Anchor CEO on building communities one bottle at a time

Glass Packaging Institute board member Nipesh Shah has grown Anchor Glass Container Corp. to a more than $1 billion company since becoming CEO four years ago. "[W]e have a very simple vision: To create positive societal impact by providing food, clothing, shelter and education for the communities in which we operate using glass bottles as a currency," said Shah. Tampa Bay Business & Wealth (St. Petersburg, Fla.) (11/21)

GRF welcomes board member, new treasurer

The Glass Recycling Foundation has appointed Brian Kristofic, Ardagh Glass Packaging North America's director of sustainability, to its board. John Eichbauer, board member and Knauf Insulation North America's vice president of operations, will serve as the board's treasurer.  American Recycler (11/21)

EU committee supports greener glass industry

The European Economic and Social Committee has adopted the "Glass in Europe at a Crossroads" report that promotes energy efficiency in the glass industry. The report recommends the European Union assist the glass industry with transitioning to environmentally friendly technologies and practices, such as the Close the Glass Loop program.  Glass International  (11/1) 

Berlin Packaging to close seventh EMEA deal in 2021

Berlin Packaging France is acquiring O-I, Glass France's Le Parfait glass jars and lids business. The acquisition marks Berlin Packaging's seventh in the Europe, Middle East and Africa market this year.  Packaging Gateway (U.K.) (10/30)

UK vote brings Encirc closer to hydrogen-fueled furnace

UK glass container producer Encirc will pursue using a hydrogen-powered furnace now that the UK government has approved funding for a hydrogen fuel pipeline to northwest England. The project is part of the region's and Encirc's plans to decarbonize.  Glass International  (10/29) 

Vitro to construct $70M furnace

Vitro is planning to build a $70 million glass container furnace as its plant in Toluca, Mexico, starting this year. The furnace is expected to begin operating in 2023. Glass International  (10/27) 

O-I, Glass to divert glass from landfills in Columbia

O-I, Glass is working with Columbia-based recycling firm Ekored to create a recycling hub in Barranquilla, Colombia. The hub will give O-I, Glass access to glass cullet that would otherwise end up in landfills. Glass International  (10/27) 

Bucher Emhart's sales up 76%

Orders for Swiss-based Bucher Emhart Glass grew more than 76% during the first nine months of this year compared to the same period in 2020. The company also reported specifically orders for glass-forming machinery experienced significant growth. Glass International  (10/27) 

Carriers skip Port of Seattle due to congestion concerns

Maersk, MSC and Zim's TP9/Eagle/ZP9 line will bypass the Port of Seattle this week because of longer wait times caused by congestion. The carriers said the move will only be temporary.  The Loadstar Blog (U.K.) (10/27)

O-I, Glass unveils $34M furnace at Spanish plant

O-I, Glass has fired a roughly $34.8 million furnace recently installed in its Seville, Spain plant. The furnace project was focused on energy efficiency and was accompanied by the renovation of two production lines, which increased production capacity by 10%. Glass International  (10/26) 

Skin care brand debuts serum in refillable glass bottle

Skin care brand Rodan + Fields has rolled out a facial serum in refillable glass bottle packaging made from 90% recycled content. The bottle is expected to reduce the brand's packaging by 26,600 pounds annually, making it the brand's most sustainable product launch ever.  Beauty Packaging (10/25) 

Sorg Group completes furnace build for Vidrio Formas

Germany's Sorg Group has built a furnace, cullet return system and batch plant for a Vidrio Formas glass container facility in Toluca, Mexico. The regenerative end-fired furnace is capable of producing a variety of container glass colors.  Glass International  (10/24) 

Regional group requests input on recycled-glass content proposal

In an effort to boost curbside glass recycling rates, Vermont-based Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) has drafted a model bill that would require brands to have a minimum level of recycled content in glass container and fiberglass production and is seeking public comments on the draft. Despite input from several glass industry stakeholders who suggested that recycled content requirements will not fix poor curbside glass quality issues, NERC is pressing forward with the provision backed by waste haulers. Recycling Today  (10/24)

DeFife: US glass supply ready to meet demand

Although supply chain bottlenecks are prompting concerns about an adequate supply of imported wines and champagnes for the holidays, the domestic wine supply is in good hands with the US glass industry, according to Scott DeFife, president of the Glass Packaging Institute. "There is no shortage of glass in North America," said DeFife. "We have all the raw materials we need."  The Wall Street Journal (10/22)

Plastic's carbon footprint on track to exceed coal's

Carbon emissions from coal-powered plants will be surpassed by the plastic industry by 2030, according to a report from Beyond Plastics and Material Research. "The scale of the plastics industry's greenhouse gas emissions is staggering, but it's equally concerning that few people in government or in the business community are even talking about it," said Judith Enck, Beyond Plastics president and a former Environmental Protection Agency regional administrator.  Gizmodo (10/21)

Sorg, Heinz-Glas keep sustainability front and center

The working relationship between Sorg Group and Heinz-Glas has spanned more than 50 years and includes Heinz-Glas' early adoption of Sorg's revolutionary all-electric furnace technology. The two companies are now partnering on an electric furnace powered by renewable energy. Glass Online  (10/20) 

Expand Mass. bottle bill to reduce waste

Massachusetts residents would see far fewer overflowing trash bins and an improved recycling system if a proposed expansion of the state's bottle bill is passed, according to these letters to the editor. The proposed changes would double the deposit rate and allow for the inclusion of more container types, such as noncarbonated beverages and mini liquor bottles.  The Boston Globe (10/18)

Arglass lauded as regional economic engine

Government leaders in Valdosta, Ga., and surrounding Lowndes County recognized regional manufacturers last week, including glass container producer Arglass, for their contributions to the region's economy. Arglass completed the construction of a $123 million facility in Valdosta last year and continues to expand its highly skilled workforce. The Valdosta Daily Times (Ga.) (10/18)

Borgonovo captures furnace fumes to power plant

Italian glass packaging producer Vetreria di Borgonovo has installed an Organic Rankine Cycle system from Zuccato Energia, which captures furnace fumes to heat water and provide clean electricity for the rest of the plant. "ORC technology has proved to be excellent in heat recovery from melting furnaces with high flexibility and minimal maintenance requirements," said Alessandro Zuccato, CEO of Zuccato Energia.  Glass International (10/18)

European Glass Federation's plans for carbon neutrality

Europe's glass packaging industry is trying to significantly reduce its carbon footprint with the Furnace of the Future project, which aims to fire furnaces with renewable energy sources such as hydrogen and biomass, writes Adeline Farrelly, secretary-general for the European Container Glass Federation. The industry will need more recycled glass to eliminate its use of virgin glass and achieve carbon-neutral status, writes Farrelly.  EurActiv (10/18)

Texas startup gives glass waste new life as drinkware

Neutrall is an Austin, Texas-based startup that is upcycling glass container waste from bars and restaurants into drinking glasses. "It's a great story, that with each purchase you are literally keeping items from the landfill, creating jobs and furthering land restoration," said co-founder Sarah Scott Mitchell.  Austin American-Statesman (Texas) (10/18)

Colo. community to revive glass collection

The Greeley, Colo., city council has approved a plan to enter a public-private partnership to boost glass recycling. The city will work with O-I, Glass, a local brewing company and a local salvage business to establish a new drop-off bin network for glass collection.  The Tribune (Greeley, Col.) (10/15)

Ga. county pilots glass container drop-off program

Waste and recycling hauler Waste Pro USA is returning glass recycling to Gwinnett County, Ga., via a pilot program. Waste Pro has installed a drop-off bin for glass containers in the city of Norcross.  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (10/15) 

TricorBraun to purchase Vetroelite

US-based TricorBraun will expand its footprint in Europe after acquiring premium glass container producer Vetroelite from a private equity firm, said Court Carruthers, TricorBraun CEO. Vetroelite has clients in 90 countries and produces glass packaging for the cosmetic, personal care, fragrance and food and beverage industries. Packaging Gateway (U.K.) (10/13) 

GPI: Glass import backlogs do not equal US glass "shortage"

US glass container producers are operating at full capacity and there is no shortage of raw materials to meet demand, but businesses relying on the 20% to 30% of the US glass bottle supply that is imported are struggling due to supply chain bottlenecks, according to Scott DeFife, president of the Glass Packaging Institute. "Demand is high, logistics are slightly out of whack, there's import congestion ... so put those things together and there's going to be some wrinkles." National Public Radio  (10/12)

O-I, Glass to build 2 plants in Brazil

O-I, Glass' recently unveiled $680 million plan to ramp up global manufacturing includes the construction of two plants in Brazil. The roughly $178.8 million project will be completed by 2023's third quarter, said Hugo Ladeira, O-I, Glass South America president.  Glass International (10/12)

Aero Aggregates to build plant in Calif.

Aero Aggregates of North America is planning to open its first West Coast plant next year in Modesto, Calif. Aero Aggregates processes recycled glass into a foam aggregate used in construction and agriculture. Resource Recycling (10/12)

Ardagh unveils new Absolut bottle design

Ardagh has produced the first major redesign of Absolut's Vodka bottle in 42 years. The new bottle features the words "Country of Sweden" embossed on the glass, a new graphic depiction of the original distillery and other changes. Glass International (10/11)

Stevanato Group to build plant in Ind.

Stevanato Group is set to begin construction of a $145 million plant in Fishers, Ind., with production expected to start in 2023. The new facility will allow the pharmaceutical glass manufacturer to better serve the North American market with "supply chain security, just in time delivery and reliable sourcing in terms of surge capacity," said CEO Franco Moro. Glass International (10/11)

Fla. city residents have options with recycling suspended

Residents of Jacksonville, Fla., are urged by Southeast Recycling Development Council outreach director Jen Dabbs to take recycling to one of 14 drop-off sites now that curbside pickup services have halted due to a driver shortage. People should also consider contacting private haulers such as Utah-based Recyclops to bring their subscription-based service to Jacksonville, Dabbs added. The Florida Times Union (Jacksonville) (10/11)

Steklarna Hrastnik unveils carbon-free bottle

Slovenia-based glass producer Steklarna Hrastnik has developed a carbon-free bottle by using solar cells as the energy source for a hydrogen-powered furnace and recycled glass as cullet. "Energy efficiency in glass melting has reached its theoretical limitations in last decades, thus this technological improvement was very much needed," said CEO Peter Cas. Glass International (10/8)

SMI exec questions decision to drop glass recycling

Curt Bucey, Strategic Materials executive vice president, took issue with a decision by St. Augustine, Fla., officials to stop accepting glass recycling over a perceived lack of end markets for recycled glass: "All the glass that ends up in our plant is being recycled, it's being turned back into another beer bottle or into fiberglass insulation, and our customers are asking for much more." WTLV-TV/WJXX-TV (Jacksonville, Fla.) (10/8)
California's new law that allows glass beverage containers to be reused will also grant refunds to processors that wash the containers for refilling. AB 962 was signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom and includes refillable glass containers in the state's bottle bill as long as the bottles are washed at state-certified facilities. California Globe (10/7)

Why Norway's container return system leads the way

Beverage container redemption programs that offer a high number of automated collection points vastly outperform traditional collection systems, according to a white paper by sorting technology firm Tomra. Norway, which ranks highest for the amount of recycling turned in per consumer, has one drop-off center per 355 consumers, according to the report.  Recycling International (Netherlands) (10/7) 

Winners of GPI's Clear Choice Awards revealed

The Glass Packaging Institute has unveiled the eight category winners of the 2021 Clear Choice Awards: the Sustainability category winner is a certified carbon neutral glass bottle from O-I, Glass for Fat Tire Amber Ale while Ball Flute Jars from Ardagh won top honors for the Food category, Saverglass won the Spirits category with its Maestro Dobel Tequila bottle design and Anchor Glass earned the top prize in the Innovation category for its Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey. "The past two years have been tough on every aspect of our lives, and I wanted to especially applaud the glass container manufacturing industry for continuing to provide premium and sustainable glass products to consumers throughout the pandemic," said GPI president Scott DeFife.  Glass International (10/5) 

O-I, Glass recycling drive in Va. off to a good start

O-I Glass' Glass4Good recycling pilot program has collected more than 96,000 pounds of glass over six weeks in Danville, Va. The program has rolled out in cities where O-I, Glass plants are located to meet the company's raw material needs and support local charities with cash donations from the O-I Charities Foundation. Star-Tribune (Chatham, Va.) (10/5)

Calif. Gov. signs "chasing arrows" bill into law

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has authorized a bill that restricts plastic manufacturers from featuring the "chasing arrows" recycling symbol on products unless they can prove the packaging is regularly recycled. The Los Angeles Times Editorial Board urged Newsom to sign the legislation, writing that "[t]he main objective of the bill is to change behavior among package makers and nudge them toward using materials that have a high recycling rate, such as glass, paper or PET or HDPE plastic." The Associated Press (10/5)

Mass. bill aims to update bottle bill

A bill proposed in Massachusetts wants to expand the state's container redemption program to include water, sports drink, iced tea, juice and nip liquor bottles. The Better Bottle Bill also aims to double the container deposit rate to 10 cents. Recycling Today (10/4)

O-I, Glass to unleash MAGMA to boost production

O-I, Glass will increase production capacity by up to 700,000 tons worldwide with roughly $680 million in plant upgrades based on its Modular Advanced Glass Manufacturing Asset technology. "This new capability will enable the company to grow in existing markets and enter new markets with greater flexibility," said CEO Andres Lopez.  FoodBev (9/30)

New law lets wineries in Calif. fill containers off-site

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has signed Assembly Bill 239, allowing winery employees to fill customer wine containers in off-site tasting rooms. The bill also allows type 02 license holders to do the same at duplicate license locations. North Bay Business Journal (Santa Rosa, Calif.) (9/30)

Glass to be used for coastal preservation in La.

