants to produce this tequila were sourced from special volcanic land, contributing to its limited production.

Product Category: Cosmetics, Fragrances & Pharmaceuticals

Product:  Heritage Distilling Company Hand Sanitizer 

Company: Heritage Distilling Company

Glass Manufacturer: Ardagh Glass Packaging

Packaging Inspiration:

Heritage Distilling Co. is packaged into glass hand sanitizer bottle speaking to the shift in production by a small business and craft distillery responding to the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020, Heritage Distilling Company was the largest producer of sanitizer in Washington state, supplying over a million gallons of sanitizer to those in need while standing out with a clean and simple design.

Product Category: Non-Alcoholic Beverage


Product: Boomerang

Company: Boomerang Water

Glass Manufacturer: O-I Glass

Packaging Inspiration:

Boomerang Water’s glass breaks convention. An on-site, small-batch bottling water company providing water for commercial venues like hotels and college campuses, and homes, the North Carolina-based company is on a mission to rid the world of single-use plastic bottles and reshape bottled water through innovation.

Boomerang’s approach creates a low- to no-waste, circular economy. Each Boomerang system sanitizes, fills, and caps glass bottles of ultra-purified water at the source for distribution, and accepts their empty bottles back into the system, eliminating the need for shipping or waste.

The Boomerang onsite small batch bottling system enables any location to become completely closed-loop because they bottle at the point of use. That means Boomerang enables any controlled environment ‚ municipality, corporate campus, hotel, college, industrial facility to create far less waste by replacing plastic bottles with bottles made of reusable materials.

Product Category: Food


Product: Ball ® Flute Jars 

Company: Newell Brands

Glass Manufacturer: Ardagh Glass Packaging

Packaging Inspiration: Newell Brands is the exclusive provider of genuine Ball® home canning products.  As a leader in home food preservation, Newell Brands is committed to continuing the tradition started by the Ball brothers and handed down through generations to help Americans preserve garden fresh produce.

Product Category: Innovation


Product: Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey

Company: Anchor Glass

Glass Manufacturer: Anchor Glass

Packaging Inspiration: Handmade and bottled in the heartland with all natural ingredients in premium  American-made glass, reflective of the brand’s dedication to pursuing and forwarding of  the American Dream.  The moulds on the bottle are made using steel from the World Trade Center to honor the Green Beret Special Operations  team (ODA595), nicknamed the “Horse Soldiers." 

Product Category: Sustainability


Product: Fat Tire Amber Ale - Certified Carbon Neutral

Company: New Belgium Brewing

Glass Manufacturer: O-I Glass

Packaging Inspiration: In 2020, Fat Tire became the first nationally-distributed certified carbon neutral beer in the U.S and New Belgium is committed to being carbon neutral as a company by 2030.  Since the inception of Fat Tire Amber Ale in 1991, New Belgium has worked to cut its environmental impact by becoming the first wind powered brewery, producing electricity onsite through solar and biogas technology, establishing the first carbon footprint study for beer and donating $17 million to climate and environmental advocacy.

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