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The craft of glass making has been a part of America’s manufacturing heritage since Colonial Jamestown was established in 1608. Today, more than 15,000 skilled workers are employed by glass container manufacturing companies across 41 plants in 20 states.

The Glass Packaging Institute values the contribution of this workforce and what it means to local, state, and national economies. Their ideas, energy, and commitment are key to a quality packaging product, one made from all-natural, readily available domestic raw materials.

We are proud to work on behalf of the men and women of the glass container manufacturing industry and the member companies that employ them. We will be sharing information and ideas with League members at regional and national gatherings throughout the country, as well as on this section of the website.

West Coast Protective League Meeting - November 17-18th, 2023

GPI Presentation to WCPL Attendees, November 18th, 2023

Island Palms Hotel & Marina

San Diego, CA 92106

Click here for Important WCPL Meeting Registration Deadlines, Agenda and Hotel Room Rates

The 2023 Protective League Multi-State Conference was held in Wisconsin August 29th - August 31st and was hosted by the Central-States League.

Click here to view the presentation provided by Kevin Hardie, GPI's longtime Workforce Consultant.


Photos from Past Meetings and Events

2023 Multistate Attendees Showcase the Clear Choice Award Winners!


                                                                                2023 CLEAR CHOICE AWARD WINNERS

GMP Council Officers with Retired Chairman, Bruce Smith                                                                                             

2023 Central States Protective League Meeting Attendees

2021 USW/GMP Annual Meeting

November 8th & 9th, 2021

Tropicana Atlantic City
2831 Boardwalk & Brighton Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

2021 Clear Choice Awards -GMP/USW Plant Winning Entries

Click here to view all of the GMP/USW Plant Produced Winning Entries

Employees of Anchor Glass Container Corp. present Tom Conway, USW International President, with a bottle of Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey

2021 Clear Choice Award - Innovation Category Winner

Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey

2021 Innovation Category Winner

King Estate Vineyard Designate

Ardagh Glass Packaging, North America

Seattle, WA 

2021 Wine Category Winner

Workforce Team at Ardagh Glass Packaging, North America

Winchester, IN 

2021 Clear Choice Award Food Category Winner

Ball ® Flute Jars

GPI Presentation to the USW/GMP Meeting, November 8, 2021

West Coast Protective League Cancels Fall 2021 Meeting Due to COVID-19 


GMP-USW Provides Valuable Support in Critical California Cap and Trade Issue

GPI thanks all members of the WCPL for joining GPI and pushing back against a harmful proposal to permit "regulatory changes" to California's Cap and Trade Program.

This Program has been carefully updated over the past several years, with the benefit of company and workforce input, recognizing the significant energy-intensive-trade-exposed status of the California glass container industry. Our sincere appreciation to Butch Carter and Dave Hoffman for spearheading the effort.

GPI League Presentations and Regional One-Pagers

GPI Presentation at Central States Protective League Meeting (Gas City, IN August 8-9, 2019)

GPI Presentation at Multi-State Protective League Meeting (Milwaukee, WI, June 19, 2019)

GPI 1-Pager, Southeast Protective League (Winston-Salem, NC May 2018)

GPI Presentation to the Central States Protective League (French Lick, IN April 2018)

GPI 1-Page Issue Summary, Central States Protective League (French Lick, IN April 2018)

GPI Presentation to the West Coast Protective League, (Sacramento, CA March 2018)

GPI 1-Page Issue Summary, West Coast Protective League Meeting, (Sacramento, CA March 2018)

Multi-State Meeting (August 2017, Anaheim, CA)

GPI Presentation at the West Coast Protective League Spring Meeting, March 12, 2016

GPI Presentation at the 2015 GMP-IU Multi-State Protective League Meeting, September 25, 2015

GMP-IU Workforce Testimonials and Videos

Longtime California Glass Container Worker Shares Industry Perspective, Charles "Animal" McIntyre, Past WCPL President, Gallo Glass Company

Industry Workforce Members Reflect on the Value of the Glass Container Manufacturing

Glass Container Industry Workforce Highlights Glass Bottle Craftsmanship in Video Promoted at the 2016 Craft Brewers Conference, April 10, 2016

GMP-IU Testimony

GMP-IU Provides Massachusetts Legislators Testimony Against Bottle Bill Repeal, June 12, 2017