Tulane University engineers have secured a $700,000 National Science Foundation grant to work with glass recycling center Glass Half Full on a project to divert waste glass from landfills by turning it into glass sand products. The initial phase of the project will focus on curtailing coastal land erosion and loss in the greater New Orleans area and nearby parishes, said lead researcher Julie Albert.  Tulane University (9/30)

Sorg overcomes challenges to rebuild Saudi furnace

Germany-based Sorg completed a furnace rebuild for Saudi-based fiberglass producer AFICO on time, despite having to coordinate teams remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to a Sorg spokesperson. "We really appreciate the effort and professionalism by which Sorg Group team has completed the project successfully, safely and on time," said an AFICO spokesperson. Glass International (9/28)

GRC awards 2 MRFs with certifications

The Glass Recycling Coalition has awarded its gold material recovery facility certification to the Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority in Bellefonte, Pa., and a bronze certification to Mazza Recycling Services in Tinton Falls, N.J. The coalition has awarded 13 certifications since the program was founded two years ago. Recycling Today (9/28)

Switch to glass packaging earns Irish company honors

Ireland's Origin Green sustainability program has awarded Ballymaloe Foods a gold membership for transitioning from plastic packaging to glass containers last year, reducing its waste by 20%. The pivot to glass cut the company's plastic use by more than 1.4 tons.  CorkBeo (Cork, Ireland) (9/27) 

Perfume industry scrambling for glass containers in France

The fragrance industry is struggling to meet demand with sales rebounding this year to record levels in the US. Backlogs in French glass fragrance bottle production is forcing Interparfums to manage production on a "just in time" basis for the first time ever, said CEO Philippe Benacin.  Europe 1 (France) (9/27)

TerraCycle's reusable container Loop program grows

TerraCycle's Loop program, which collects and processes reusable CPG packaging and returns them to manufacturers, is expanding to 25 Fred Meyer supermarkets in Portland, Ore., to offer customers access to the Loop products packaged in glass and aluminum containers and drop-off services for the empty packaging. [I]t's about making participation as effortless as chucking [trash] in the garbage," said Tom Szaky, TerraCycle's founder. AdWeek (9/27)

Calif. glass bottle refill bill awaits governor's OK

The California Beverage Container Recycling and Litter Reduction Act -- which is supported by the Glass Packaging Institute -- has passed the state Legislature and gone to Gov. Gavin Newsom for his signature. The bill permits the return, sanitizing and reuse of glass beverage containers and has beverage distributors use container fees to help fund the refill program.  Restaurant Hospitality Online (9/27)

Glass container demand keeps soda ash producers busy

The soda ash industry is ramping up production, in part, to keep pace with growing global demand for glass containers, said Zarir Langrana, executive director and president, global chemicals, Tata Chemicals. "Also, as the travel, tourism and hospitality sectors revive and open from their current constrained level the demand for container glass will increase on the back of increased demand for beverages and spirits," added Langrana.  The Hindu Buiness Line (India) (9/27) 

Ripple Glass to offer Kan. community curbside collection

Curbside glass collection is coming to Roeland Park, Kan., thanks to a Ripple Glass pilot program. If successful, the program may expand to other parts of the Kansas City metro area, according to a company statement. WDAF-TV (Kansas City, Mo.) (9/27)

S.C. county begins glass recycling program

Recycling centers in Bamberg County, S.C., have started accepting glass containers. Glass WRX will process the recycling into shower walls, countertops and other high-value material.  The Times and Democrat (Orangeburg, S.C.) 9/25

Glass recycling may come back to Savannah, Ga.

Savannah, Ga., may partner with glass recycling company Glass WRX to return glass recycling to the city after a five-year absence, said Nick Palumbo, a city alderman. The return of glass collection would create revenue opportunities for the city and lower utility fees for residents, Palumbo added.  WJCL-TV/WTGS-TV (Savannah, Ga.) (9/24)

Ciner Glass to build manufacturing plant in Wales

The UK's Ciner Glass is planning to construct a nearly $474 million glass packaging plant in Wales. Ciner will also support efforts in Wales to boost glass recycling via a return deposit program, according to board member Didem Ciner.  Glass International (9/23)

O-I, Glass pilots glass collection in Va. county

O-I, Glass has donated glass recycling bins to James City County, Va., for a pilot program that aims to boost glass recycling in the county. O-I, Glass will collect the recycling and process the material into cullet for the manufacture of new glass products. Williamsburg Yorktown Daily (Williamsburg, Va.) (9/22)

O-I, Glass urges consumers to go plastic-free

O-I, Glass is rolling out the "Plastic-Free Diet" campaign on social and digital channels that encourages consumers to avoid drinking or eating anything packaged in plastic for one week. The company is also debuting a tool on the Instacart app that allows users to choose only glass-packaged foods and beverages.  MediaPost Communications (9/21)

Furnace of the Future key to carbon-neutral industry

A European Glass Packaging Federation webinar examined the Furnace of the Future project led by Ardagh that is developing a hybrid furnace primarily powered by electricity. "We recognized from the start of this project that this is key to setting us on the path to climate-neutral glass packaging and to ensure the long-term sustainability of glass packaging," said Martin Petersson, CEO of Ardagh Glass. Glass International (9/21)

Startup specializes in glass cannabis containers

Packwolves is a California-based startup supplying cannabis companies with glass packaging that presents an "elevated design" to offer brands packaging "they can be proud of," said co-founder Tom Vickers. The company offers custom and predesigned glass containers featuring a "twist and seal" function that is said to extend product freshness.  Benzinga (9/20)

Maine's EPR law is model for the nation

Other states should follow Maine's lead in passing extended producer responsibility legislation that requires producers to pay 100% of municipal recycling costs related to packaging, writes David M. Kuchta. These laws will result in more recycling and more sustainable packaging, adds Kuchta. TreeHugger (9/20)

Calif. nonprofit honors businesses reusing glass packaging

Nonprofit Zero Waste Humboldt of Humboldt County, Calif., has recognized the Ferreira & Son Dairy and Alchemy Distillery as "Zero Waste Heroes." The dairy has diverted more than 1,000 milk cartons and plastic bottles from the landfill with a new refillable glass bottle system, and the distillery's glasses are upcycled from returned spirits bottles. Times-Standard (Eureka, Calif.) (9/19)

Curbside glass collection coming to Ala. community

Phoenix Glass Recycling will start offering residential curbside glass recycling pickup in Huntsville, Ala., beginning in November. Phoenix Glass will also collect glass recycling from area businesses for additional costs. WZDX-TV (Huntsville, Ala.) (9/18)

Kan. county campaign reminds people to "Recycle Right"

The County Department of Health and Environment for Johnson County, Kan., is starting the Recycle Right campaign to educate residents about what can and cannot be recycled and problems related to contamination. For example, notices will remind residents to keep glass out of curbside bins and take containers to Ripple Glass' drop-off purple bins instead. Jackson County (Kansas) (9/17) 

Industries come together to talk sustainable furnaces

Furnaces International's and the British Industrial Furnace Constructors Association's inaugural Future of Furnaces symposium held last week featured speakers from the glass, steel and aluminum industries discussing ways to collaborate on sustainable furnace technology. Sharing data and focusing on artificial intelligence is key to developing a furnace "intelligent enough to improve its own performance," said Mark Allen, sales director for Mechatherm.  Glass International (9/15) 

Calif. winemakers reduce glass bottle weight

Fetzer Vineyards in California's Mendocino County and Sonoma County's Jackson Family Wines are reducing the weight of their glass bottles to make packaging more sustainable as the industry looks to lessen its carbon footprint. With Fetzer's introduction of lighter-weight glass containers, its refreshed Burgundy-style chardonnay bottle is 14.8% lighter than its predecessor, and the total carbon footprint is reduced by 15.7% when factoring in cuts in transportation emissions and materials.  North Bay Business Journal (Santa Rosa, Ca.) (9/14)

Calif. bill "paving way" for returnable bottle systems

California Gov. Gavin Newsom is expected to sign AB 962, which allows the inclusion of refillable glass bottles in the state's container redemption program, as long as the redemption centers send the bottles to a cleaning facility approved by the state. The bottles could then be used for refill by beverage producers, "paving the way for returnable beverage bottle systems in California," according to nonprofit Californians Against Waste.  WasteDive  (9/14)

Ardagh assists nut butter brand's shift to glass packaging

Ardagh is supplying the glass jars UK nut butter brand Pip & Nut needs to complete its transition from plastic to glass packaging. "With the move to glass jars, we've improved the recyclability of our products as glass is more widely recycled in the UK than plastic," said Pip & Nut founder Pip Murray.  Glass International (9/13)

Container trade groups offer support for well-designed deposit systems

Glass, PET and metal beverage container manufacturing associations voiced their support for well-crafted container deposit systems to boost recycling rates, meet recyclable feedstock end market needs and to decrease waste and litter, write Glass Packaging Institute President Scott DeFife, Can Manufacturers Institute President Robert Budway and National Association for PET Container Resources Executive Director Darrel Collier. A nonprofit supported by the private sector should run the system to reduce costs and increase efficiencies, they write. RealClearEnergy (9/13)

2 Ardagh plants earn Energy Star certification

Ardagh plants in Bridgeton, N.J., and Madera, Calif., have earned the Department of Energy's Energy Star certification, which recognizes facilities that score in the top 25% for energy efficiency nationwide. This marks the seventh consecutive year the DOE has awarded the New Jersey plant with the designation and the eighth consecutive year for the California plant. Recycling Today (9/10)

How the US can fund a better recycling system

The nation's recycling systems need capital to improve, and potential income sources include extended producer responsibility programs, surcharges on all landfill waste and the passage of more container deposit laws, writes Neil Seldman. Incentivizing the development of end-use markets with government grants is crucial to maintaining demand for recycled product, added Steve Lautze, retired director of Recycling Market Development Zones in Alameda County, Calif.  Waste360 (9/10)

S.D. community recognizes Ripple Glass

The City of Vermillion, S.D., has thanked Ripple Glass for providing recycling services since 2016. The city has recycled nearly 256 tons of glass since the partnership began. Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan (S.D.) (9/10)

Bottled water trade group backs RECYCLE Act

The International Bottled Water Association is asking members of the US House of Representatives to pass the Senate-approved Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, which includes funding for the RECYCLE Act. The latter aims to assist communities with upgrading their recycling infrastructure and educate consumers about recycling do's and don'ts.  Waste Advantage Magazine (9/9)

Calif. lawmakers advance recycling labeling bill

California lawmakers have advanced a plastics labeling bill to Gov. Gavin Newsom for approval. The bill seeks to limit the use of recycling symbols on plastic packaging. The New York Times (9/8)

O-I, Glass sets new sustainability goals

O-I, Glass has released its 2021 Sustainability Report, which reveals the company has added new goals for recycled content and renewable energy as well as achieving zero waste by 2030 to its sustainability plan. "We enhanced matters, from our approach to governance and management of sustainability to the number of initiatives and quantitative goals," said CEO Andres Lopes. Glass International (9/8)

Ark. city moves closer to building recycling center

A $5 million recycling transfer station has been approved by the planning commission in Springdale, Ark. Household and construction waste will be delivered to the facility by Cards Recycling, and Cards staff will prepare the recycling for sale by sorting it from the waste.  Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (Little Rock) (9/8)

How Heinz Glas has blazed sustainability trail

German fragrance and cosmetics container producer Heinz Glas leans into sustainability with its glass-making process, said sales manager Yolande Guillemot. "We are far ahead on this subject, as we have had an electric oven since 1972, and we have only purchased green electricity since 2016," explained Guillemot. Premium Beauty News (9/7)

N.C. small-batch water bottler targets plastic waste

North Carolina-based beverage startup Boomerang Water has collaborated with O-I, Glass to create custom-designed glass water bottles for its water delivery service. Boomerang sanitizes and refills its glass containers onsite at larger businesses and via a subscription service for smaller businesses and members of the public to reduce plastic waste.  The Business Journals (9/7) 

