Maison Lillet's O-I, Glass bottles awarded for sustainability

Pernod Ricard's French distillery Maison Lillet has earned the 2022 Millesime Eco-Design award for the wine-based aperitif brand's sustainable packaging developed in partnership with O-I, Glass. The bottles are lighter than previous containers and use 35% recycled materials.  Glass International (7/27)

German glass container manufacturer builds new furnace

German glass packaging manufacturer Gerresheimer Group is constructing a new multifuel oxygen furnace at its Tettau, Bavaria, facility, in order to help meet the company's goal of cutting greenhouse gas emmisions in half by 2030. "We believe in glass as a future-oriented packaging solution and are committed to the expansion of the Tettau plant," said Kay Rohn, the managing director at Gerresheimer Tettau.   Glass Online (7/27)


Ardagh releases video celebrating IYOG

Ardagh Glass Packaging is commemorating 2022 as the International Year of Glass with a video that highlights the many sustainability benefits of using glass packaging. The video notes how glass is infinitely recyclable with no reduction in quality.  Glass Online (7/25)

O-I, Glass backs pro-glass initiatives

O-I, Glass is supporting the Plastic Free Foundation's Plastic Free July campaign that encourages brands to use glass packaging. The glass container producer has also pledged to use the European Container Glass Federation's Glass Hallmark symbol on packaging to promote the circularity of glass.  Glass Online (7/25)

Tenn. county begins glass recycling program

The Blount County Recycling Center in Maryville, Tenn., started collecting glass recycling this month after installing machinery that can grind glass into three types of material. The new program is attracting interest from other counties that need somewhere to take their glass for processing, said Jeff Headrick, Blount County highway superintendent.  The Daily Times (Maryville, Tenn.) (7/24)

Ripple Glass exec: Recycling benefits local economies

Lydia Elizabeth Gibson, director of corporate development at Ripple Glass, earned a spot on Waste360's 40 Under 40 list for her work on Ripple's commercial glass collection program, the Kansas City Metro drop-off program and expanding regional collection services. "Another aspect of ... glass recycling, that really appeals to me is how local or regional these industries are," said Gibson. "This has enormous opportunity for economic development and job creation in our communities."  Waste360 (7/22) 

Stock glass packaging gains favor in beauty industry

Beauty brands are expediting speed-to-market times by choosing stock packaging, including glass containers, according to beauty container industry representatives. Brands and consumers appreciate the sustainability of glass and that it can be customized to convey a luxury positioning, according to Michael Warford, director of business development for ABA Packaging.  Beauty Packaging (7/22)

Tomra unveils book on MRF robotics

Tomra Recycling has published the e-book "Recycling Robots, Take Two" to detail how artificial intelligence-driven robotics can improve the sorting process at material recovery facilities. The book explains the different types of software and sorting technologies and how to choose the best system to optimize facility speed and efficiency.  Recycling Today (7/21)

Va. county collects 10K glass bottles in 3 months

A glass recycling program launched in May in Clarke County, Va., has diverted roughly 10,000 bottles from the landfill, saving the county more than three tons' worth of tipping fees, said program coordinator Christi McMullen. The program allows residents to drop glass recycling off at the county convenience center.  The Winchester Star (Va.) (7/21)

Wine industry backs Calif. bottle bill update

The latest attempt to add wine and liquor bottles to California's bottle bill has earned the support of wine and liquor producers due to a growing need for high-quality recycled content, said Sen. Bill Dodd, D-Napa. The Wine Institute, an industry association, supports SB1013, as it "provides the most viable path to achieve our recycling goals," according to a spokesperson.   San Francisco Chronicle  (7/20)

How to expand packaging reuse, refill programs

The refillable and reusable packaging market is projected to grow 5% annually through 2027, and glass beverage packaging consumes 75% of the market in 2022, according to a study by Smithers. The market can expedite growth with more retail refill stations, smart packaging that connects consumers with refill and reuse information and a decentralized system of automated micro-cleaning facilities, the report states.   Environment + Energy Leader (7/19)

Heinz-Glas debuts fiber-based shipping material

Heinz-Glas aims to increase shipping sustainability by replacing plastic packaging with 3D fiber-cast molds for bottle protection. The molds are said to improve bottle stability and help meet zero-waste goals by being fully recyclable and compostable.  Glass International (7/19)

