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Saverglass is the world specialist in manufacturing, customizing, and decorating high-end glass bottles.  Saverglass provides premium and super-premium spirits, still and sparkling wines. Recognized for its innovation, glass-making expertise, and the quality of its glass, products, and designs, Saverglass is the partner of choice for brand creators, craft makers (wine or spirit), and the largest wine and spirits groups worldwide.

For several decades, Saverglass has distinguished itself by offering modern, versatile and original designs, which have helped make the company’s identity and reputation what they are. Saverglass strives to forge new creative paths and seek out added value. How? By maximizing the company’s blend of glass-making and decoration expertise, the variety and breadth of its product ranges, the wide choice of innovative solutions, and its role as a consultant and guide throughout the project development phase demonstrate its originality and stand out as a value creator.

Saverglass’ five strengths are Quality, Creativity, Innovation, Proximity, and Flexibility. These strengths have enabled SAVERGLASS to establish its standout positioning as a pioneer over the years and become the global specialist for the production and decoration of high-end and luxury glass bottles for beers, spirits, and wines.

In 2018, Saverglass strengthened its presence and service offering in the United States by opening an ultra-modern bottle manufacturing plant, complemented by a dedicated decoration and casing plant in North America. Thus, the offer perfectly provides an optimum level of service around personalization and product uniqueness, thanks to the focus on product differentiation and value creation. Therefore, the technologies available for decoration in America are organic screen printing, acid-etching, coatings, and hot stamping. All are contributing to making the bottle unique through gorgeous customization solutions.

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