Baralan adds to glass beauty container line

Cosmetics container producer Baralan has expanded its Olivia collection of glass fragrance and skin care bottles by adding the 100 Super-Weight variety, the line's largest size to date. The bottles feature rounded edges and a heavier base. Cosmetics Business (9/7)

USW workforce, Anchor Glass highlighted at Okla. Labor Day event

Parade attendees at Henryetta, Okla.'s Labor Day celebration -- recognized as the state's longest-running -- acknowledged several long-standing industries in and around the city at this weekend's event. The parade float for the United Steelworkers' (USW) Local 48M, representing the hourly workforce at the Anchor Glass Container plant in Henryetta, was remarked on by attendees as one of the many deep-rooted businesses. KFOR-TV (Oklahoma City) (9/6)

O-I, Glass saves energy with new air compressor system

O-I, Glass has installed a centralized computer system that controls the air compressors at four French plants, resulting in a cost savings of roughly $290,000 due to energy use efficiencies. "In addition, we have increased the visibility of the network with all the necessary information on a single screen," said Jean-Paul Arquilliere, ETN manager at O-I Veauche. Glass International (9/6)

Absolut introduces updated packaging

Absolut Vodka is rolling out a new bottle design -- for the first time in over 40 years -- in the US this month and expanding worldwide. Changes include a paper label with the original distillery's address, while the packaging will retain its shape and clear glass.  The Drinks Report (U.K.) (9/6)

Encirc to increase wine filling capacity

UK glass container producer Encirc is set to grow its wine filling capabilities by 75 million liters, marking "one of the most significant increases in UK filling capacity in the industry for many years," said Adrian Curry, Encirc's managing director. Encirc delivered more than 400 million bottles of wine and carbonates to European and UK retailers last year. Glass International (9/1)

Conn. towns to improve glass recycling via drop-off site

The Housatonic Resources Recovery Authority, which serves 13 western Connecticut communities, is aiming to reduce glass recycling contamination by asking residents to remove food-grade glass containers from curbside bins. The authority is directing people to a public drop-off bin for glass recycling instead.  Waste360 (9/1)

GPI provides update on glass container imports, tariff outlook

The Glass Packaging Institute provides a broad overview and outlines the trends connected to glass containers imported into the US. In addition, the association is following a potential tariff exclusion request re-opening, which is currently included in broad, US-Senate approved Chinese security legislation, writes Scott DeFife, GPI president. GPI supported the tariffs imposed on imported Chinese glass containers, and notes an import shift to other countries since their implementation.  Glass Worldwide (Sept./Oct. 2021)

O-I, Glass exec: How GPI champions industry causes

The Glass Packaging Institute is having a positive impact on the industry by working with decision-makers at every level of government to improve the nation's glass recycling infrastructure and create more end markets for recycled glass, said Tim Connors, managing director of O-I, Glass Americas North and GPI board chairman. "The challenge now, and in the future, is to ensure that the real, tangible and sustainable benefits of glass are not lost in the noise of single-attribute claims and misinformation," said Connors.  Glass Worldwide (Sept./Oct. 2021)

Toothpaste brand seeks glass packaging partners

Singapore-based startup Noice Care is seeking glass packaging partners closer to its US and UK markets for its line of natural charcoal toothpaste packaged in refillable glass containers. "Functionally, [glass] is a robust material that is conducive to reuse, and it can stand by itself, which gives it a nice appearance and makes it easier to display on the retail shelf," said Noice CEO Morgane Soret. Packaging World (8/31)

Pa. county to buy new glass recycling bins

The Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority in Pennsylvania has approved grant funding for new glass recycling bins in the area. The county is also considering partnering with O-I, Glass on a glass recycling program because the partnership could lower costs because glass materials would not have to be manually sorted by color, according to David Gordon, board chair of the authority. Courier Express/Tri-County (DuBois, Pa.) (8/30)

Strategic Materials VP on need for glass recycling

Laura Hennemann, vice president of marketing & communications at Strategic Materials, dispels myths about glass recycling in this podcast episode. Hennemann also explains why the demand for recycled glass is growing. Talk To Me Green (8/30)

Glass bottles key to Fetzer's sustainability playbook

Using lighter-weight glass bottles that contain recycled content is vital to California winery Fetzer Vineyards' commitments to improving the environment, said Jessica Baum, Fetzer's director of regenerative development and sustainability. "Glass is endlessly recyclable, never degrades and reduces use of raw materials," added Baum.  BollyInside (8/30)

UK grocer pilots refillable glass milk bottles

UK grocer Morrisons says consumers are responding well to a pilot program that replaces plastic milk containers with refillable glass bottles. The program is projected to remove 40,000 plastic milk containers per year from the stores. Packaging News (U.K.) (8/29)

Va. county's glass drop-off program "wildly successful"

The purple drop-off bin network for glass recycling in Fairfax County, Va., has proven "wildly successful," said county supervisor Pat Herrity. The county has recycled nearly 14,000 tons of glass since the program started in 2019. Connection Newspapers (Alexandria, Va.) (8/26) 

2M Resources restores glass recycling in Mass. community

The Grafton and Upton Railroad company is working with Quebec-based recycling firm 2M Resources to return glass recycling to Hopedale, Mass., three years after glass recycling ended in the state. After trucks deliver glass containers to the Hopedale railyard, 2M processes the glass at its new facility for shipment by rail to out-of-state recycling operations. Milford Daily News (Mas.) (8/25)

Arglass plant supports job growth in Valdosta, Ga.

The metro area of Valdosta, Ga., has ranked ninth out of roughly 400 US metro areas for job growth during a 10-month period last year, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. A ranking of the top 10 US job growth areas published by Business Facilities magazine noted the completion of the Arglass Yamamura glass production facility in Valdosta contributed to the job growth.  Valdosta Today (8/25)

2M Resources restores glass recycling in Mass. community

The Grafton and Upton Railroad company is working with Quebec-based recycling firm 2M Resources to return glass recycling to Hopedale, Mass., three years after glass recycling ended in the state. After trucks deliver glass containers to the Hopedale railyard, 2M processes the glass at its new facility for shipment by rail to out-of-state recycling operations. Milford Daily News (Mas.) (8/25)

Break Free's bottle provisions may become standalone bill

Proponents for a national bottle bill are moving to separate language from the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act regarding a bottle bill and use that language to draft new, standalone legislation. The National Stewardship Action Council and other pro-bottle bill groups have stated a separate bottle bill has a better chance of passage.  Waste Dive (8/25)

Anheuser-Busch to feature How2Recycle info on-label

Anheuser-Busch is the first beer company to join the Sustainable Packaging Coalition's How2Recycle labeling program with Bud Light products to start featuring the label this summer and the entire Anheuser-Busch portfolio to follow. "To achieve a truly sustainable supply chain, we need to ensure that our packaging is not only produced sustainably but that our consumers are educated and inspired to join us in this commitment and help to create a more circular future for us all," said Angie Slaughter, Anheuser-Busch's vice president of sustainability procurement.  Recycling Today (8/24) 

Tech improves efficiency, safety in recycling collection

Technological advancements such as GPS, automated trucks and digitally collected data have significantly changed the recycling and waste collection industry, resulting in improved worker safety and more efficient operations, explained Michael Fernandez, director of the Miami-Dade County Department of Solid Waste Management. Technology has also played a vital role in curbing illegal dumping, added Kisha Murray, manager of Miami-Dade's Code Enforcement Division.  Waste360 (8/24)

Vetropack H1 glass container sales up 23%

Demand for glass beverage containers such as mineral water, soft drink and beer bottles drove a 23% increase in European glass packaging producer Vetropack Group's first-half sales. Demand is expected to remain high for the second half, but prices will need to increase due to rising supply chain costs, according to a Vetropack statement. Glass International (8/24)

When it's time for a package redesign

Products might be due for updated packaging if the product itself has changed or if packaging needs to redefine a brand as it scales, writes packaging consultant Sterling Anthony. Other reasons include changes in regulatory mandates, the need to cut costs or align with technological shifts or a desire to boost a product's sustainability, adds Anthony.  Packaging World (8/23)

DeFife: MRF certification boosts quality cullet supply

The Glass Recycling Coalition's certification process for material recovery facilities encourages MRFs to reduce contamination and meet demand from end users for high-quality recycled glass, said Scott DeFife, president of the Glass Packaging Institute. "The glass has value, it's the contamination that comes along with it that is taking the value of that material down," said DeFife.  WasteDive (8/20)

Andersen assumes CEO role at Tomra

Tove Andersen has begun her tenure as the first female CEO and president at Tomra, a producer of reverse vending machines for beverage containers. "What especially excites me is that it is a technology-based business which is purpose-led and delivering on a truly global scale," said Anderson.  Recycling International (8/19) 

Genesis Alkali contractor donates to Wyo. school kids

Steel construction company Peterson Beckner Industries donated 160 backpacks filled with school supplies to the Sweetwater County School District #2 in Wyoming. The company is working on a $350 million project at the Genesis Alkali facility located in the county.  Green River Star (Wyo.) (8/19)

N.C. county, Strategic Materials partner to recycle glass

Glass collected for recycling in Jackson County, N.C., is delivered to Strategic Materials in Raleigh for processing after it's sorted. The end product is used by manufacturers of insulation, reflective paint and other products.  The Sylva Herald (N.C.) (8/18)

Recyclers should offer benefits to overcome labor shortage

Offering lucrative benefits from day one is key to helping recycling operations entice candidates in a tight labor market, said Brent Hildebrand, vice president of recycling for Ontario-based GFL Environmental, and other panelists at the 2021 Resource Recycling Conference. Bi-monthly job fairs have proved successful for Atlanta, Ga., said Kanika Greenlee, who oversees the city's garbage and recycling collection.  Resource Recycling (8/17)

La. nonprofit uses parties to promote glass repurposing

Louisiana-based Glass Act Recycling is encouraging people to find new uses for glass bottles by hosting parties where the containers are crushed into smaller pieces. The organization is raising money to buy a larger crushing machine and hopes to start collecting glass containers for recycling.  The Town Talk (Alexandria, La.) (8/15)

Compostable products aren't quite as advertised

Plates, cups and food containers made of polylactic acid are widely labeled as compostable, but few facilities in the US are able to break them down, writes Lauren Leffer. PLA is easily confused with regular plastic and often winds up mixed in with plastic recycling, causing contamination, according to industry experts. Popular Science (8/14)

Heinz-Glas sees production rebound, enters new markets

Germany's Heinz-Glas has bounced back in the first half of this year, with production returning to pre-pandemic levels. The glassmaker is also branching out into areas such as skin care, spirits and home fragrance, and the company is making gains in India, Poland, China and Brazil. Glass International (8/13)

Maine EPR law won't hurt businesses, supporters say

Maine's new Extended Producer Responsibility law likely will not impose a big financial burden on most affected companies, as larger ones are likely to bear most of the cost, according to Sarah Nichols, director of the Natural Resources Council of Maine's Sustainable Maine program. Rob Tod, founder of Portland-based Allagash Brewing Co., also supports the law, calling it "one effective way to address the urgent issue of waste."  Mainebiz (8/13)

French designer branches out into wine with rose bottle

French designer Pierre Yovanovitch has created his first wine bottle for a rose from Commanderie de Peyrassol. "The bottle design reflects the architecture of the Commanderie de Peyrassol estate and serves as a homage to the natural tones and colors of the South of France," Yovanovitch said. Wallpaper (8/13)

Fla. mayor: Infrastructure funds should include recycling

Congress should add funding for recycling system improvements to infrastructure legislation because current materials recovery facilities can't handle the number of recyclables being generated, writes St. Petersburg, Fla., Mayor Rick Kriseman. Such funding could pay for "updated recycling equipment and technologies that would improve the sorting and processing of these materials," Kriseman writes. RealClearPolicy (8/13)

REDUCE Act would tax virgin plastic in single-use items

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, D-R.I., has introduced the Rewarding Efforts to Decrease Unrecycled Contaminants in Ecosystems Act, which would impose a 10-cents-per-pound tax in 2022 on virgin plastic resin used in beverage containers and other single-use products. The tax would increase to 15 cents in 2023 and 20 cents in 2024. ICIS News (U.K.) (8/13)

New COO named at Heinz-Glas

Christian Froba has been appointed chief operating officer at Heinz-Glas. Froba most recently worked at Bucher Emhart Glass and is on the advisory board of the Research Association of the German Glass Industry. Glass International (8/12)

Senate passes bipartisan infrastructure bill

The Senate has voted 69-30 to pass a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill that has $550 billion in new spending for transportation, broadband and other utility projects. The Senate has also passed along party lines a resolution to proceed with a $3.5 trillion proposal focused on social initiatives. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500 hit record highs Tuesday. Both bills now proceed to the House, which is expected to return the week of Aug. 23. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has said the $3.5 trillion package must be passed before the House will vote on the infrastructure bill. The Wall Street Journal (8/11)

Recycling Partnership to open framework to public input

The Recycling Partnership will accept public comment on its Pathway to Circularity Recyclability Framework beginning Thursday and continuing for 30 days. The framework aims to help packaging producers make their products more recyclable and sustainable to foster a circular system.  Recycling Today (8/11)

Public to help decide future of Conn.'s bottle bill

Connecticut's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is accepting public comments through Aug. 27 regarding how the state should adopt its recently updated bottle bill. The new bill is expected to increase the number of redemption centers in the state now that retail and redemption center handling fees and bottle deposits are higher. WTNH - TV (New Haven, Conn.) (8/9)

How exactly will Maine's EPR law work?