Why EPR laws should be established in every state

Every state should adopt extended producer responsibility programs to fix the country's broken recycling system, writes James Asali, CEO of the nonprofit Pack Green Coalition, and Scott Cassel, CEO and founder of the Product Stewardship Institute. Shifting the burden of recycling costs to producers will incentivize the development of more eco-friendly, easy-to-recycle packaging that supports a circular economy, they write.  The Hill (7/18)

Glass industry tackles sustainability on multiple fronts

The wine and glass packaging industries are collaborating to develop lighter-weight bottles -- such as Saverglass's 835-gram Champenoise Eco-Design bottle -- and refillable programs, according to industry representatives. The glass container industry is also tapping alternative furnace fuel sources, using more recycled glass and developing innovative programs such as a system from Ardagh that stores unused furnace energy in Tesla batteries and returns the energy to Europe's power grid.  SevenFifty Daily (7/18)

How Mass. can boost its redemption rate

Massachusetts has the lowest container redemption rate out of all the states with bottle bills, according to the Container Recycling Institute. The state could improve its 38% return rate by following the example of other bottle bill states that have added beverage container types and increased redemption fees, said Susan Collins, president of the Container Recycling Institute.  The Boston Globe (7/16)

Ardagh, Mt. Olive honor 50 years in business together

Ardagh Glass Packaging and Mt. Olive Pickle Co. are recognizing 50 years of working together. Ardagh's Henderson, N.C., manufacturing plant provides Mt. Olive -- a fellow North Carolina business -- with a wide variety of glass jar sizes, allowing the pickle brand to honor its commitment to local sourcing.  Glass International (7/14)

EPA accepting input on $375M recycling grant program

The EPA is seeking public comment on its new Environmental Justice Action Plan which will issue $375 million in recycling infrastructure and education grants. The EPA is expected to prioritize under-represented communities and plastic-reduction programs and start the application process by late fall.  Waste Dive (7/14)

Glass recycling cost-benefit study underway in Pa. city

A research team from Penn State-Behrend is analyzing samples from Erie, Pa.'s waste stream to determine if the benefits of citywide glass and compost collection would outweigh the costs. "I think this could be a win for the city," said Sherri Mason, associate research professor and director of sustainability at Behrend. "If you can recycle that glass and keep it out of the refuse stream, there is the potential to save some money."  Erie Times-News (Pa.)  (7/13)

Stoelzle finishes new furnace project at Polish plant

Stoelzle Glass Group has completed an 11-week installation of the group's largest furnace at a glass plant in Czestochowa, Poland. Five new production lines have also been installed, and the new furnace is expected to boost energy efficiency by roughly 10% per ton of glass.  Glass International (7/13) 

Heinz-Glas debuts protective coating for glass bottles

Heinz-Glas has unveiled an invisible protective coating for glass containers that shields against UV light and repels bacteria and viruses, according to a company statement. The coating is also said to feature optical fingerprint technology for anti-theft protection.  Glass International (7/13) 

Tomra exec: How to optimize EPR programs

Extended producer responsibility laws support circularity when enforceable performance goals are established, stakeholder roles are clearly defined and products are designed for the purpose of being recycled, writes Sarah Bloomquist, public affairs director for Tomra Systems. Packaging circularity is also improved with container deposit programs that provide high-quality recycled content for end users, writes Bloomquist.  Resource Recycling (7/12)

Baralan debuts new glass beauty bottle line

Beauty industry packaging provider Baralan has unveiled the Claudette Large Series that features three glass container sizes and a cylindrical bottle shape. "Our customers need refreshed styles and glass novelties to differentiate their brands," said Maurizio Ficcadenti, global research and development manager.   Cosmetics Business (UK) (7/11)

Several states pass, consider bottle bill expansions

Legislative sessions in Iowa and Oregon have closed with bottle bill updates that increase handling fees and cover more container types, respectively. Massachusetts and California are also considering bottle bill updates that would cover more containers.  Resource Recycling (7/11)

Quebec awards O-I, Glass Canada $21M

O-I, Glass Canada has received $21.17 million from Quebec's government to expand and modernize its Montreal plant. The nearly $70 million project will boost the province's circular economy by supporting the use of recycled glass in its beverage deposit program, said Tim Connors, managing director of Americas North at O-I, Glass.  Glass International (7/8) 

