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Don’t Trash Glass Commercial Bar & Restaurant Collection Program


More than 28 million glass bottles and jars needlessly end up in landfills each year

The Don’t Trash Glass Program (DTG) is a partnership of the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) and Glass King Recycling to benefit the Glass Recycling Foundation (GRF).  DTG’s goal is to collect glass containers in city bars and restaurants and divert them from landfills to be recycled into new bottles, fiberglass, and more.  DTG will work with different sponsors and partners in the recycling and glass manufacturing supply chain to move the collected material to processing and end markets, and make contributions to the GRF based on the tons collected.  #DontTrashGlass 



PHOENIX  - Don't Trash Glass (DTG) was initially started in Phoenix, Arizona with a single sponsorship from Crescent Crown Distributing of Mesa, Arizona.  GlassKing worked with Keep Arizona Beautiful to begin the program and deliver tons of bar and restaurant glass to Strategic Materials Inc. in Phoenix.  The COVID Pandemic halted plans for expansion in early 2020, and due to the closure of commercial accounts, the program was put on hold.   After a year of planning, the Phoenix Program will relaunch in September 2021 with support from Crescent Crown and GPI, and donations from DTG will go to the GRF.  

- An initial eight-week pilot was funded in part by the Glass Recycling Foundation (GRF) in partnership with Legacy Marketing and Constellation Brands, the parent company of Corona Beer.  Constellation Brands wanted to make glass recycling and education a part of Corona’s Protect Our Beaches program.  Memorial Day Weekend 2021 kicked off the public outreach phase of the pilot at several Chicago, IL venues. The Corona Crusher machine engaged consumers in the importance of glass recycling and demonstrated how glass could be recycled into material for beach restoration -- just one application of glass repurposing in certain areas -- and venues participating also had the opportunity to recycle all their glass through Don't Trash Glass with the additional support and partnership of Lakeshore Recycling System (LRS), Strategic Materials Inc (SMI) and OI, Glass.  #DontTrashGlass

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