Sydney Harris, policy and programs manager at the Product Stewardship Institute, explains the consumer brands industry will primarily represent the producers in Maine's recently passed extended producer responsibility law, and the fees imposed on producers will incentivize the use of recyclable packaging. In addition to reimbursing municipalities for recycling costs, EPR fees may eventually fund recycling infrastructure upgrades and education, said Harris. GreenBiz (8/9)

Ore. joins Maine in requiring packaging EPR

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown has signed legislation creating an extended producer responsibility program for companies that make packaging, foodservice items and paper products. Oregon is the second state to enact such a law, following Maine. The Oregonian (Portland, Ore.) (8/9)

How businesses can assist EPA with 50% recycling goal

This episode of the NothingWasted! podcast features the "Implementing a National Vision for Recycling" session from the recent WasteExpo event that examined ways the Environmental Protection Agency can meet its goal of increasing the US recycling rate to 50% by 2030. Panel members discussed the need to build end markets for recycled content and make EPR programs workable for producers, as well as which pandemic-related impacts on the recycling industry are likely permanent. Waste360 (8/9)

Kan. city, Ripple Glass to pilot curbside glass pickup

Ripple Glass will conduct a six-month pilot program for curbside glass pickup in Roeland Park, Kan. The program will encompass 600 residences and help the city decide if a permanent program is warranted, said Erin Winn, assistant city administrator. Shawnee Mission Post (Prairie Village, Kan.) (8/9)

Vt. coffee shop awarded for returnable glass jar service

Oatly has awarded 1a Coffee Roasters in Wilmington, Vt., $81,300 as part of a grant program that aims to support innovative ideas regarding sustainability in the coffee industry. 1a serves coffee in returnable glass jars, and the grant will fund the purchase of roughly 12,000 new jars and a commercial dishwasher, said co-owner Chrystal Holt.  Brattleboro Reformer (Vt.) (8/8)

N. American Ardagh glass revenue up 9%

Second-quarter revenue for Ardagh Group's North American glass container division increased 9% over the same period last year due to strong demand from the spirits, beer and other beverage sectors. Ardagh's global glass packaging shipments grew 7% for the quarter. Glass International (8/6)

O-I, Glass Q2 sales up 18%

Second-quarter sales for O-I, Glass rose 18%, surpassing company expectations, said CEO Andres Lopez. Shipments in the Americas grew 17%, while a revival in bottled water demand from the hospitality industry helped boost shipments in Europe by 22%, said Lopez. Glass International (8/5)

Bucher Emhart's H1 orders grow by 75%

Bucher Emhart Glass, a Swiss-based machinery provider for the glass container industry, received nearly 75% more orders during the first half of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020. Demand is projected to keep increasing during the second half of the year, according to a company statement. Glass International (8/4)

GPI, Ardagh, Prism rescue 1.3M abandoned glass bottles

Laura Guncheon, vice president of Prism Glass Recycling owner Erie Management Group, facilitated a series of events that resulted in diverting 1.3 million empty cobalt blue wine bottles from a New York landfill. Glass Packaging Institute President Scott DeFife contacted Prism for help with processing the abandoned bottles, which eventually found a home as cullet at an Ardagh Group plant in Port Allegany, Pa. Erie Times News (Pa.) (8/4)

Heineken acquires majority stake in Indian beer producer

Heineken has expanded its stake in India's United Breweries Limited to a majority interest. Heineken considers the acquisition a "long-term growth opportunity" due to India's growing middle class and low per-capita beer consumption. Beverage Daily (France) (8/2)

PepsiCo's sustainability goals for Latin America

PepsiCo Latin America Beverages' packaging is 93% recyclable and will hit 100% by 2025, said Erick Scheel, president of the division. PepsiCo plans to increase its use of rPET while considering using reusable glass and plastic alternatives and supporting an industry-led effort in Mexico to improve recycling and "achieve a circular economy solution for packaging," said Scheel. Recycling Today (8/2)

Calif. bill would limit recycling labeling for plastics

California state Sen. Ben Allen, a Democrat, has introduced legislation to restrict which plastics can have the "chasing arrows" recycling symbol. Only plastics with codes 1 and 2 could initially be labeled with the symbol because they are more widely recycled. CALmatters (Sacramento, Calif.) (8/2)

Industries opposed to Maine's EPR law stay engaged

Some industry organizations that did not support Maine's new extended producer responsibility law plan to actively engage in the rulemaking process. "I think this is just the very start of what this program will evolve into both in Maine and around the country," said Christine Cummings, executive director of the Maine Grocers & Food Producers Association. Boston Herald/AP (8/1)

High-tech MRFs are key to recycling more glass

Materials recovery facilities that use sorting technology to separate glass from impurities and sort glass by color are vital to supplying the glass container industry with high-quality cullet, said Robert Hippert, O-I, Glass' sustainability strategy leader for manufacturing. Improving the recycled glass stream will convince more communities to collect glass, said Scott DeFife, president of the Glass Packaging Institute, which aims to help the US boost its glass recycling rate to 50% by 2030. Chemical & Engineering News (8/1)

Ardagh grant supports STEM studies in Pa. school district

A $20,000 grant from Ardagh Group will fund a pre-K to fifth-grade program called "Project Lead The Way" in Pennsylvania's Port Allegany School District for two years. The program enables elementary school kids to explore STEM subjects and teachers to expand their STEM teaching toolbox. The Bradford Era (Pa.) (7/30)

Entries welcome for Craft Spirits Packaging Awards

The Glass Packaging Institute-sponsored Craft Spirits Packaging Awards is accepting entries through Oct. 1 with winners revealed at the American Craft Spirits Association's Convention and Vendor Trade Show in December. Nine categories will be judged, including rum, gin, vodka and whiskey, as well as Best in Show and Best Portfolio.  Craft Spirits Magazine (7/30)

N.C. county sets sights on higher glass collection rate

Plans to improve recycling efforts in Mecklenburg County, N.C., include encouraging residents to take glass recycling to drop-off centers to avoid contamination in curbside bins. The county's four yellow glass bins collected nearly 180 tons of glass in 2020, and nonprofit Sustain Charlotte aims to hit 300 tons this year, according to a statement. The Charlotte Observer (N.C.) (7/28)

O-I, Glass to boost supply with recycling program

O-I, Glass is making sure all of the 17 communities where the company operates have glass collection services with its Glass for Good program. "We will collaborate with customers, NGOs, suppliers and local leaders to make glass recycling available in 100% of our locations," according to a company statement. Resource Recycling (7/27)

SMI joins O-I, Glass to support Don't Trash Glass program

Greater Chicago area bars and restaurants have access to an eight-week pilot program called Don't Trash Glass thanks to a partnership with Constellation Brands, Strategic Materials, O-I, Glass and the Glass Recycling Foundation. The Foundation invited Arizona-based recycler GlassKing to bring the program to Chicago and partner with Lakeshore Recycling Systems and SMI for recycling and processing services, demonstrating "the value of partnerships across the industry," said Scott DeFife, president of the Glass Packaging Institute and the Glass Recycling Foundation. Waste Advantage Magazine (7/26)

Waste Management exec: Sustainability business will grow

Tara Hemmer, Waste Management's first-ever chief sustainability officer, says the company wants to pursue revenue growth in areas such as organics and recycling. "Sustainability for us is really a growth strategy," Hemmer says. Waste Dive (7/26)

Polish retailer unveils returnable glass water bottles

Polish retailer Carrefour Polska has debuted a sparkling water brand available in one-liter returnable glass bottles. Consumers pay a one-time deposit fee, and the rollout aims to reduce glass waste, said Marek Lipka, Carrefour Polska's commercial director and a member of the management board. European Supermarket Magazine (7/26) 

Glass bottle deposit program a hit for Texas dairy

Andrew Volleman with Texas-based Volleman's Family Farm said selling the farm's milk in local retail in returnable glass bottles with a $2 deposit fee has proven wildly successful. "That uniqueness of the glass bottle is what consumers love -- the sustainability of it all," said Volleman. The Battalion (Texas A&M University) (7/26)

GRF honors 2 MRFs with gold certification

Two material recovery facilities have been awarded the Glass Recycling Coalition's gold-level certification: Single Stream Recyclers in Sarasota, Fla., which is owned by Texas-based Balcones Resources, and Mid America Recycling in Des Moines, Iowa. Both facilities are the first in their respective areas to earn the gold certification. Recycling Today (7/22)

Ill. city's glass drop-off bin a hit with residents

Quincy, Ill., has collected more than 20 tons of glass recycling since installing a collection bin in May. The city sells the glass to Kansas City, Mo.-based Ripple Glass. WGEM-TV (7/22) 

Label-makers prep for big wine year in Australia

A record grape harvest by Australia's wineries has wine bottle label producers preparing for a busy year. The harvest of more than 2.2 million tons of grapes marks a 31% increase over the 2020 harvest.  Print21 (Australia) (7/21)

O-I, Glass names judges for its design awards

O-I, Glass has appointed seven people representing the packaging, design and publishing industries to serve on the judges panel for its 2021 O-I: Expressions Design Awards. Designs from the five finalists will be featured on O-I, Glass' Contemporary Spirits Collection at Packaging Innovations London in September where the winner will be revealed. Glass International (7/21)

Recycle Ann Arbor joins mission-minded recycling alliance

Recycle Ann Arbor has joined the newly formed Alliance of Mission-Based Recyclers, which believes extended producer responsibility laws and reducing single-plastic use are key to creating a circular economy in the US. The alliance also aims to bridge the communication gap about recycling issues that exists between consumers and producers. MLive (Michigan) (7/20)

The Recycling Partnership adds new directors

The Recycling Partnership has announced the results of its board of directors election: six newly elected directors from a range of industries and one reelected member for a second term. The elected members join Glass Packaging Institute president Scott DeFife, who was made chair of the group's Community Engagement Committee. Recycling Today (7/20)

British Glass unveils net-zero emissions industry plan

British Glass has released a new strategy to help the glass manufacturing industry achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, which is an updated version of the 2015 decarbonization roadmap to follow the UK government's agreement to the Paris Agreement. "We are confident that the measures presented in the net-zero strategy will outline the best route to both reducing and eventually eliminating carbon emissions from our industry, but it is essential that we receive the support required from government to fulfil our ambitions," said British Glass CEO Dave Dalton. Let's Recycle (U.K.) (7/19)

State legislatures are passing waste, recycling bills

State lawmakers have achieved a significant amount of change on local waste and recycling systems so far this year, with two extended producer responsibility bills, a significant bottle bill update, a number of plastic bans and two state mandates requiring certain amounts of recycled content in packaging. "For a lot of states, this year was a campaign year or an education year for their respective legislatures, so in subsequent years they can add some meat to their strategy," said Yinka Bode-George, the National Caucus of Environmental Legislators' environmental health manager. Waste Dive (7/19)

Packaging continuity is key to online sales

The e-commerce boom means package designers need to remember the brick-and-mortar "wall of color" approach to boosting brand familiarity with consumers needs to transfer to the online experience, writes Cindy Cooperman. "[I]f you have a brand package that has a strong visual identity that your consumer connects with and possibly relies on for brand recognition, now would not be the time to change things up with your packaging color," explains Cooperman. Packaging Digest (7/16)

Conn. residents to weigh in on proposed bottle bill upgrade

Connecticut's Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will hold a public hearing to gather input on the updates to the state's container redemption program. The department hopes to identify objectives, processes, timelines and other components of implementing the bottle bill from industry stakeholders. Patch (Brookfield, Conn.) (7/16)

Recycling Infrastructure Plan calls for $16B in funding

The Recycling is Infrastructure Too Campaign has introduced its first Recycling Infrastructure Plan, which includes 50 initiatives and requests for $3.3 billion in funding for infrastructure, $3.3 billion for Infrastructure Support Policies and Programs and a total investment of $16.3 billion over three years. "Adding billions of dollars in economic activity to the American economy each year, the recycling circular economy is in its infancy, while recycling infrastructure is fractured and in need of repair much like U.S. bridges and road systems," said National Recycling Coalition president Bob Gedert. Waste Advantage Magazine (7/15)

Glass recycling bin goes on the move at Pa. county parks

Allegheny County, Pa., and the Pennsylvania Resources Council are sending a glass recycling bin to eight of the county's nine parks to serve communities that have ended curbside glass recycling. The bin will stay at a park for six days before moving on to the next one. KDKA-TV (Pittsburgh, Pa) (7/15)