Why some bottle bill states boast better redemption rates

Some bottle bill states have struggled to return redemption rates to pre-pandemic levels due to retailers failing to comply with orders to resume operations, according to Susan Collins, president of the Container Recycling Institute. States that do not rely solely on retail return programs by also using reverse vending machines and independent redemption centers have seen redemption rates increase, added Collins, citing a recent CRI report.  Waste Advantage Magazine (7/7) 

Glass recycling returns to Wyo. city

Cheyenne, Wyo., has resumed accepting glass recycling in its curbside program "due to changing market conditions that make them economically feasible to recycle," according to a statement. Residents can also drop recycling off at a city transfer station.  Wyoming Tribune Eagle (Cheyenne) (7/7)

National bottle bill advocates working on new draft

Supporters of a national bottle deposit program are developing a new draft for the Return Every Deposit for Effective Environmental Management (REDEEM) Act that would place a 5-cent return value on several beverage container types. The bill may be introduced in the Senate later this year.  Waste Dive (7/7) 

GPI: Calif. EPR law will improve glass circularity

California's new extended producer responsibility law will create a more circular economy in the state for glass packaging by investing in reuse and refill systems, according to Scott DeFife, president of the Glass Packaging Institute. The law also directs resources to reducing glass contamination at material recovery facilities, which will help end users seeking high-quality recycled glass, added DeFife.  Packaging Insights (7/7)

Ardagh to double production at S. African glass plant

Ardagh Glass Packaging is investing $95 million to more than double production at a plant in Gauteng, South Africa, to meet growing demand, according to Ardagh Group CEO Paul Coulson. The project is also implementing water and energy conservation strategies and adding 150 jobs.  Packaging Gateway (UK) (7/7)

Prism Glass pilots glass drop-off program in Pa. city

Prism Glass Recycling is coordinating a series of glass drop-off events in Erie, Pa., every Monday for the next three weeks. The events are serving as a pilot to discern if a permanent drop-off program will be economically viable.  WJET-TV/WFXP-TV (Erie, Pa.) (7/5)

GPI looks to positively position glass as Calif. passes new recycling law

The Glass Packaging Institute welcomes a new California law that will boost investment in the state's recycling infrastructure, said Scott DeFife, president of GPI. "We also remain focused on the need to improve the state's beverage container deposit program, which requires significant overhaul for convenient redemption opportunities, which are critical to a more circular economy," said DeFife.  Glass International (7/5)

Ardagh's new Polish glass plant on track for completion

A new Ardagh Glass plant under construction in Wyszkow, Poland, is on schedule. Forglass is designing the manufacturing facility, which will feature two of the company's glass production innovations: The SmartScraper and Selectable Grain Crusher.  Glass International (7/5)

Verallia closes $13.35B employee shareholding round

More than 3,200 Verallia Group employees took part in a $13.35 million shareholding round last month. "[B]y renewing this operation every year, we are enabling all the Group's employees to become involved at their level and to play a part in Verallia's profitability," said CEO Patrice Lucas.   Glass Online (7/5)

Europe collects record amount of glass

The European and UK glass collection rate achieved a record 80% in 2020, increasing two points compared to the previous year, according to Close the Glass Loop. "The latest collection rate demonstrates the strong resilience of the glass packaging value chain despite this challenging context," said Adeline Farrelly, secretary-general of the European Container Glass Federation.  Glass Online (7/4)

Stoelzle unveils refillable cosmetics jar

Stoelzle Glass Group has partnered with Technicaps to develop a 100% recyclable glass jar and cap for the cosmetics industry called Le Perpetuel. The jar contains a fully recyclable and refillable insert that features three indexing points for easier placement and removal.  Premium Beauty News (France) (7/4)

Calif. governor signs EPR legislation into law

California lawmakers have approved extended producer responsibility legislation, creating what is considered the strongest EPR law in the nation, which was also signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom. The law mandates recycling and source reduction targets for packaging producers and a $5 billion investment in plastic pollution reduction from plastic packaging producers.  Waste360 (7/1)

Va. county to test glass drop-off program

Virginia's Frederick County will join Fairfax County's Purple Bin glass drop-off program via a six-month pilot. Frederick County will collect glass recycling at its regional landfill and ship the glass to Fairfax county's crushing facility.  Northern Virginia Daily (Strasburg, Va.) (7/1)

WM begins $30M Ohio MRF project

WM is spending roughly $30 million to upgrade and expand the glass collection and cleaning services at its materials recovery facility in Oakwood, Ohio, by March of next year. "This facility will provide a greater opportunity for local solutions for single-stream recycling," said Aaron Johnson, WM's Great Lakes area vice president. "We are proud to bring cutting-edge equipment and technology to the people and businesses we serve in Cuyahoga County and beyond, helping to make Ohio cleaner and greener for all."  Recycling Today (6/30)

