Don't Trash Glass Program

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Don't Trash Glass (DTG) is a program that diverts glass containers away from landfills and into the recycling stream by working with local restaurants and bars to collect glass bottles. The collected bottles are directed into a separate collection stream – away from waste streams – to be turned into new bottles. 

Through partnerships and support from local communities, the program is creating a sustainable beverage supply chain and helping to achieve a circular future for glass.

Program Benefits

Benefits to participating restaurants and bars include:

  • Reduced fines and penalties 

  • Potential to reduce long-term waste management fees

  • Ease of trash collection with glass containers separated out of waste stream 

  • Improved worker safety from the separated glass stream 

  • Public & customer recognition for being part of this program

How To Join

Restaurants and bars in the Chicago Area interested in participating can sign up here.