Colo. materials recovery facility reopens with upgrades

Denver's Revolution Systems has announced its recyclable materials recovery facility is back in operation following a 13-week hiatus to retrofit the recycling sorting system. The facility's equipment needed to be totally remade and the new solar-powered system uses less electricity, according to Revolution Systems vice president of marketing John Crowley. The Steamboat Pilot & Today (7/15)

Texas advisory board promotes glass recycling

The Sustainable Resources Practices Advisory Board is urging Waco, Texas, residents to recycle and focus on the amount of glass waste from local businesses in an effort to focus on the city's sustainability. To help, the board is highlighting local resources like Keep Waco Beautiful, which provides free recycling bins and brings them to Cobb's Recycling Center. KXXV-TV (Waco, Texas)(7/15)

Ciner Group commits $100M to boost materials capacity

Turkish glass manufacturer and raw material supplier Ciner Group is investing $100 million to grow its soda ash capacity to meet increased demand. The investment would bring the manufacturer's current capacity of 2.7 million metric tons to 3.3 million metric tons, according to Ciner CEO Gursel Usta. Glass International (7/13)

Maine becomes first state with EPR law

Maine Gov. Janet Mills has signed the nation's first extended producer responsibility bill into law. The state's Department of Environmental Protection will begin the rulemaking process related to the bill on or before Dec. 31, 2023. The Washington Post (7/14)

Baralan releases airless glass container series

Italian cosmetics and beauty packaging producer Baralan has developed the first airless glass bottle line without an inner plastic container, creating a more sustainable packaging solution. The Developing the Evolution of Airless line offers three sizes and is said to serve as a superior option for preserving content quality. Cosmetics Business (7/12)

Biden takes action to curb unfair freight charges

An executive order signed by President Joe Biden strengthens the Federal Maritime Commission's and Department of Justice's ability to curb anti-competitive activity that has driven some freight shipping rates up 229% since last year. With US ports setting volume records monthly, American Association of Port Authorities CEO Chris Connor said, "We need to get federal dollars into America's port system so that ports can build up with more resilient infrastructure for the size of the marketplace now and into the future." Transport Topics (7/12)

N.C. county restarts glass collection

Strategic Materials is returning glass collection to Pitt County, N.C., by establishing a network of six yellow drop-off recycling containers with an additional eight containers budgeted for the next fiscal year, said John Demary, the county's director of solid waste and recycling. Curbside glass collection ended last summer due to contamination, and the glass collected by Strategic Materials will be used for new glass production. WCTI-TV (New Bern, N.C.) (7/10)

Energy-efficient furnaces depend on renewables supply

The European Union needs to significantly ramp up renewable energy production if the glass packaging industry is expected to help the EU meet its 2030 carbon-reduction goals, writes Nikolaus Kurmayer. Ardagh is building the "Furnace of the Future" in Germany in collaboration with the EU glass packaging industry, as it aims "to demonstrate that melting with 80% electricity is feasible," said Fabrice Rivet, technical director at the European Container Glass Federation. EurActiv (7/8)

Encirc to fire furnaces with hydrogen at UK plant

Encirc plans to use hydrogen as the fuel source for a UK glass bottle plant by 2025. The pivot to hydrogen may cut the plant's carbon emissions by more than 11 million tons annually and is made possible by a UK hydrogen and carbon capture and storage system called HyNet North West. Glass International (7/8)

Strategic Materials exec on glass recycling market

There's a strong end market for glass recycling with fiberglass leading demand due to the increased construction of new homes, said Curt Bucey, executive vice president at Strategic Materials, during a WasteExpo session. Bucey added material recovery centers can boost recycled glass content with system upgrades that involve costs relatively easy to recoup. Waste360 (7/8)

UK nut butter brand pivots to glass packaging

UK nut butter brand Pip & Nut is replacing its plastic packaging with glass containers made from a minimum of 50% recycled glass to improve the recyclable potential of its packaging, according to a company statement. The shift was also made to support grocery chains in the UK aiming to reduce plastic packaging in their stores. The Grocer (U.K.) (7/7)

Label firms Multi-Color Corp., Fort Dearborn Co. to merge

Label manufacturers Multi-Color Corp. and Fort Dearborn Co. are merging following the acquisition of both companies by private equity firm Clayton Dubilier & Rice. The deal is valued at roughly $6 billion and is expected to close by the end of the year. The Wall Street Journal (7/2)

Ciner Glass to build UK, Belgium plants

Glass container producer Ciner Glass Group is increasing production with greenfield sites planned for Belgium and the UK due to growing demand for beverage containers, said Didem Ciner, executive board member. The company also plans to support the development of a container deposit system in the UK to help build a circular economy and is targeting carbon-neutral production at its Belgium plant, said Ciner. Glass Worldwide (June/July 2021)

German agency presents O-I, Glass with $2.5M grant

O-I, Glass' production plant in Holzminden, Germany, has earned a nearly $2.5 million grant from the Lower Saxony Ministry of Economic Affairs, Labour, Transport, and Digitalisation for the facility's use of Modular Advanced Glass Manufacturing Asset technology. The funds will be used to construct a new manufacturing building and purchase new machinery, according to O-I, Glass. Glass International (6/30)

How supply chain sustainability builds circularity

Sustainable supply chains contribute to a circular economy when they focus on the reuse of resources, writes Chris Cunnane, research director supply chain at ARC Advisory Group. Cunnane cites the AB InBev 100+ Accelerator program as a good example of promoting supply chain circularity, as startups participating in it have diverted 1,000 tons of glass waste from landfills since the program's founding in 2018. Forbes (6/29)

EME cullet system going into Heinz-Glas plant

Cullet handling equipment supplier EME is installing a complete cullet system in a Heinz-Glas plant in Poland. The system includes a process for storing and feeding post-consumer recycled glass. Glass International (6/28)

Glass is safe, sustainable, premium packaging option

Food and beverage producers opt for glass packaging due to its safety and sustainability, writes Wouter Wargerink, general manager at uCan-Packaging. Glass containers preserve food quality without exposure to chemicals, are 100% recyclable and designate a product as premium versus products packaged in plastic or tin, writes Wargerink. FSR Magazine (6/28)

O-I, Glass plant awarded EPA's Energy Star

The EPA has awarded an O-I, Glass plant in Brockport, Pa., with the agency's Energy Star certification, meaning the facility is ranked in the top 25% of similar plants for energy efficiency. "At O-I we have set ambitious goals in our journey to become the most sustainable producer of the most sustainable rigid packaging option," said Jim Nordmeyer, global vice president of sustainability. Glass International (6/25)

Ore. set to pass EPR bill into law

An extended producer responsibility bill in Oregon is heading to Gov. Kate Brown's desk after passing a House vote. The bill's requirements include achieving recycling targets for plastic packaging and requiring packaging producers to contribute to the state's recycling costs, but wine and spirits producers could opt in to the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative's deposit system instead of the EPR program. Oregon Public Broadcasting (6/25)

N.J. lawmakers pass recycled content mandates

The New Jersey Senate has passed a bill that sets recycled content mandates for several types of glass, plastic and paper packaging and bans polystyrene packaging fill. The bill heads to the state Assembly for consideration. NJTV (New Jersey) (6/24)

GPI, partners form recycling-focused coalition

The Glass Packaging Institute has joined other industry trade associations, Closed Loop Partners, The Recycling Partnership and restaurant chains in forming a lobbying organization called Recycling Infrastructure Now. The group is advocating for increased federal investment and public-private partnerships focused on improving the nation's recycling system. Politico (6/23)

Bottle bill updates face hurdles in most states

Connecticut is the only state that has enacted an expanded container deposit bill this year, while efforts in other states have stalled out. The Glass Packaging Institute supports bottle bills partially because they generate good-quality glass for recycling. Waste Dive (6/23)

O-I, Glass, Ardagh execs to lead FEVE

The European Container Glass Federation, also known as FEVE, has appointed O-I, Glass President of Business Operations and O-I Europe Vitaliano Torno as president for a two-year term. Ardagh's CEO of Glass Packaging for Europe, Martin Petersson, has been named vice president of the organization. Glass International (6/22)

N.J. lawmakers weigh advanced recycling, PS bills

Separate bills that would encourage advanced recycling and ban the use of polystyrene packaging as well as require a certain percentage of glass, plastic and paper takeout containers use recycled content are moving through the New Jersey Legislature. The US could generate nearly $10 billion in economic output and create 38,500 new jobs by building out 260 additional advanced recycling facilities, per a 2019 report from the American Chemistry Council. NJ Spotlight (6/22)

Terminal in Shenzhen, China, still faces backlogs

The Yantian International Container Terminal in Shenzhen, China, is operating at 70% capacity after a coronavirus outbreak forced it to drop to 30%, but long wait times are expected to continue, leading to higher shipping costs. The terminal has roughly 300,000 20-foot equivalent units awaiting export. Supply Chain Dive (6/22)

Ore. county resumes container redemption

Retailers in Jackson County, Ore., who halted container redemption programs due to the coronavirus pandemic, must resume those services with the county's risk level dropping to moderate. "My office has received a number of inquiries from constituents who have been eager to recycle their bottles and cans, and who are frustrated by the closures," said state Rep. Pam Marsh. KDRV-TV (Medford, OR)  (6/21)

Ark. region seeks to learn from Ripple Glass

A study by the Northwest Arkansas Council and the Sustainability Consortium on how to move toward a circular economy included input from Kansas City, Mo.-based Ripple Glass. The company started in 2009 by building a glass processing plant and recycled more than 200,000 tons of glass in its first 10 years. Arkansas Democrat Gazette (6/20)

State grant to expand glass collection in Pa. township

A Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection grant has covered 90% of the cost for glass collection containers and capacity-monitoring equipment in Peters Township, Pa. The latter is important as the current container often overfills, leaving glass waste on the ground, said Paul Lauer, township manager. The Almanac (6/18)

GPI supports natural gas refund proposal in N.C.

The Glass Packaging Institute has joined several other industry organizations in supporting North Carolina's Protecting Natural Gas Consumers from Overcharges Act. The recently introduced bill has bipartisan support and aims to grant the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission the authority to demand a refund for consumers if an interstate natural gas provider has overcharged them. WCTI-TV (N.C.) (6/17)

Ardagh updates Odenwald jar design

Ardagh Group has released redesigned jars for Germany-based Odenwald fruit sauces that feature a wider opening, bowl-like shape and embossed elements that allow for less product waste and an easier grasp. The new design is a result of consumer feedback and encourages consumers to reuse the jars, according to Mirco Bastiani, head of marketing at Odenwald parent company Andros. Packaging Europe (6/16)

Glass collection returns to Ga. city thanks to 2 teens

Ella Katekovich and Jeslyn Guo are high school students in Milton, Ga., who spearheaded the return of glass recycling to their community by reaching out to Strategic Materials. Strategic Materials has agreed to place a glass collection bin in Milton's Bell Memorial Park and collect the glass at no charge. The Marietta Daily Journal (Ga.) (6/16)

E. & J. Gallo begins to build $423M S.C. distribution center

E. & J. Gallo Winery, the nation's biggest winemaker, is about to begin construction on a $423 million bottling and distribution center in South Carolina's Chester County. The facility will serve as the center of Gallo's East Coast operations, and will eventually feature tasting rooms where customers can sample wines. The Associated Press (6/15)

Reloop circular packaging program is coming to the US

Global nonprofit Reloop is bringing its collaborative approach to creating a circular economy to the US with its first US initiative to focus on plastic packaging. Reloop brings together governments, environmental groups and industry to focus on five areas related to packaging circularity: collecting, sorting, bottle bills, reuse and recycled content. Waste360 (6/15)

Transportation issues disrupt glass supply from China

California-based Encore Glass cites supply chain disruptions in China related to skyrocketing shipping costs and transportation bottlenecks as reasons for the glass import challenges in the US, according to Bradley Tucker, Encore's vice president of sales. "Even if you can get glass out of China, the [shipping] container rates increased by four times, that is if you can get a container," said Tucker.  North Bay Business Journal (Santa Rosa, Calif.) (6/14)

Proposed Maine EPR bill would benefit environment

Lawmakers in Maine are considering the passage of the first extended producer responsibility bill in the US that would shift the state's recycling costs to container producers. If passed, the bill would encourage producers to develop more sustainable packaging options, said Sarah Nichols, director of Sustainable Maine for the Natural Resources Council of Maine. The Washington Post (6/14)

2021 is already a good year for recycling legislation

Lawmakers across the US have been busy with waste and recycling legislation during the first six months of the year with Colorado passing a bill that bans plastic bags and foam containers, and Connecticut approving a bill that doubles its container deposit fees and expands its bottle bill to cover new container types. Washington has passed a minimum recycled content bill, and Maryland has passed legislation that aims to increase access to recycling end markets. Waste Dive (6/14)