FEVE promotes glass industry's sustainability focus

A European Container Glass Federation presentation at the Sustainable Industrial Manufacturing conference in Brussels this week emphasized how the glass industry is prioritizing sustainability by focusing on renewable furnace fuel sources and increasing glass recycling rates. "We advocate for due recognition of the unique assets of endlessly recyclable permanent materials such as glass," said Adeline Farrelly, FEVE general secretary.  Glass International (6/29)

Royal Salute to swap porcelain packaging for glass bottles

Royal Salute is transitioning to glass bottles after using porcelain flagons since the brand's founding 59 years ago. The scotch whiskey producer will reduce its carbon use by 70% with the switch, according to a company statement.  Glass International (6/29)

Conn. community installs glass drop-off bin

The city of Trumbull, Conn., aims to reduce glass recycling contamination and improve the value of recycled glass content by removing glass from its single-stream program. The city has installed a glass collection container at its transfer station that separates glass by color.  The Trumbull Times (Conn.) (6/28)

Calif. EPR bill clears hurdle

Supporters of an extended producer responsibility bill in California are close to finalizing an agreement with advocates of a ballot measure that aims to reduce plastic pollution to withdraw that measure to ensure the EPR bill passes, according to State Sen. Ben Allen, the bill's author. "It's a groundbreaking effort to reduce plastic pollution that has brought environmental and business groups together," said Allen.  CALmatters (Sacramento, Calif.) (6/28)

N.H. welcomes federal recycling funding

Recycling advocates in New Hampshire are grateful for a new $375 million federal recycling program, as the state is crafting its first solid waste plan in 13 years. "Considering how much attention is being paid to solid waste and recycling issues in New Hampshire these days, this funding comes at a really great time," said Reagan Bissonnette, executive director of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association. Waste Advantage Magazine (6/26)

Glass recyclers help retailers meet sustainability goals

Solutions to boosting recycling rates and reducing beverage container waste at retailers in states with bottle bills include Tomra's reverse recycling machines, which collect 40 billion containers annually worldwide, writes Marian Zboraj. The Glass Packaging Institute reminds that glass is an ideal packaging option, due to its ability to be infinitely recycled, reducing our reliance on natural resources.  Progressive Grocer (6/24)

Pa. community installs new glass recycling bins

New drop-off glass recycling bins are getting installed in Sykesville, Pa., and the glass will be delivered to a nearby O-I, Glass plant. The Jefferson County Solid Waste Authority aims to reduce contamination by separating the bins by container color, said Donna Cooper, authority director.   Courier-Express/Tri-County (DuBois, Pa.) (6/24) 

Saverglass Australia looks back at 20 years in business

Saverglass Australia is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The company has evolved from serving only wineries to spirits producers as well and is known for spearheading the use of BVS screw caps in the Australian wine industry. Glass Online (6/24)

Pa. Resources Council on track for record glass collection

The Pennsylvania Resources Council has collected 420 tons of glass recycling since January, putting it on pace to collect a record 800 or more tons in 2022, said Darren Spielman, executive director. "We credit much of this success to the support of our partners [O-I, Glass], CAP Glass and Michael Brothers Hauling & Recycling," said Spielman.  Waste Advantage Magazine (6/23)

Iowa redemption centers prepare for new bottle bill rules

Iowa redemption center owners are concerned they will be overwhelmed when changes to the state's bottle bill go into effect July 1, as the new bill allows grocers to opt out of the container redemption requirement if a redemption center is located nearby. However, owners hope the new handling fee, which has tripled, will help them expand operations.  Iowa Capital Dispatch (Des Moines) (6/22)

Polish Ardagh plant getting new Forglass furnace

A new Forglass furnace is under construction at an Ardagh plant in Poland and will produce more than 400 tons of glass daily. The fully automated furnace is said to feature energy-saving technology that produces fewer carbon emissions than older furnaces.  Glass International (6/22)

Saverglass allots $116M to expanding plant in Mexico

Saverglass is investing $116 million in its Guadalajara, Mexico, plant to double furnace capacity to 200 million bottles annually. The project will also expand the plant's bottle decorating capabilities to meet growing demand for premium bottle designs.  Glass International (6/22)

Agr to unveil 2 glass production systems at glasstec

Agr International will spotlight two new systems for glass container production at glasstec in Germany in September: The RPT3 pressure testing system and Gawis4Glass dimensional measurement system. The latter features the company's patent-pending AutoJob feature that is said to drastically reduce job setup time.  Glass International (6/21)

Plastic recycling is a major political issue in Calif.

