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The craft of glass making has been a part of America’s manufacturing heritage since Colonial Jamestown was established in 1608. Today, more than 15,000 skilled workers are employed by glass container manufacturing companies across 41 plants in 20 states.

The Glass Packaging Institute values the contribution of this workforce and what it means to local, state, and national economies. Their ideas, energy, and commitment are key to a quality packaging product, one made from all-natural, readily available domestic raw materials.

We are proud to work on behalf of the men and women of the glass container manufacturing industry and the member companies that employ them. We will be sharing information and ideas with League members at regional and national gatherings throughout the country, as well as on this section of the website.

Upcoming Meetings - 2024

April 19-20, 2024 - Clarksville, IN

Protective League Multi-State Conference hosted by the Central-States League

GPI Presentation

Past Meetings


West Coast Protective League Meeting, November 18, 2023

GPI Presentation

Protective League Multi-State Conference hosted by the Central-States League, August 29-31, 2023
GPI Presentation provided by Kevin Hardie, GPI's longtime Workforce Consultant


GPI Presentation to the USW/GMP Meeting, November 8, 2021

West Coast Protective League Cancels Fall 2021 Meeting Due to COVID-19 


GMP-USW Provides Valuable Support in Critical California Cap and Trade Issue

GPI thanks all members of the WCPL for joining GPI and pushing back against a harmful proposal to permit "regulatory changes" to California's Cap and Trade Program.

This Program has been carefully updated over the past several years, with the benefit of company and workforce input, recognizing the significant energy-intensive-trade-exposed status of the California glass container industry. Our sincere appreciation to Butch Carter and Dave Hoffman for spearheading the effort.

GPI League Presentations and Regional One-Pagers

GPI Presentation at Central States Protective League Meeting (Gas City, IN August 8-9, 2019)

GPI Presentation at Multi-State Protective League Meeting (Milwaukee, WI, June 19, 2019)

GPI 1-Pager, Southeast Protective League (Winston-Salem, NC May 2018)

GPI Presentation to the Central States Protective League (French Lick, IN April 2018)

GPI 1-Page Issue Summary, Central States Protective League (French Lick, IN April 2018)

GPI Presentation to the West Coast Protective League, (Sacramento, CA March 2018)

GPI 1-Page Issue Summary, West Coast Protective League Meeting, (Sacramento, CA March 2018)

Multi-State Meeting (August 2017, Anaheim, CA)

GPI Presentation at the West Coast Protective League Spring Meeting, March 12, 2016

GPI Presentation at the 2015 GMP-IU Multi-State Protective League Meeting, September 25, 2015


GMP-IU Workforce Testimonials and Videos

Longtime California Glass Container Worker Shares Industry Perspective, Charles "Animal" McIntyre, Past WCPL President, Gallo Glass Company

Industry Workforce Members Reflect on the Value of the Glass Container Manufacturing

Glass Container Industry Workforce Highlights Glass Bottle Craftsmanship in Video Promoted at the 2016 Craft Brewers Conference, April 10, 2016

GMP-IU Testimony

GMP-IU Provides Massachusetts Legislators Testimony Against Bottle Bill Repeal, June 12, 2017

O-I Workforce Letters Urging Caution on Cap and Trade Program Revisions, 2nd Letter, April 3, 2017

Central States Protective League Opposes Repeal of Iowa's Bottle Bill Program, February 27, 2017

Central States Protective League Issues Strong Statement of Support for Iowa's Beverage Container Recycling Refund Program, May 24th, 2016

Thank You Letter to Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett, March 29, 2016

GMP Supports Maryland Senate Bill 367, to Create a Beverage Container Recycling Refund Program and Improve Glass Recycling, February 10, 2016