Wiegand-Glas fuels bottle production with biomethane

Germany's Wiegand-Glas will meet a client's desire for "greener" glass bottles that are made with biomethane by working with biomethane producer bmp greengas of Munich. Biomethane is a renewable methane gas sourced from municipal waste sites. Glass International Online (6/11)

R.I. is overdue for bottle bill

Rhode Island should take note of Connecticut's recent upgrade to its bottle bill by passing legislation of its own, writes Westerly resident Jay Lustgarten. A bottle bill would help Rhode Island -- also known as the Ocean State -- cut down on waste being put into the ocean, writes Lustgarten. The Westerly Sun (R.I.) (6/10)

Tomra appoints industry vet as regional director

Tomra Recycling has named Ty Rhoad, a recycling and waste industry veteran, as its Regional Director of the Americas. "Tomra is at the forefront of the circular economy working toward closing the loop, and I see tremendous growth potential for our industry-leading sorting technologies in the Americas," said Rhoad. Recycling Today (6/10)

Wine wholesalers offer returnable bottle programs

Gotham Project and Good Goods are wine wholesalers pioneering the sale of wine in returnable, refillable glass bottles to shrink the products' environmental footprint. Good Goods CEO Zach Lawless has found offering retail consumers store credit versus a small deposit significantly improved the return rate. The New York Times (6/10)

Glass recycling returns to 3 Pa. communities

The Pennsylvania Resources Council has helped install a permanent glass recycling bin next to the municipal building in O'Hara, Pa. The bin will help compensate for the loss of curbside pickup services for glass recycling in O'Hara and two neighboring towns. Trib Total Media (Tarentum, Pa.) (6/10)

AB InBev creates lightest beer bottle in the world

AB InBev has reduced the weight of its standard beer bottle by 30 grams, producing what it calls the lightest beer bottle in the world. The new design will reduce the company's carbon footprint by 17% for each bottle once it hits the market. Beverage Daily (France) (6/7)

British Glass opposes UK deposit program

Manufacturer British Glass is concerned a proposed Deposit Return Scheme in the UK will prevent the country's glass packaging industry from achieving its closed loop goal of recycling 80% of glass containers for reuse in new container production. The proposal fails to set specific targets, which will likely result in the glass collected going to construction aggregate production versus the glass container industry, according to British Glass. Packaging News (UK) (6/7)

Grant to boost recycling collection in Milwaukee

A $649,000 grant from The Recycling Partnership has allowed the city of Milwaukee, Wis., to distribute 18,600 wheeled recycling carts and recycling information to residents. "The Recycling Partnership is honored to partner with the City of Milwaukee, with support from Dow, PepsiCo Foundation and Rehrig Pacific to continue our work to promote and transform curbside recycling nationwide," said Jill Martin, The Recycling Partnership's director of community programs. Milwaukee Independent (6/7)

Calif. Senate passes 2 bills targeting glass recycling

The California Senate has passed two bills that aim to boost glass collection and recycling. SB 451 adds spirits and wine bottles to the state's recycling program and expands glass collection while SB 38 would require beverage distributors to establish a stewardship organization that would help collect and recycle beverage containers. KABC-TV (Los Angeles) (6/6)

Conn. lawmakers OK new bottle bill with 10-cent deposit

The Connecticut General Assembly has approved a bill that doubles the state's container deposit to 10 cents and extends it to different ones including tea, coffee, kombucha, juice, sports and energy drinks, as well as plant-infused beverages. The bill also imposes a 5-cent surcharge on single-serving alcohol bottles known as nips. NBC-CT (Conn.) (6/3)

Glass Futures to host hydrogen furnace conference

Glass industry nonprofit Glass Futures is presenting the Hydrogen in Glassmaking virtual conference next week. The sessions will examine the environmental benefits of transitioning to hydrogen as a glass furnace fuel source. Glass International Online (6/3)

Tiama Inspection purchases Vimec

Vimec, a Dutch company specializing in inspection solutions for the pharmaceutical glass industry, has been acquired by Tiama Inspection Worldwide, a France-based inspection and quality control provider for glass packaging manufacturers. The deal is expected to help scale Vimec into a global company. Glass International Online (6/3)

Maine EPR bill clears committee vote

The Environment and Natural Resources legislative committee in Maine has approved an extended producer responsibility bill that would enable the state's Department of Environmental Protection to set recycling fees that distributors must pay to assist with beverage container recycling. The bill now heads to the state Senate and House for a possible vote, but some industry associations contend the bill is poorly drafted and fails to advance proven recycling solutions. Resource Recycling (6/2)

2022 EPA budget plan includes recycling system funding

President Joe Biden's proposed budget to fund the federal government in fiscal 2022 seeks a record $11.2 billion in spending for the Environmental Protection Agency, including $10 million for the Sea Our Seas 2.0 Act's Solid Waste Infrastructure for Recycling pilot grant initiative. The proposal also aims to establish an assistant administrator of environmental justice position at the EPA. Waste Dive (6/2)

GRC awards 2 Texas MRFs with gold certification

Two material recovery facilities owned by FCC Environmental Services in Dallas and Houston, Texas, have earned gold-level certification from the Glass Recycling Coalition. "As this certification grows, it is evident that more MRFs are seeing the value in offering processes and technology to clean up the glass," said Scott DeFife, president of GRC and the Glass Packaging Institute. "Glass is a core recyclable and residents want to recycle it and end markets are eager for this material."  Recycling Today (6/1)

O-I, Glass: How to forge instant consumer connections

Participants in the (Un)Conscious Stories webinar hosted by O-I, Glass explained brands need to choose design elements that have meaning to consumers and convey a story that connects with people on an emotional level in seven seconds or less. "Brands that are able to do that are dramatically changing their ability to influence shoppers," said Arnaud Aujouannet, senior vice president and chief sales and marketing officer at O-I, Glass.  Glass International Online (6/1)

TikTok users extol glass jars for produce storage

A video posted on social media platform TikTok by Steph Gigliotti has gained more than 7.4 million views for demonstrating how storing strawberries in glass jars keeps them fresh for weeks. One TikTok user commented on the video explaining they store all their fresh produce in glass jars for easy meal prep. Newsweek (6/1)

The case for Conn.'s bottle bill overhaul

The Connecticut Senate needs to pass legislation that aims to update the state's bottle bill by doubling the five-cent redemption rate, increasing handling fees and accepting more types of beverage containers, writes Kevin Budris, staff attorney for the Zero Waste Project at the Conservation Law Foundation. These measures will increase redemption rates, lower costs for communities and reduce the state's reliance on trash incinerators, which disproportionately pollute communities of color, writes Budris. The Connecticut Mirror (5/28)

Stoelzle aims to boost B2B service with new website

Stoelzle Glass Group's digital transformation includes a new website that enables clients to access product information and submit queries regarding the group's four business units: Consumer Food and Beverages, Spirits, Pharma and Perfumery & Cosmetics. The group has also unveiled a refreshed YouTube channel featuring videos about glass container production and other industry-related topics.  Glass International Online (5/27)

O-I, Glass to pilot glass collection in Va. county

O-I, Glass is donating glass drop-off bins and a storage bunker to James City County, Va., to help boost glass collection and reduce contamination. An O-I, Glass plant in Toano, Va., will process the glass collected by the pilot program into cullet. Williamsburg Yorktown Daily (Williamsburg, Va.)(5/27)

Wash. glass recycler vies for $10K grant

Seattle Good Business has named the Ellensburg Glass Recycling Cooperative a finalist in a $10,000 grant competition. The nominating process has required the Washington-based nonprofit to create a marketing campaign that will benefit it in the future when procuring customers for its recycled glass content, said Suzanne Noble, cooperative member. Daily Record (Ellensburg, Wash.) (5/26)

Urban Mining CT turns glass waste into opportunity

Urban Mining CT has capitalized on the US' large-scale glass waste disposal challenges by developing Pozzotive -- a pozzolan cement replacement made with postconsumer recycled glass. The company says the manufacturing process for the material is compatible with almost every type of glass.  Westfair Communications (White Plains, N.Y.) (5/24)

Update to Iowa's bottle bill fails to pass

The Iowa legislature has ended its latest session without passing a change to the state's bottle bill. The proposal would have allowed retailers the right to refuse redeemable containers if a redemption center was located nearby.   Explore Okoboji (5/24)

How to repair flawed US recycling system

The US recycling system is broken and fixing it requires changes to the collection, processing and marketing of recycling, according to a report from Columbia University's Earth Institute. "This means improving the technology for sorting and recovering materials, incorporating more recycled material into products, getting these products into the marketplace and creating demand for them," the report stated. The Dallas Morning News (5/23)

Why Va. needs a bottle bill

Virginia lawmakers should craft bottle bill legislation, as states with these bills recycle up to 90% of their beverage container waste, reduce roadside litter and supply the glass container industry with much-needed cullet, writes Rick Galliher, president of the Virginia Bottle Bill Organization. Galliher adds the Glass Packaging Institute and other industry organizations support a bottle bill in Virginia. Richmond Times-Dispatch (Va.) (5/22)

Saverglass downsizes its carbon footprint

Saverglass, a premium glass bottle manufacturer in France, lowered its scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions from 2009 to 2019 by 11%, according to its 2020-2021 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, and the company is aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050. "[W]e have identified two priority lines of action. The first is to have effective measurement and management of emissions related to our industrial activity," said Saverglass CEO Jean-Marc Arrambourg. "We also expect to take action against our greenhouse gas emissions."  Glass International Online (5/21)

O-I, Glass to finish $36M Spanish plant overhaul

O-I, Glass is spending nearly $36.6 million to renovate a plant in Seville, Spain, with completion expected in July. The project includes a furnace rebuild to improve the plant's energy efficiency and an expansion in production capacity. Glass International Online (5/21)

Encirc ad agency grows global B2B portfolio

Armstrong, a UK-based business-to-business marketing agency, is expanding its global account portfolio and staff. Two of Armstrong's clients are glass manufacturers Encirc and Bucher Emhart Glass. Business Up North (U.K.)(5/20)

Glass Futures nears innovation facility construction

UK-based Glass Futures, a research and technology nonprofit, appears set to receive site approval for the construction of a glass innovation center in St Helens, UK. The center will develop new methods and technologies to improve the sustainability of glass production. Glass International Online (5/20)

Nonprofit brings glass collection to Mont. community

Missoula, Mont.-based nonprofit Recycling Works is extending its curbside glass collection services to the city of Lolo. The nonprofit is considering serving additional communities, as its transfer station can contain up to 500,000 pounds of glass. KPAX-TV (Missoula, Mont.) (5/20)

Stoelzle to ramp up spirits bottle production in US

Stoelzle Glass Group is a specialty glass container producer for luxury markets that plans to shift more of the production at its new US plant in Pennsylvania to spirits bottles, said CEO Georg Feith. The move will help Stoelzle meet growing US demand for "super-premium" spirits bottles that are currently primarily imported from Europe and Mexico, said Feith.  Glass Online (5/20)

UN names 2022 as the International Year of Glass

The UN General Assembly has voted to designate 2022 as the International Year of Glass. Events celebrating the designation next year will include museum exhibits, an opening glass conference in Geneva and the Glass Expo in China.  Glass International Online (5/19)

O-I, Glass ups recycled material goal

O-I, Glass aims to improve the sustainability of its portfolio by increasing its recycled glass content to an average of 50% by 2030. The current amount of recycled glass content in O-I, Glass' containers averages 38%.  Glass International Online (5/19)

Saverglass announces its commitment to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050

GPI Member company Saverglass released their Corporate Social Responsibility Report highlighting progress around its commitments to protecting the environment, developing its employees, and acting for society while outlining its goals for the next decades. Wine Industry Advisor (5/19)

Recycling Partnership proposes $17B system overhaul

A report from The Recycling Partnership finds investing $17 billion in the US recycling system over the next five years would increase recycling rates to roughly 70%. The report specifies that $6 billion should be allocated to educational programs while $11 billion would be needed for equipment and infrastructure improvements to build equitable recycling access across the US. Resource Recycling (5/18)

Group proposes alternative to Conn. 10-cent nips fee bill

In a letter, spirits industry wholesalers and suppliers have proposed an alternative to Connecticut's proposed 10-cent deposit fee for 50-ml bottles, also known as nips. The group is encouraging the state legislature to consider a five-cent "eco fee" that wholesalers would pay to municipalities for each nip sale, regardless of if the mini bottle is returned. CT News Junkie (Conn.) (5/17)

Heinz-Glas commissions $18M electric furnace

Heinz-Glas has installed an approximately $18.3 million electric furnace in its glass production plant in Kleintettau, Germany. The furnace is capable of producing opal glass, perfumery glass and clear glass with a high content of cullet. Glass International Online (5/14)

Why beauty brands should consider glass packaging

As the beauty industry strives to become more sustainable, it should consider packaging options such as refillable containers and glass, writes Cary Lin, CEO of skin care brand Common Heir. Glass is infinitely recyclable and is processed 31% of the time, compared to plastic's average recycling rate of 9%, writes Lin. Glossy (tiered subscription) (5/14)

O-I, Glass names new board chair

John Walker is replacing Carol Williams as Independent Board Chair at O-I, Glass. CEO Andres Lopez thanked Williams, who will continue to serve on the board, for her "tireless dedication," adding, "John has made significant contributions to our board over the last two years." Glass International Online (5/14)

GPI dispels glass recycling myths for communities

The Glass Packaging Institute has produced a flyer entitled "Questions Municipal Recycling Leaders Should Ask About Glass Recycling" to inform communities about opportunities related to end markets. "This new flyer is the first of many resources that GPI will provide to municipal leaders to clarify the misinformation and limited options frequently presented to them during contract negotiations, which leave the impression that eliminating glass is the only way to sustain their recycling programs," said GPI president Scott DeFife. Recycling Today (5/14)

Tomra's new CEO to assume role in Nov.