California voters and legislators will decide the state's approach to pollution from plastics and recycling. Senate Bill 54 would create a producer responsibility organization to oversee collection and recycling, and proponents hope it will head off a ballot initiative to strengthen the state's recycling agency, with additional funding coming from a significant tax on plastic products. Resource Recycling  (6/21)

Verallia names CSR director

Verallia's General Counsel Wendy Kool-Foulon has assumed direction of the company's corporate social responsibility strategy. The strategy is built on improving packaging circularity, reducing carbon emissions and improving employee quality of life.  Glass Online (6/17)

Iowa Gov. approves bottle bill changes

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds has signed an updated container redemption bill into law. Changes to the legislation include instituting mobile redemption centers, tripling redemption center fees and adding canned cocktails to the list of beverage types covered by the bill.  The Des Moines Register (Iowa) (6/17)

Tiama boosts communications with new system

Tiama aims to improve communications capabilities with its new Tiama Eco-System, which allows all of the plant's systems to share data. Customers can now access information such as reject statistics from hot- and cold-end machines from one website.  Glass International (6/17)

Ciner Glass gets green light for Wales plant

Government officials have approved a proposal by Ciner Glass to construct a glass container plant in Blaneu Gwent County in Wales. The facility is expected to employ 600 people and begin manufacturing operations in 2026.  Glass International (6/16)

Kansas City teen requests Ripple Glass bin for local park

Ripple Glass has installed a glass recycling bin at a soccer park in Kansas City, Mo., after receiving a request from 13-year-old Izac Santos. Santos said a class visit from Ripple Glass representatives and safety concerns about the glass-littered park inspired him to reach out to the recycling firm.  KSHB-TV (Kansas City, Mo.) (6/16)

Strategic Materials revives glass recycling in Ind. county

Strategic Materials is returning glass recycling to Indiana's Vigo County starting in late August. The company will haul glass collected from a drop-off container it is installing at a county recycling center under a three-year contract. The Tribune-Star (Terre Haute, Ind.) (6/15)

Encirc touts eco-friendly benefits of bulk wine shipping

An Encirc study has determined the UK wine industry could cut carbon emissions by more than half if glass packaging imports from Argentina, New Zealand and other regions were conducted in bulk and then used for bottling versus prefilled bottles. Encirc's 360 bulk shipping service also increases its wine filling capacity by roughly 75 million liters a year, according to Mark Holmes, general manager of Vidrala, Encirc's parent company.  Glass International (6/15)

Stoelzle to build Forglass PCR cullet system at UK plant

Glass furnace technology company Forglass is designing and building a post-consumer recycled cullet system at a Stoelzle plant in the UK following the construction of a similar system at Stoelzle's facility in Austria in 2020. The glass bottle manufacturer will commission the Forglass system at the UK plant later in June.  Glass International (6/15)

SGD Pharma expands beauty glass container portfolio

SGD Pharma is making more glass containers available for the global beauty industry, as "more brands are switching from plastic to glass packaging primarily due to the sustainability benefits," according to a company statement. Former SGD executive Sheherazade Chamlou is returning to lead this growth as she steps into the role of vice president of sales for beauty, Americas. Premium Beauty News (6/13)

Cleveland revives curbside recycling program

Rumpke Waste & Recycling is returning curbside recycling to Cleveland, Ohio, after a two-year hiatus. The city hopes to sidestep previous problems with contamination by using an opt-in program and improving outreach to participants, said Ren Brumfield, the city's recycling program coordinator.  Waste Dive (6/13) 

Tiama opens doors to new headquarters in France

Tiama, which provides inspection services for the glass industry, has moved into a new headquarters in Saint-Genis-Laval, France, called The Core. The facility includes a space for customer training and meets the corporate social and environmental responsibility criteria established by the certification agency BREEAM.  Glass International (6/12)

