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Rehrig Pacific

Rehrig Pacific is a leading authority on sustainable supply chain solutions with over a century of experience creating reusable assets and end-to-end solutions. Rehrig's expertise in supply chains and delivery optimization  generates revolutionary innovations for a variety of industries including, consumer-packaged goods, food service, retail, beverage, waste management, agriculture, and e-commerce.  Their proven success comes from understanding the needs of their customers by designing new and more sustainable delivery options. 

A leading plastics manufacture, Rehrig is committed to sustainable manufacturing practices and are capable of using the highest percentage of recycled content into extensive portfolio of pallets, top frames, bulk pallets, bins, trays totes, and crates with seven plants located across the US that allows them to offer customers the shortest freight lanes for improved carbon footprints.

Their integrated technology tracks returnable assets through their Vision Software suite and Fusion Solutions brand of material handles lifts and sleds, changing the landscape of direct store delivery, improving the lives of drivers, and increasing ROI.  Retail services offered include reverse logistics solutions to any labor challenge by finding new ways to consolidate and streamline the processes, including whitewood pallets, whitewood pallet repair and RPC sorting.

Rehrig is committed to creating innovative sustainable solutions that effectively and responsibly move goods, resources, and ideas. 

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