Tomra, a recycling sorting systems company based in Norway that provides reverse vending machines and operates processing facilities in the US, has appointed Tove Andersen as CEO effective Nov. 1. "I've seen the great work that Tomra is doing to enable the circular economy while also ensuring resource responsibility and minimizing waste across the food, recycling and mining industries," said Andersen, who currently serves as an executive vice president, Europe for chemical company Yara International. Recycling Today Online (5/11)

How wine, glassmakers cut transportation emissions

Bryn Mawr Vineyards in Oregon has improved its environmental impact by shifting its source for glass bottles to an Energy Star-certified Ardagh plant in Seattle, Wash., from a supplier in France, said Rachel Rose, winemaker and vineyard manager at Bryn Mawr. French bottle manufacturer Saverglass is opening more plants worldwide to reduce its transportation-related emissions. Liquor (5/11)

O-I, Glass debuts Drinktainer, premium spirits bottle set

O-I, Glass has rolled out the Contemporary Collection in Europe, a premium spirits line featuring three bottle designs with each available in thick-bottom and lighter-weight styles. The company has also released the Drinktainer, a single-serve bottle designed with a wider mouth to mimic the on-premise drinking occasion in an off-premise setting. The Drinks Report (U.K.) (5/11)

N.Y. legislators approve hotel single-use toiletry ban

Lawmakers in New York have passed legislation banning single-use plastic toiletry bottles that are 12 ounces or smaller in the state's hotels and motels starting in 2024. The state's hospitality industry will likely transition to refillable containers, writes Nicole Axworthy. VegNews (5/10)

Toothpaste brand uses glass containers to shrink footprint

Packaging solutions that help consumers live more sustainably include the refillable glass containers used by the Bite toothpaste tablet brand. "I think with customers realizing that they do have the power to make these changes, it's going to push the entire industry in a more sustainable direction," said Bite founder Lindsay McCormick. Bloomberg (5/8)

Conn. Senate considers bottle bill upgrade

A bill in the Connecticut Senate aims to make the state's bottle bill more effective by doubling the deposit fee, covering a wider range of container types and increasing the handling fees paid to redemption centers. Proponents of the bill believe these changes will reduce litter and increase recycling. New Haven Independent (Conn.) (5/5)

PepsiCo introduces nonresidential recycling program

PepsiCo's new BottleLoop program aims to increase the recycled plastic supply by distributing bins for beverage containers to schools, stores, restaurants and other nonresidential locations and collecting the recycling. The program accepts all beverage containers and offers data analysis from software firm Replenysh to help customers "achieve their sustainability ambitions, and work toward our own recycled content goals," said Tim Carey, vice president of sustainability at PepsiCo Beverages North America. Plastics Recycling Update (5/5)
Glass packaging is a superior choice for home food storage, as its inertness keeps food fresher longer and its all-natural composition doesn't taint the food, writes Georgina Wilson-Powell. Glass is also endlessly recyclable, and producers have developed lighter-weight glass for containers, reducing their carbon footprint, adds Wilson-Powell. Pebble Magazine (5/4)

Report: Federal bottle bill would cut container waste

A national bottle bill in the US would decrease the number of containers each person sends to landfills annually from 426 to 67, reducing total annual container waste by roughly 117 billion containers, according to a report from bottle bill advocacy group Reloop. Federal legislation was introduced to Congress this March that includes a nationwide bottle bill. Resource Recycline (5/4)

Iowa House advances upgrade to bottle bill

An Iowa House committee has approved an update to the state's bottle bill that doubles the handling fee for redemption centers and ramps up the bill's enforcement. House Republicans aim to advance the legislation further, according to Rep. Jacob Bossman. Muscatine Journal (Iowa) (5/4) 

O-I, Glass establishes recycling program in Va. county

O-I, Glass is bringing its Glass for Good program to James City County, Va., where the company will install glass drop-off bins, collect the glass for use at a nearby plant and donate the value of the collected glass to local charities. "This is going to be an outstanding program for our community," said Michael Hipple, county board of supervisors chair. The Virginia Gazette (Williamsburg) (5/3) 

Ill. city resumes glass recycling

Glass recycling has returned to Quincy, Ill., with the installation of a glass collection bin in the city. The glass is recycled and processed by Kansas City-based Ripple Glass. The Quincy Herald-Whig (Ill.) (5/1)

Ardagh Q1 revenue grows 9%

Year-over-year first-quarter revenue for Ardagh Group grew 9% due, in part, to an increase in glass container shipments. Ardagh is expecting growth to accelerate in the second quarter, and the company is "well-placed to deliver further growth over the course of the year," said chairman and CEO Paul Coulson. Packaging Gateway (UK) (4/30)

GPI's 50% recycling plan requires public-private teamwork

The Glass Packaging Institute's strategy to increase the US glass recycling rate to 50% by 2030 involves public-private partnerships tackling two fronts: improving recycling infrastructure in key markets and updating collection and recycling systems to divert more glass from landfills. "GPI is committed to unlocking the full potential and innate circularity of glass by forming industry, consumer, and public partnerships," said Scott DeFife, GPI president. Recycling International Online (Netherlands) (4/29)

Ore. refillable bottle program a model of sustainability

Oregon craft breweries have access to refillable glass bottles thanks to a collaboration between O-I, Glass, the Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative and the Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery. Double Mountain founder Matt Swihart believes "the future is a refillable package," as refillable glass bottles generate up to 66 times fewer carbon emissions than aluminum can packaging. Brands Taking Stands (4/29)

Va. county glass collection soared in 2020. 

Prince William County in Virginia collected a record 537 tons of glass last year, more than doubling the amount collected in its network of purple drop-off bins in 2019. The glass is picked up by Strategic Materials to produce cullet for glass container and fiberglass producers. Prince William Times/Gainesville Times (Warrenton, Va.) (4/29)
Subscription-based recycling startup grows in pandemic
Utah-based Recyclops last year more than doubled the number of cities and states it serves and collected over four times as many recyclables, compared with 2019. The subscription-based company, described as an Uber for recycling, serves people in areas that lack curbside recycling for glass or other materials. Forbes (4/28)
California is investing $25 million in the state's recycling system with $3 million awarded to Gallo Glass for the installation of a glass recycling line that will create cullet for wine bottle production. Roughly $732,000 has been allocated to Strategic Materials to increase the company's cullet production. Recycling Today Online (4/26)

GPI details pathway to 50% glass recycling rate in US

The Glass Packaging Institute and the Boston Consulting Group have drafted a plan to raise the US glass recycling rate to 50% in ten years by focusing on three pillars: Keeping glass recycling accessible and its costs lower than waste disposal, ensuring recycled content is getting to end users through robust infrastructure and forging public-private partnerships to drive collective action. "Increasing the US glass recycling rate to 50% improves the supply of raw material for glass container manufacturing and would result in lower greenhouse gas emissions, create jobs and improve upon the already recognized sustainability performance of glass," said GPI President Scott DeFife. Glass International Online (4/23)

O-I, Glass assists Ohio hometown with glass collection

O-I, Glass will help Perrysburg, Ohio -- home to its global headquarters -- compensate for the loss of curbside glass collection next month by establishing a network of three drop-off bins in the city. The glass collected will be used by O-I, Glass for new glass container production. WTOL-TV (Toledo,Ohio) (4/23)

O-I, Glass exec on recycled glass' potential in US

A used glass bottle can return to the shelf in as little as 30 days due to the fact glass is infinitely recyclable, said Jim Nordmeyer, vice president for global sustainability at O-I, Glass. Nordmeyer added that producing glass from 50% recycled content is a realistic goal for the US. The Colorado Sun (Denver) (4/22)

Ardagh promotes benefits of glass packaging with video

Ardagh has released a video entitled "Alchemy The Story of Glass" that explains why the life cycle of glass materials is infinite. The company also reminds craft brewers of how amber glass provides nearly 100% protection from ultraviolet rays and how all glass containers insulate better than other packaging. Craft Brewing Business (4/21)

Ripple Glass meets growing glass collection needs

Ripple Glass has expanded its purple drop-off bin network in the Kansas City, Mo., area to more than 100 sites since its founding 12 years ago, as well as added new partnerships with municipalities across 9 states. President Mike Patterson doesn't mind hearing the sound of glass crushing all day, as "it sounds like the right thing to do to me, and the right thing to do for us and the world we live on." The Kansas City Star (Mo.) (4/21)

Vt. House approves expanding deposits to more containers

The Vermont House has passed a bill that would apply the state's 5-cent deposit to almost all recyclable beverage containers. The Glass Packaging Institute worked to correct misinformation given to the legislature about quality and end-markets for deposit glass that is most easily turned into new containers, according to President Scott DeFife. Seven Days (Burlington, Vt.) (4/21)

Knauf Insulation lends financial support to GRF

International insulation producer Knauf Insulation has contributed to the Glass Recycling Foundation with the intention to advance glass recycling in the US. "Knauf's donation will help us spark action for regional glass recycling, pilot projects and educational outreach," said Scott DeFife, president of GRF and the Glass Packaging Institute. Recycling Today Online (4/21)

Recycler to offer monthly glass collection in Utah county

Momentum Recycling is bringing monthly curbside pickup for glass recycling to four communities to southern Davis County in Utah. The company also aims to expand the service to northern parts of the county and the city of Ogden. KSL-AM/FM (Salt Lake City) (4/21)

Emterra opens MRF in Mich. city

Emterra Environmental has opened a state-of-the-art material recovery facility in Lansing, Mich., that uses robotic sorting and allows the cities of East Lansing and Lansing to cease shipping material to Detroit. "For the first time in many years, we will keep our recyclable materials local, saving money and enhancing our recycling efforts throughout the Greater Lansing Area," said Lansing Mayor Andy Schor. WILX-TV (Lansing/Jackson, Mich.) (4/20)

Coca-Cola's recovery plans include refillable glass bottles

Coca-Cola is focusing more on returnable, refillable glass bottles, as well as smaller serving sizes and multipacks during the economic recovery. Volume sales returned to pre-pandemic levels last month, signaling demand is increasing, according to a company statement. Reuters (4/19)

O-I, Glass seeks bottle designs from young artists

O-I, Glass has launched a glass bottle design competition for designers and design students under age 30. The O-I: Expressions Design Awards 2021 is seeking concepts for a spirits brand that communicate its identity and commitment to sustainability, said Melianthe Leeman, global marketing director for wines and spirits at O-I, Glass. Glass International Online (4/19)

How Ore. plans to advance its green reputation

A US News and World Report study ranks Oregon as the sixth "greenest" state with a state report finding it reused nearly 41% of its waste in 2018. The state aims to increase that number to 55% by 2025, as "it's part of our regional character to be concerned and want to see our waste taken care of in the best possible way," said Patrick Morgan, a recycling information specialist at the Portland area's Metro Council. KGW-TV (Portland, Ore.) (4/19)

Heineken targets carbon neutrality

Heineken is addressing climate change by pledging to make its production carbon neutral by 2030 and its entire value chain carbon neutral by 2040. The plan includes using returnable glass bottles, shifting to renewable energy and replacing plastic packaging with cardboard. Beverage Daily (France) (4/19)

Vt. bottle bill upgrade crosses first hurdle

Vermont's House of Representatives has passed an updated bottle bill that doubles the number of container types eligible for redemption, including wine, some spirits, sports drinks and bottled water. The proposal has gained support from the Glass Packaging Institute and is heading to the state Senate for a vote. Valley News (White River Junction, Vt.) (4/18) 

3 Pa. municipalities to share glass drop-off bin

The Pennsylvania communities of O'Hara, Aspinwall and Blawnox are compensating for the loss of glass recycling collection by installing a drop-off bin in O'Hara at the township's municipal building. The communities will contribute equally to the $600 dumping fee. Trib Total Media (Tarentum, Pa.) (4/16)

Gallo closer to earning state approval for S.C. facility

The South Carolina Senate has approved an exemption to state law that will allow a proposed $400 million E.&J. Gallo bottling and distribution facility to have tasting rooms. The proposal is headed to the state House for a vote, then to the desk of Gov. Henry McMaster, who has stated, "I look forward to signing this bill into law and welcoming Gallo to South Carolina." The Modesto Bee (Calif.) (4/14)