SMI is key to Minn.'s success with glass recycling

Minnesota transfers all of the roughly 100,000 tons of glass recycling it collects annually to a Strategic Materials facility in St. Paul, where the material is processed for reuse -- such as glass container production at an Anchor Glass facility in Shakopee -- according to Wayne Gjerde, recycling market development coordinator for the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The state's glass recycling rate is twice the national rate, according to Laura Hennemann, senior vice president of sustainability and corporate affairs at SMI.  Star Tribune  (Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.) (6/10)

UN gives high marks to Mich. State U. for sustainability

The UN has recognized Michigan State University for its success with sustainability initiatives, such as recycling and composting. The UN's Times Higher Education 2021 Impact Rankings rates schools on their efforts to align with UN Sustainable Development Goals.  WILX-TV  (Lansing/Jackson, Mich.) (6/10)

National parks to end single-plastic use

The Department of the Interior plans to end single-plastic use in national parks, wildlife refuges and other properties it governs by 2032. The department "has an obligation to play a leading role in reducing the impact of plastic waste on our ecosystems and our climate," said Interior Secretary Deb Haaland.  NPR (6/9)

EPA requests comments on $375M in recycling funding

The EPA is seeking input from recycling industry stakeholders regarding a new $375 million grant program that aims to improve recycling and waste prevention across the US. The funding was included in President Joe Biden's Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and will seed grants for recycling infrastructure and education.  Recycling Today  (6/9)

Glass industry gathering addresses alt furnace fuels

The Society of Glass Technology's Furnace Solutions symposium held last week in the UK discussed how the glass industry could shrink its carbon footprint via tapping biofuels or hydrogen as furnace fuel sources. Speakers explained it may take over a decade to start using hydrogen due to a lack of infrastructure, and, despite successful biofuel trials, concerns about supply remain. Glass International (6/8)

Mont. community to host glass drop-off event

Flathead Recon, a glass recycling business based in Columbia Falls, Mont., is working with a local nonprofit to host a glass collection event June 25 in Columbia Falls. The business was founded by Dave Fishlowitz who strives to keep materials that can be repurposed out of landfills.  Whitefish Pilot (Whitefish, Mont.) (6/8)

GPI recycling program in Chicago draws more participants

The Glass Packaging Institute's Don't Trash Glass program collecting glass containers from bars and restaurants in the Chicago area has drawn roughly 50 participants this year -- about twice the number in its pilot phase last year -- and is expected to gather at least 20 tons per week in 2022. The glass is collected by GlassKing then the cullet is sorted and cleaned by Strategic Materials to be used for bottle manufacturing.  Resource Recycling (6/7)

Baralan adds new collection of glass cosmetics packaging

Baralan is introducing a new line of square-shaped glass bottles with rounded edges. The Marina Line, consisting of 10-milliliter and 15-milliliter bottles, is geared toward makeup and skin care products.  Cosmetics Business (6/7)

Study: Glass is safest packaging for food

Of the nearly 3,000 chemicals that can potentially leak from packaging into food, only 47 were detected in glass and ceramic food contact materials while 1,975 chemicals were found in plastic, according to new research published in the journal Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition. "The study shows that glass is safest among the packaging materials as it has virtually no detected chemicals and therefore is the safest for human health," said Adeline Farrelly, secretary-general of the European Container Glass Federation.  Glass International (6/6)

Glass recycling center opens in Pa. county

The Quaker Valley Council of Governments has opened a new glass container recycling location in Avalon, Pa. The recycling center is open from dawn to dusk each day and does not accept glass items such as mirrors, dishware and lightbulbs.  Trib Total Media (Tarentum, Pa.) (6/6)

Molson Coors boosts hard seltzer packaging production

Molson Coors is investing $65 million in a new warehouse in Fort Worth, Texas, to transition the manufacturing of hard seltzer packaging to be in-house. The company is looking to reduce shipping costs and maintain control over its products amidst high transportation costs and inflation.  Food Dive (6/6)

Girl Scout Gold Award honors glass recycling project

Abby Short of Longview, Texas, was awarded the Girl Scout Gold Award, the highest honor in Girl Scouts, for her work implementing glass recycling receptacles at the Longview Mall. Short worked with the city to place recycling receptacles in a convenient location for residents.  Longview News-Journal (Texas) (6/5) 

O-I, Glass, startup promote glass recycling in Brazil

Brazilian startup Recitotal works to increase recycling rates in Sao Paulo by dispatching employees on motorized tricycles to collect glass bottles and jars from community businesses, which are returned to the O-I, Glass manufacturing facility. "Increasing recycling rates in Brazil is a grandiose goal and contribution ... but we believe that collective awareness of its importance is the first concrete step towards successfully achieving consistent progress," said Recitotal's Managing Director Renata De Moraes Pereira Tambasco.  Glass Online (6/3)

Colo. enacts law on statewide recycling program, EPR

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has signed an extended producer responsibility bill into law that requires packaging manufacturers to finance a statewide recycling program. Polis said the legislation will help improve recycling rates in Colorado, as well as "remove the costs of recycling from localities and taxpayers, and save Coloradans money." Recycling Today (6/3)

GRF grant helps boost glass recycling in N.C.

