Recycling & Energy Policies

The life-cycle of glass - from natural raw materials, to manufacturing, through closed loop reycling - sets the environmental standard for packaging. Glass is infinitely recyclable, made from all natural ingredients, and has a 400 year record of safety.
  • Saving Our Resources
    Since consumer recycling is key to returning high-quality recycled glass for use in new glass packaging, the Glass Packaging Institute conducted a survey in April 2013 to explore the differences related to geography, region, and demographics that have an impact on the willingness or ability of consumers to recycle.
  • Clear Solutions: Moving Towards Improved Glass Recovery (Full Report & Executive Summary)
    Recognizing the growing importance of protecting the environment and conserving valuable energy resources, in December 2008, the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) announced that its member companies were committed to achieving the goal of using at least 50% recycled glass in the manufacture of new glass bottles and jars by 2013. This report provides a comprehensive account of the robust efforts taken by the glass packaging industry to achieve this goal.

  • Glass Container Manufacturing Industry Overview
    Glass container companies represent a $5.5 billion dollar industry in the US, and employ about 18,000 skilled workers in 49 glass manufacturing plants located in 22 states. The vast majority of glass containers purchased in the US are produced domestically.

  • Container Redemption System Optimization Study: Full Report / Executive Summary
    January 14, 2014
    A stronger network of recycling depots and curbside collection programs will yield increased rates of recycling and material recovery of beverage containers, according to the major findings of a new study commissioned in part by the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI). The study was designed to provide decision makers with information on the total costs for various beverage container redemption approaches. Resource Recycling Systems (RRS), a leading consulting firm in the solid waste and recycling fields, prepared the study.

  • Glass Packaging Institute Commends Maryland Law Makers on Introduction of Recycling Legislation
    January 14, 2013
    The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) congratulates Maryland Delegate Maggie McIntosh and State Senator Brian E. Frosh for their sponsorship of Maryland’s Recycle For Real legislation. In addition to GPI's glass container manufacturing member companies, which supply containers to the U.S. food and beverage industries, GPI also represent glass container recycling companies, a key supply group.

  • A 'Bottle Bill' for Maryland? Lawmakers Unveil Rebate Proposal - The Washington Post
    January 14, 2013
    Maryland legislators on Monday announced a proposal for a “beverage container rebate program,” which they say could increase the state’s recycling rate from its current rate of 22 percent to 75 percent.