Don't Trash Glass Program

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Don't Trash Glass (DTG) is a program that diverts glass containers away from landfills and into the recycling stream by working with local restaurants and bars to collect glass bottles. The collected bottles are directed into a separate collection stream – away from waste streams – to be turned into new bottles. 

Through partnerships and support from local communities, the program is creating a sustainable beverage supply chain and helping to achieve a circular future for glass.


Benefits to participating restaurants and bars include:

  • Reduced fines and penalties 
  • Potential to reduce long-term waste management fees
  • Ease of trash collection with glass containers separated out of waste stream 
  • Improved worker safety from the separated glass stream 
  • Public & customer recognition for being part of this program


Restaurants and bars in the Chicago Area interested in participating can sign up here.


Don't Trash Glass was initiated as a partnership between the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) and Arizona-based GlassKing Recycling in 2021.

In its earliest stage, DTG was sponsored by Crescent Crown Distributing in Mesa, Arizona, supporting glass bottle collection to be recycled into new bottles, fiberglass, and more.

The program has since  expanded to the Chicago Area, and joined by new sponsorship from  Smirnoff and the Glass Recycling Foundation and a shared vision for increasing recycling in the glass manufacturing supply chain. 

Don't Trash Glass has also received support from Lakeshore Recycling SystemStrategic Materials Inc. and O-I Glass.