Pitt County, N.C., received $70,500 from the state's Department of Environmental Quality in partnership with the Glass Recycling Foundation to help with the county's glass recycling program. "Glass is endlessly recyclable and is one of the original packaging materials for food and beverage, and it should be a priority in the recycling system," said Scott DeFife, president of the GRF and Glass Packaging Institute. "The Glass Recycling Foundation was created to help fill gaps in community glass recycling efforts, and we are proud to help the communities of North Carolina to ensure glass gets recycled." The Daily Reflector (6/2)

Calif. bottle bill update passes in the state Senate

A California bill that aims to boost recycling rates for glass and spirits bottles by adding them to the state's bottle bill has passed in the state Senate and now heads to the assembly for a vote and will go into effect Jan. 1 if passed and signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom. "We're working with policymakers in California and we're hopeful that we can come to an agreement on a set of investments that come along with expansion so that we can revitalize the redemption infrastructure," said Scott DeFife, president of the Glass Packaging Institute, in support of the legislation.  Resource Recycling (6/1)

Plastic recycling is less safe, effective than glass

Plastic recycling is largely ineffective, wasteful, and hazardous, write former Environmental Protection Agency regional administrator Judith Enck and chemical engineer Jan Dell. While plastic products can include toxic additives and absorb chemicals, glass is chemically inactive and can be safely and reliably recycled, they add.  The Atlantic (5/30)

Grants aim to boost N.C.'s glass recycling rate

The Glass Recycling Foundation has partnered with the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality to issue more than $600,000 in grants to five groups in the state to boost glass recycling. The grants aim to reverse the state's five-year 30% decline in glass collection.  WITN-TV (Washington, N.C.) (5/31)

Verallia names new CEO

Verallia has appointed Patrice Lucas as CEO, replacing Michel Giannuzzi, who will continue to serve as board chairman. Lucas, an automotive industry veteran, is expected to advance Verallia's mission to make glass the world's most sustainable packaging option.  Glass Online (5/27) 

British Glass: UK's bottle supply is meeting demand

British Glass aims to dispel rumors about a beer bottle shortage in the UK. "There is more than enough glass to meet demand, which the industry does not foresee changing," said Dave Dalton, the trade association's CEO.  Letsrecycle (UK) (5/27)

Ardagh to construct Brazilian glass manufacturing plant

Ardagh Group is building its first glass container facility in Brazil in the city of Juiz de Fora to better serve the growing Brazilian market, as well as North America, Europe and Africa, according to CEO Paul Coulson. The facility is expected to begin operations by the summer of 2024. Packaging Gateway (UK) (5/26) 

Close the Glass Loop lauds Portuguese recycling program

Close the Glass Loop, a European nonprofit advocating for glass circularity, is supporting the new Vidro+ program in Portugal. The multi-stakeholder initiative aims to boost glass recycling to help the country's glass container producers meet a growing need for cullet.  Glass Wordlwide (5/26)

New group brings glass recycling to Pa. city

The Pennsylvania Resources Council and communities in Allegheny County, Pa., have created the Glass Recycling Collaborative of Southwestern PA. The group has installed a permanent glass collection bin in McCandless, Pa., and CAP Glass will prepare the collected glass for processing by area end users.  Trib Total Media (5/25) 

O-I, Glass nears divestiture goal

O-I, Glass is continuing a portfolio optimization strategy with the $191 million sale of a subsidiary's plant in Ontario, Canada, said CEO Andres Lopez. "To date, we have successfully realized approximately $1.3 billion of proceeds toward our target of $1.5 billion, which we anticipate will be achieved in the second half of 2022," said Lopez.  Glass International (5/25)

Revised Iowa bottle bill closer to becoming law

Iowa's bottle bill update that triples container redemption center handling fees is headed to Gov. Kim Reynolds for a signature. The new bill also allows retailers to opt out of the redemption program if certain criteria are met.  KIMT-TV (Mason City, Iowa) (5/25)