O-I Workforce Letters Urging Caution on Cap and Trade Program Revisions, 2nd Letter, April 3, 2017

Central States Protective League Opposes Repeal of Iowa's Bottle Bill Program, February 27, 2017

Central States Protective League Issues Strong Statement of Support for Iowa's Beverage Container Recycling Refund Program, May 24th, 2016

Thank You Letter to Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett, March 29, 2016

GMP Supports Maryland Senate Bill 367, to Create a Beverage Container Recycling Refund Program and Improve Glass Recycling, February 10, 2016

Contact Information

How to reach protective league officers

President Vice President Secretary/Treasurer Asst. Secretary/Treasurer
Northeast League
Carl Wilmoth
Gerry Cheatle, Vice-President
Tracy Stone, Financial Secretary
Central States League

Lisa Street

Tom Forker
2456 Clarendon Ave.
Zanesville, OH 43701
Connie Gibson
PO Box 473
Lapel, IN 46051

Phil Criswell, Recording Secretary

Southeast League
Joseph Sharpe
PO. Box 6093
Wilson, NC 27894
Pamela B. Hairson
145 Arnett Blvd. Apt. D7
Danville, VA
Southwest League
Pam Monroe
269 Dunn Rd. #4
Runston, LA 71270
Charles Gammage, VP Randy Trevino, Recording/Financial Secretary
West Coast League
Robert Plunk

Julie Lee, Recording Secretary

Anthony Vergara, Financial Secretary 
 213 Kerr Ave.
 Modesto, CA 95354                                                       

Award-Winning Work

Check out some of the great work by our protective league members here.

Planning Your Meeting

Your league meetings made easier.

Meeting with the “People Who Make Glass Containers”

Your League Meetings Made Easier

Template Materials...


When and where you choose to host a meeting is one of the single most important element in drawing the most attendees and getting the most out of the time you have together! Below is a checklist to help with your planning of a successful event:

Choice of Location -- Place and Space

Focus on finding a place in your region that is as centrally located or easily traveled to by attendees from all plants/local within the area.

  • The venue, whether it is at a hotel, community facility, or other rented/donated space, should be in a city or town reasonably close to the local union host. Ideally, it’s near a glass container manufacturing plant, where it is easy to make the connection between the factory and the skilled jobs it provides.
  • It’s best to expect any potential participants to drive no more than a maximum of 350 miles to attend and/or have access to an airport that is reasonably near the site. The closer for most of them, the better!
  • Overnight lodging that also provides for a meeting room is preferred.
  • A local attraction or tour of some type can be a major plus for attendees.

Meeting Rooms and Lodging

Choices vary in this regard, dependent on the size of the community where the sessions will be held, and the amount allocated for any rental/fees required. But here are some common needs:

  • Seating for a meeting session should be classroom style, with adequate space for tables, chairs, and any audiovisual set-up. Allow approximately 10% more seating than your projected attendance.
  • Depending on the facility, the same room, a different room, or another nearby place may function for social hour and meet/greet functions. The closer together everything is, the better. It maximizes the time you spend together.
  • Be sure a podium and an American flag are available. Check with all speakers on their A-V needs for presentations.
  • A local contact at the selected facility is important to making your work with all this easier. They should also be able to work with you on a negotiated per-room rate for lodging, based on a minimum number of attendees. Be sure they have enough room for a maximum number, too!


Allowing plenty of time for planning (and adjusting for changes) is crucial!

  • Set the target month for all meetings in a calendar year during the first quarter of that year. This is for both the spring and fall meetings if you have two annually. Be sure to submit this for posting on the GPI web page.
  • Begin contacting hotels or other facilities where you might meet a minimum of 3 months or more out from the target meeting date. When possible, use their websites to do your initial research, and make a site visit to the one you choose if you are not already familiar with it.
  • When a site is selected and booked, announce it ASAP to the League officers and union locals. It is best to do this using both e-mail and mailed notices. Be sure and make your invitations to any elected officials and desired speakers at or before this time.
  • Send a meeting reminder, with any reservation deadlines and other information a minimum of two months before the meeting. Begin making arrangements for any food, beverages, prizes, and other needs at that time, based on your projected numbers.
  • Confirm your speakers, invited guests, and dignitaries one month out from the meeting date.

On the day of, take pride in knowing that you have done all you can to a successful, well-attended meeting. Be sure and thank all those who helped you at the session!