Ripple Glass to provide Ill. city with glass recycling

Ripple Glass has entered into a three-year agreement to provide glass recycling for Quincy, Ill. The partnership is expected to save the city money via fewer landfill fees, said Kyle Moore, the city's mayor. The Quincy Herald-Whig (Ill.) (4/12)

Texas brewery boosts sustainability by recycling carbon

Texas-based craft brewer Alamo Beer Co. is shrinking its carbon footprint by using a carbon-capture system developed by environmental service company Earthly Labs that recycles the carbon produced during fermentation as carbonation for the brewing process. Earthly Labs CEO Amy George cited data indicating sustainability is important to craft beer drinkers, and they are "willing to pay a premium" to support eco-friendly brands. San Antonio Current (4/12)

Iowa city collects 200+ tons of glass via new system

The installation of glass recycling drop-off bins in Dubuque, Iowa, has allowed the city to collect 207 tons of glass containers during the past year, according to a statement. The glass is delivered to Ripple Glass for the manufacturing of new bottles and fiberglass insulation. The Telegraph Herald  (Iowa) (4/11)

N.Y. lawmakers need further info on glass supply, demand

New York state lawmakers should prioritize improving the state's recycling infrastructure rather than finding end markets for recycled glass, as those markets already exist but require high-quality recycled content, writes Scott DeFife, president of the Glass Packaging Institute. "[T]here are several glass container manufacturing facilities in or near the state who want more recycled glass for use in making new products," writes DeFife. The Post-Journal (4/10)

Diageo pilots Encirc's 100% recycled glass bottle

A collaboration between global spirits producer Diageo, glass manufacturer Encirc and nonprofit Glass Futures has produced 173,000 scotch whisky bottles made from 100% recycled glass and a furnace powered by waste. Diageo considers this project another step toward hitting net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, said John Aird, senior packaging technologist at Diageo. The Spirits Business (U.K.)(4/9)

Glass could be a bright spot in Ind. recycling

In Indiana, it generally costs less to throw things away than to recycle them, and some types of plastic are easier to recycle than others, according to Allyson Mitchell, executive director of the Indiana Recycling Coalition. However, she notes that paper, cardboard and glass are all in high demand, with many manufacturers using recycled glass to make new containers.  Indiana Public Media (4/8)

Why Communities are resuming control of recycling

Communities across the US are improving recycling outcomes by "re-localizing" recycling operations, working with nonprofits on recycling collection and returning to dual-stream collection, writes Neil Seldman. A growing end market is supporting these efforts, such as the companies served by Strategic Materials, which processes glass recycling for use in bottle, abrasive and insulation production, Seldman writes.  Waste360 (4/8)

GPI names O-I, Glass exec Tim Connors as board chair

Tim Connors, managing director of O-I, Glass North America, is the new Board of Trustees chairman for the Glass Packaging Institute. "I look forward to engaging with GPI leadership and our fellow members as we initiate our road map for recycling and increasing awareness of the benefits of glass packaging," said Connors. Glass International Online (4/7)

NERC conference tackles 3 emerging recycling trends

The Northeast Recycling Council's spring conference examined the viability of a container refill system with input provided by glass bottle refill program organizers from California and Germany. The council also studied Canada's extended producer responsibility programs and whether there's a place for chemical recycling in a circular economy. Waste Dive (4/7)

Glass is sustainable, premium choice for beverages

Glass provides the beverage industry with a sustainable packaging choice due to its infinite life cycle, use of recycled content and all-natural components, said Scott DeFife, president of the Glass Packaging Institute. Brands are also turning to glass for the material's capabilities regarding premium, specialty packaging, DeFife added.  Beverage Industry  (4/6)

MCC collaborations target food, packaging waste

Label producer Multi-Color Corporation is working with Digimarc to reduce waste during food recalls with serialized product packaging that traces food back to its origin. MCC's Verstraete Injection Molding Labels unit is working with Digimarc, as well as Orkla, a Norway-based consumer brands supplier, to create digital watermarks on packaging that link to recycling and reuse information.  Quality Assurance & Food Safety (4/2021)

Ripple Glass serves as vital supplier for end markets

Ripple Glass collects glass recycling from nine states to process roughly 100 tons of glass a day and more than 40,000 tons of glass annually, said Lydia Gibson, director of corporate development, in this episode of the PBS television series "My World Too." The processed content is shipped to end users for fiberglass and glass container production, while any non-recyclable content has "beneficial reuse" as road aggregate and other filler material, said Gibson. PBS (4/2)

European glassmakers partner on Furnace for the Future

A collaborative effort by 19 European glass producers dubbed the Furnace for the Future has been selected for the second stage of the EU Innovation Fund. "The Furnace for the Future represents a key step towards a sustainable future for glass packaging," European Container Glass Federation President Michel Giannuzzi said of the project, which aims to create a hybrid furnace powered by 80% electricity and 20% fossil fuels.  Glass International Online (3/30)

Genesis Alkali keeps glass container industry moving

Genesis Alkali's Green River trona mining facility in southwest Wyoming produces 4 million tons of natural alkali products a year, including the soda ash used in glass container production. Natural soda ash production is known to result in fewer harmful pollutants and consume less energy than its synthetic counterpart. The Daily Rocket (Wyo.) (3/29)

Corning accelerates vial production for COVID-19 vaccines

Corning is ramping up production of its Valor Glass pharmaceutical vials ten-fold this year to meet demand for the COVID-19 vaccine. The company has deployed a machine-vision system to detect potential flaws in each of the vials to ensure their strength and safety, said Mark Kurz, Corning's director of manufacturing and supply chain operations for pharmaceutical technologies. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (3/28)

EPA awards Ardagh facility with Energy Star designation

An Ardagh glass plant in Madera, Calif., has attained Energy Star certification from the Environmental Protection Agency. The certification is awarded to facilities operating within the top 25% of their respective industries regarding energy performance. The Business Journal (Calif.) (3/25)

Ardagh tapped for Bragg's new glass bottle design

Ardagh North America has designed and produced the glass bottles for Bragg Live Food Products' new apple cider vinegar line. "We chose to partner with Ardagh to craft a fully recyclable bottle solution that best reflects one of our core values of protecting Bragg's legacy of developing only high quality, natural products," said Linda Boardman, Bragg CEO.  Packaging Gateway (3/25)

Federal recycling legislation seeks second life in 2021

Recycling legislation that stalled last year in Congress due to the pandemic but has been reintroduced in 2021 with glass industry support includes the bipartisan RECYCLE Act, which aims to boost recycling with $15 million annually in educational programs through 2026. The industry has also signaled support for the RECOVER Act, which pledges $500 million to improving US recycling infrastructure.  Waste Dive (3/25)

Nominations for GPI's 2021 Clear Choice Awards underway

The Glass Packaging Institute is accepting nominations until April 15 for the 2021 Clear Choice Awards, which recognizes exceptional glass containers produced from January 2019 to December 2020. Awards are given in eight categories: food; non-alcoholic beverages; cider and flavored alcoholic beverages; wine; spirits; beer; fragrances, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals; and sustainability and innovation. Craft Spirits Magazine (3/19/21)

UK glass producers target 90% recycling rate

The UK glass packaging industry has pledged to hit a 90% glass recycling rate by 2030. The target was established last week at the inaugural Glass Recycling Summit hosted by industry group British Glass. Glass On Web (3/19/21)

Gallo seeks to construct $400M hub in S.C.

E. & J. Gallo will invest more than $400 million in a new bottling, warehousing and distribution center in South Carolina, pending state approval of four satellite tasting rooms, said Rob Donoho, Gallo's head of global chain functions. The 600-acre site will serve as Gallo's primary base for the East Coast, added Donoho. Wine Business (3/18/21)

Multi-Color Corporation joins GPI

Ohio-based Multi-Color Corporation, one of the world's largest label suppliers, has become a member of the Glass Packaging Institute. "MCC plays a crucial role in providing innovative and sustainable label options for the glass packaging industry," said Scott DeFife, GPI president. Glass International online (3/16/21)
Heineken is partnering with Encirc and Glass Futures to test 1.4 million bottles produced with low-carbon biofuels and comprised of up to 100% recycled glass. The UK government-funded trial will test the bottles' resiliency throughout the supply chain. New Food Magazine (3/15/21)

Supplement brand's glass bottles boost sustainability

Seraphina Therapeutics, a direct-to-consumer supplement subscription service, tapped the Los Angeles-based Phenomenon design agency to develop a glass bottle design for a new fatty acid supplement that prompts people to keep and reuse the bottle. The bottles feature silk-screened printing and are secured during shipping by corrugated inserts, which reduces packaging waste. Packaging World (3/12/21)

Schott surpasses 1B doses of COVID-19 vial production

Pharmaceutical glass company Schott has manufactured enough glass vials for the COVID-19 vaccine to deliver more than one billion doses worldwide. Roughly 90% of vaccine production depends on Schott vials, and the company is on pace to produce enough vials this year to deliver more than two billion doses, according to a company statement. Glass International online (3/11/21)

GPI roadmap paves the way to 50% recycled content

The Glass Packaging Institute has created a roadmap that can help the glass packaging industry reach a 50% recycled content rate over the next decade. The roadmap calls for improved recycling infrastructure along with key partnerships within state and local governments and advances in glass collection, sorting and processing. Glass Worldwide (March/April 2021)

Pa. Anchor Hocking plant sold to Stoelzle Glass Group

The Anchor Hocking Glass Company plant in Monaca, Pa., has been acquired by Austrian firm Stoelzle Glass Group, which makes packaging for pharmaceuticals, perfumes, cosmetics, spirits and other consumer products. The deal marks the first plant Stoelzle has acquired in the US and its first facility purchased outside Europe. Glass International (3/4/21)

Molson Coors, Encirc partner on glass bottle production

Molson Coors Beverage Company has introduced a new, low-carbon glass beer bottle, which was created in partnership with Encirc, made from up to 100% recycled glass. The new packaging is part of Molson Coors' plan to cut the brewery's carbon emissions in half by 2025. FoodBev (3/5/21)

How Strategic Materials gives new life to glass packaging

In Episode 8 of Waste360's Stef Talks Trash video series, Stefanie Valentic checks in with Laura Hennemann, the vice president of marketing at Strategic Materials, about the ins and outs of the glass recycling industry. The discussion includes refuting some long-held myths about glass recycling and the potential effects of federal deposit legislation. Waste360 (3/4/21)

O-I, Glass partners with Center for Glass Innovation

O-I, Glass is teaming up with the Center for Glass Innovation in New York on a 3-year initiative to develop next-generation glass products, improve energy efficiency in manufacturing and keep glass out of landfills. "Collaborating through the Center for Glass Innovation supports O-I's ambition to transform our processes, products, and our interconnected relationships to bring our vision of a sustainable future to life," said Randy Burns, chief sustainability and corporate affairs officer at O-I, Glass. Glass International online (3/3/21)

Reusable glass packaging has its advantages

David Goldstein writes that many people are nostalgic for old-fashioned, reusable glass beverage bottles, and this packaging is one of the most sustainable with the glass recycling rate being upwards of 63% in states with deposit programs, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. "Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in quality or purity," said Scott DeFife, president of the Glass Packaging Institute.  Ventura County Star (Calif.) (3/6/21)

Ardagh saw glass shipments rise in second half of 2020

Ardagh Group enjoyed a 2% year-over-year increase in glass shipments during the second half of 2020, according to data shared during a call with financial analysts. The company will focus on reducing costs through automation and other productivity improvements this year. Glass International online (2/24/21)
Consumers are advised to keep lids on glass bottles and jars when they're recycled, which makes the process simpler and encourages more people to participate, according to Scott DeFife, president of the Glass Packaging Institute. Plastic lids often have to be removed at recycling centers, but it's more important to leave light bulbs, ceramics and non-recyclable glass out of recycling than to separate plastic lids before submitting items, said Julian Garcia, plant manager at Strategic Materials. Ventura County Star (Calif.) (2/27/21)

Md. governor signs recycling end market legislation

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan has signed a bill into law that aims to develop a more robust end market for the state's recycling. The law also authorizes the state's Department of the Environment to examine ways to decrease recycling contamination rates. Waste Dive (2/17)

Arglass CEO on new plant, support for industry groups

Arglass Yamamura opened its Georgia plant in December 2020 with the goal of creating the most eco-friendly glass manufacturing facility in North America, and the company plans to support industry initiatives spearheaded by the Glass Recycling Foundation and the Glass Packaging Institute, such as ensuring the industry has a steady supply of quality cullet, said Arglass CEO Jose Arozamena. "We believe that having more active members in GPI pushing together to communicate the strengths and benefits of glass is the only way to grow the US glass market for everyone," said Arozamena. Glass Worldwide Online (Jan./Feb. 2021)