Va. city to resume recycling services via private hauler

Recycling collection provider Recyclops will start serving Chesapeake, Va., on June 27, ahead of the discontinuation of curbside recycling services in the city on July 1. Recyclops charges participating households a monthly fee for private drivers to collect recycling, including glass, for transfer to a nearby recycling facility.  The Virginian Pilot (Norfolk) (5/24) 


Companies cope with high soda ash demand

The soda ash industry is facing demand so great, "we can't make enough soda ash to supply what the world needs right now," said David Caplan, communications director for Genesis Alkali, which plans to boost production with the construction of an approximately $350 million processing facility that will employ 120 people. "It was a very tough couple of years and even though the market is really good right now, it's going to take a while to recover from those couple of years," said Craig Rood of Turkish glass manufacturer Sisecam, which has 16 glass plants around the globe.  SweetwaterNOW (Rock Springs, Wyo.) (5/24)

Ardagh replaces forklift fleet with electric vehicles

Ardagh Group expects to reduce carbon emissions at a Fairfield, Calif., facility by more than 66,000 tons annually by replacing propane-powered forklifts and other machinery with electric vehicles. "This fleet electrification project in Fairfield is the result of dedicated Ardagh logistics professionals collaborating cross-functionally to ensure we are minimizing our impact on the environment, resulting in more sustainable and efficient operations," says Alex Winters, chief sustainability officer, Ardagh Glass Packaging. European Supermarket Magazine (5/23)

Iowa bottle bill overhaul sent to Gov.'s desk

An update to Iowa's bottle bill, which would triple redemption center handling fees and allow retailers to opt out of the program if they meet certain criteria such as close proximity to a redemption center, is headed to Gov. Kim Reynolds for approval. Advocates of the bill believe the changes will spur the opening of new redemption centers, but opponents fear the new law will limit consumers' options for redeeming empty containers. The Des Moines Register (Iowa) (5/23) 

Coca-Cola debuts returnable bottles in Hong Kong, France

Swire Coca-Cola Hong Kong is rolling out eight brands in returnable glass bottles with more to follow, as the bottler aims to use 50% recycled content in packaging by 2030 and make all packaging recyclable by 2025. Coca-Cola Europacific Partners is expanding its portfolio in France of brands packaged in refillable bottles for use in eateries and hotels.  FoodNavigator-Asia (5/23) 

GPI outlines ways to improve glass recycling in US

State bottle bills could play an important role in increasing glass collection and recycling in the US, GPI President Scott DeFife said at the WasteExpo conference. Increased investment in materials recovery facilities and glass collection programs that partner with bars and restaurants could also help increase recovery and recycling rates for glass packaging, DeFife said. Waste Dive (5/19)

Stoelzle invests $48.05M in furnace upgrade

Stoelzle Glass Group has begun a two-and-a-half-month furnace rebuild at a glass packaging plant in Czestochowa, Poland, that will cost about $48.05 million. The new furnace will be Stoelzle's largest, boosting production capacity and enabling the plant to expand its glass packaging portfolio, said Artur Woloszyn, CEO of Stoelzle Czestochowa.  Glass International (5/19) 

Close the Glass Loop to celebrate 2nd anniversary

Registration has begun for Close the Glass Loop's June 30 online symposium that will celebrate the group's second anniversary and the UN's designation of 2022 as the International Year of Glass. Sessions will focus on initiatives across the world that aim to improve the circularity of glass.  Glass International (5/19) 

TRP grant supports recycling in Mich. community

A grant from The Recycling Partnership has funded the purchase of 500 96-gallon, wheeled recycling carts in Michigamme Township, Mich. Residents can start using the new carts for curbside collection on June 8, and will be able to drop off glass containers at a new glass recycling trailer in the Michigamme Township Hall parking lot.  WLUC-TV  (Negaunee, Mich.) (5/18) 

Colo. EPR bill proponents lobby for Gov.'s signature

Colorado recycling nonprofit Eco-Cycle and food and beverage companies including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Mars, Nestle and Unilever are among the organizations urging Colorado Gov. Jared Polis to sign an extended producer responsibility bill into law. The bill, which passed the state House of Representatives on May 2, will reinvigorate the state's recycling rates and help end users meet demand for recycled content, said Adam Hill, owner of recycling business Direct Polymers.  Resource Recycling (5/17)